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New SEO Strategies That Will Get More Traffic coming to You!

Written by Jonathan Keener

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Whether your developing a new website or upgrading an existing one, there are some SEO tips that not everybody  incorporates into their plan. However, they happen to be surprisingly effective in getting your website to the coveted top spot!

Research Your Competitions Winning Keyword Phrases

After identifying the best keywords to focus on for your website, make sure you look at your competitors websites. Look at the on-site and offsite aspects of what you believe is their to help their SEO initiatives. You will start to see links and text on their site that stand out because most likely it’s intentionally there to boost their search ranking. Research what you can do to beat them in organic search for those same phrases.

What Else Is Your Competition Doing?

If the goal is to get the competitors traffic coming to your site, then it is imperative that you understand why Google ranks them where they do. After coming up with a list of keywords that your direct competitors are using, you can also check if they have higher domain recognition than you, and if their web pages have more page authorities or back links than you do. There are free online tools that make it easy to gather this information, such as installing a free Moz toolbar or SEM Rush’s free addition.

Determine How Your Website is Different From Competitors

After checking what your competitors have to offer, the next thing you need to do is to determine how you can improve the calls to action of your own website. How can you make it better than your competitor’s site?

Take note of things that you can do to make your site better and more appealing to your customers. If your competition doesn’t have a useful blog, than that would be a good place to start. Blogs are a source of more pages and rich high quality information that Google recognizes and awards ranking for.

There are several free tools that will help organize all of the important aspects of the competition that are earning them their rank. One that is often used is SeoBook. also, Microsoft has a new free download tool named Web SEO Toolkit

What are you doing to learn from your competitors and improve your website and SEO?

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