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Written by Paul Steinbrueck

acts 2 technology logoThis is a sponsored post by Acts 2 Technology. Keep reading to learn how you can win a $100 Amazon Gift Certificate.

God is at Work Online: Reaching Millions of People

And now with our eCourse platform, you can too. You just need to do some out-of-the-box thinking. Push the envelope. Open up to a new way of reaching out.

While 4,000 churches in America are shutting down each year, more and more families are sleeping in on Sunday morning. How do you reach them and the millions across the world who need Jesus? How do we reach the disengaged? As Christians do we continue doing the traditional thing over and over, or do we creatively branch out and reach people where they are – on their laptops and smart phones? How do we advance the Kingdom, and fulfill the Great Commission in the 21st century?

Acts 2 Technology was born out of need and is an answer to these questions. It is an online eCourse platform that is affordable to all and easy to use. Online learning isn’t a new concept; corporations and educational institutes saw the need for online training years ago. But the technology was too costly for churches and those in the mission field until now. Our eCourse platform is a new technology that is changing all that. And God is blessing His people and offering His love and salvation through this new technology.

a Chinese missionary…

Our very first Acts 2 user was a Chinese missionary living in Canada. Her mission involved training nationalists to counsel and teach Chinese Christians meeting secretly in underground churches. Travelling back and forth was becoming too dangerous and exhausting for this 50ish lady. So, here’s how we helped her: We produced videos of her teachings, uploaded them into our eLearning platform and found a server provider abroad that could sidestep censorship by the Chinese government. Exactly one day after we were up and running in communist China, the government closed the underground churches. What they don’t know is that closing the churches had little impact. Hungry Christians are still studying God’s message of love and forgiveness through Acts 2 on their smart phones.

We think God gave us this challenge to see if we were in it for the long haul. We tackled the complexities and learned a whole lot. Today, forward thinking ministries, churches, preachers, evangelists and missionaries are turning their printed and spoken work into Acts 2 online courses. They have found that by using video (shot on their Smart Phones) to introduce their course, a rapport is established with their students, and engagement is higher. Plus they are saving money in printing, distribution and travel. And they are broadening their audience from one church, one city or country and expanding their reach to the world.

Easy for Everyone!

You don’t have to be a technology geek to use Acts 2. If you know Microsoft Word, you know us. Anyone who has a message, a book, workbook, audio or video series can easily upload into our eCourse system and send it out to the world. We provide ecommerce and password protection, which means you can charge for your courses and keep 100% of the money for your ministry. Contact or call 469-287-5355.

Win a $100 Amazon Gift Certificate

To encourage you to spread the word about this great opportunity to begin offering eLearning opportunities, Acts 2 is giving away a $100 Amazon Gift Certificate. To win, all you have to do is:

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  2. Post a comment telling us . . . your favorite time of day and why. And please include the Twitter/Facebook account where you shared the link in your comment.

We will randomly select one winner on Friday April 19 at 4 PM Eastern.

If you would like to learn more about Acts 2 and how you can be involved visit or call 469-287-5355.

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