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Marketing Spotlight: My Fabric Connection

Written by Kurt Steinbrueck

MFC-Logo-shadowThere are a lot of businesses and ministries out there which are primarily an online venture.  They don’t have a storefront or meeting house.  They just have a website that is out there competing with thousands of other websites around the nation and even the world to get visitors to their websites from search engines and other sources.  My Fabric Connection is one of those businesses.  Unlike many of those other businesses and ministries, My Fabric Connection has been seeing strong growth in traffic and sales from the search engines.

So, how are they doing it?

John Dawnkins and My Fabric Connection:
My Fabric Connection is owned and operated by John Dawkins.  I spoke with him recently on Skype and asked him to tell us a little about My Fabric Connection and about what he’s been doing to grow his business.  Below is a brief video of that interview.


How has John Been Marketing My Fabric Connection in Google?
When John first asked me about marketing My Fabric Connection, the website was only about 6 months old.  So, after discussing his situation and his goals for the site and his company, he decided to move forward with our Progressive SEO Management service for businesses.  Some of what this service includes is:

  • Extensive Keyword Research
  • Optimization of several pages of his website each month
  • Setting up a blog for his site
  • Writing and publishing blog posts

The optimization of his site has helped to get the pages ready to rank well related keywords and the blogging has helped to draw in traffic and links naturally to build up the audience and authority of My Fabric Connection and get him ranking for more competitive results.

Real World Results:
MFC-Traffic-UpIn the video you heard John say that his traffic and sales have been going up since deciding to do SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for his website.  In fact, as of last month, February, the traffic for My Fabric Connection is up over 75%, year over year.  Now that’s growth!  Sales have continued to rise from the growth in traffic as well.

You Can Have This Kind of Growth, Too!
John took the right approach to growing My Fabric Carolina, by optimizing his website and creating great content that would bring visitors and links.  If you are struggling to grow your organization and bring in more traffic to your website, let My Fabric Connection be an inspiration to you.  It is possible!

We would love to help you to grow your organization, just like we’ve helped John with My Fabric Connection.  Why not request a free consultation today?  There’s no obligation.  We’ll just take a look at your specific situation and let you know the best approach to growing your organization online and how we can help you to do that.  Request your consultation today.

If you are looking to re-upholster some furniture, hang new curtains, make an outfit, or anything else that would use some fabric, be sure to visit My Fabric Connection to purchase your fabrics.  They have an amazing selection (over 100,000 items) and phenomenal prices.  Visit My Fabric Connection today!

Share Your Thoughts:

  • Have you tried using SEO to grow your website?
  • What strategies have you used?  How did they work?

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