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The Future for Churches on Facebook

Written by Paul Steinbrueck

Facebook_path_forward_desertSeems like Facebook is rolling out new changes every week. And unfortunately, if you manage a Facebook page for your church, it seems like many of these changes are making it less likely the people who “like” your church’s Facebook page will see the content you post to that page.

What’s a church to do about Facebook?

That’s what Dave Hakes of Internet Toolbox for Churches wondered, so he asked 8 church communications experts including OurChurch.Com’s own Kurt Steinbrueck

I have been quite frustrated by Facebook’s limiting the reach of organizations to their own fans. After all, these people have chosen to connect themselves with the organization which indicates their desire to see updates from the organization’s Facebook Page…

The church can overcome the Facebook imposed limit through participation with and from their members.

The more interaction there is by the members with the church’s Facebook posts, the more likely Facebook will be to distribute the posts more widely. So, try to engage your members online. Also, you have a group of willing volunteers in your members. Ask them to share and like the church’s posts.

You can read more of Kurt’s advice as well as the perspectives from Jaston Caston, DJ Chuang, Meredith Gould, Seth Hinz, Lauren Hunter, Stephen Morrissey, and Martin Spriggs at The Future for Churches on Facebook.

What’s your perspective on the future of Facebook for churches?

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