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Make Your Life Easier; Let your Website Work For You (part 6)

Easy StreetWe are in our final week of discussing how to make your website work for you.  Throughout this series, we have given specific ways that you can have your website be an effective tool for your organization.  Today, we will discuss the fourth specific way that your website can save you time and money:

Document Manager

During this series we discussed the advantage of online event registration and online forms.  I realize that there may be some organizations that have legitimate reasons for not implementing these on their website.  If you continue to use paper for your event registration and other forms as well as have other documents that you hand or mail out, you can still save your staff, volunteers, and members (or students) time.  You can also save your organization money by using putting all your forms on your website instead of printing all the forms.

However, have you ever been to a website that had all their forms online but it took forever to find the form you needed?  This is probably because they didn’t organize the forms well or didn’t give you the ability to search for the specific form you wanted.

A document manager is software that can be integrated into a website and provides the following benefits:

  1. Put all forms and document on your website in an organized manner.
  2. You can assign titles and categories to all your documents.
  3. Allows visitors to search by keyword or category.
  4. Eliminate frustration by visitors by allowing them to quickly find the document they want.
  5. Save your staff time by not answering questions about how to find the proper form.
  6. Save your organization printing costs.

What is your organization doing with all their documents and forms?  Would the implementation of a document manager save you time and money?  Post your questions and comments below.

If you are ready to take the next step in becoming more efficient & cost effective and want to talk to one of our website experts about how we can help, please contact us here.

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