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2 minute pastor app
Written by Paul Steinbrueck

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“2-Minute Pastor” Neil Franks needs just a little bit of a person’s time to inject some biblical truth into them through a smartphone app that allows busy people to still get their daily dose of devotional.

Franks, of the rapidly growing First Baptist Church of Branson, in Branson, Mo., created the 2-Minute Pastor app as a devotional tool for busy folks to connect spiritually through iPhone, iPad and Android devices. Franks provides biblical teachings in 2-minute messages in three categories: videos, essential truths of the Bible and answers to common life questions. The videos are also available in devotional blog format and podcasts. In an already saturated Christian app market, Franks finds his to be one of a kind. “There are very few daily devotional apps that teach by video, all of them are text devotionals only,” he told The Christian Post.

I downloaded the app and watched today’s video. It’s very well done.

2 minute pastor appPush Reminders

The app asked me for permission to receive push messages. So, I’m assuming I’ll get a notification when there’s a new devotional available tomorrow. That’s a great feature. A lot of folks like to use printed devotionals, but one thing they can’t do is remind you to read them.

Some people will probably criticize the app because they don’t think the devotionals are “deep” enough or long enough. But no devotional is for everyone.

My one suggestion is if the folks who create the 2 Minute Pastor want to increase its downloads and use, they could do a lot more to integrate the 2 Minute Pastor website with social media – post the videos on YouTube, share them via Twitter and Facebook, add buttons so others can easily share devotionals in social media.

Have you tried the 2 Minute Pastor app? If so, what do you think?

If you haven’t tried it, what do you think of the concept?

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