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Google #8 – The Need For Information Crosses all Borders

Written by Jason

google-information-crosses-borders.jpgThis guest post by Jason Caston is part of the blog series Google’s 10 Things We Know to be True.

Google has become so synonymous with the internet that it’s name has become a verb for searching for things on the Internet. In order to reach this type of notoriety, your cultural, business and overall impact has to expand beyond physical, cultural and other pre-defined borders. The reason Google was able to achieve this amazing feat is the need for information crosses all borders. No matter your location, ethnicity, culture, education or other defining factors, we all need information to progress in all areas of life.

But let’s look at this from a church perspective, we all need the life-changing information that the gospel provides. No matter our status in life, we need the life changing message that God has given us. With over 3 billion internet users around the world, we have access to the largest mission field in history, the Digital Mission Field. From any mobile device we have the ability to take God’s life changing information and cross numerous borders using the technology that is readily available.

There are people in countries and locations where going to church is not nearly as convenient or safe as we would like it to be. But with the numerous Digital Ministry tools that are available today, we can reach these people right where they are and bring church to them. Bringing church to people using digital tools and platforms is the church recognizing that the need for information crosses all borders.

Social Media and it’s one-to-one as well as one-to-many communication approach, has given churches an effective way to reach billions online. Let’s go even further, social media has not just given a way to reach billions online, but also engage, minister, teach, train and provide life changing information that supersedes borders. Likewise, mobile has given churches a way to take the gospel (life changing information) right to devices that people carry with them at all times. Therefore, as we are looking to fulfill the great commission and take God’s information around the globe, we now have digital ministry tools and platforms that people are already using because they want the main solution the internet provides, access to information, information that crosses all borders.

Learn more about this in my new book, The iChurch Method vol. 3 – Digital Mission Field.

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Jason Caston is the author of The iChurch Method and CEO of Caston Digital. Having worked with major ministries and built ministry websites that reach millions daily, Caston has proven that his cutting edge technological savvy and business acumen have made him a sought after Internet Church expert.


  • Jason, thanks for writing today's post. The opportunities to connect and serve people around the world are virtually unlimited!

  • Greetings, and God Bless you…

    I hope this message finds you doing very well. I am writing this reply to hopefully have it serve as an encouragement to strive to be the best you can be, and for each reader to discover their highest self in Christ!

    [link removed]

    Be eternally blessed and free in Christ, and have a blessed rest of the day!

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