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What Does It Take to Rank Well for My Keywords?

Written by Kurt Steinbrueck


what-does-it-take-to-rank-well-for-my-keywords-screenWe have a lot of people who come to us wanting to rank well for a specific keyword.  They typically will ask something like, “What is it going to take for me to rank well for my keyword?”  Often times, they are looking for a set answer, but the reality is that different keywords require different levels of SEO (search engine optimization).

For example, it takes more SEO related work to rank well for “God” than it does to rank well for “Things that God said about eating peanut butter on a Tuesday”.  There are simply a lot more websites competing for “God” than the peanut butter keyword.

In the video below, we’ll take a look at some of the SEO strategies that are used to get a website to rank well for their target keywords.  How much will be enough for your keywords, depends on how competitive they are.

“Hi I’m Mark Steinbrueck and this is Kurt Steinbrueck. We are with, and on this video we are going to answer the question, ‘What does it take to rank for…’” You can read the full transcript at What Does It Take to Rank Well for My Keywords?

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Did you find the video helpful? What new insights about search rankings did you gain from the video?

About the author

Kurt Steinbrueck

Kurt Steinbrueck is the Director of Marketing Services with OurChurch.Com. He also serves on the leadership of Family of Christ Lutheran Church in Tampa, FL. You can find him on Google+ as .


  • I enjoyed the video very much. You simplified the subject and made it easily understood by the non-IT professional. But I would like to see you follow it up with something which is becoming more prevalent. The last five churches I worked on the SEO, which on the SEO-MOZ bar ranked 0, I found 3 of them were penalized by the search engines. They were church sites which had the site for an extended period of time. It would be nice to put out a piece, to follow this, on how to avoid search engine penalties.

  • Local SEO is fast becoming (if not already) a completely separate SEO discipline. Google and the other SEs are making a big distinction between a user having local intent in their searches and a user just looking for general information.

    Love the basic SEO information though. We can never review the basics enough when it comes to effective SEO.

    I think the biggest piece of advice is to find a way to incorporate your normal ministry workflow into online platforms. It may take some adjustment at first but just like going from a typewriter to a computer, the benefits will snowball.

  • Many people neglect on page parameters and focus more on the links. Such was the case with the website of my company. We had a large number of links, and the content was more optimized for search engines rather than visitors. As a result we had a bounce rate 70%. After that we can devote more time to on page optimization and the results are already visible. Excellent video.

    • Thanks for reading the post. In the future, please post your comments with your name rather than targeted keywords, so I know your comment is genuine and not simply a link building campaign.

  • Unfortunately there are still numerous people looking for quick wins, and will use spammy tactics to manipulate the search engines. Creating quality shareable content should be at the forefront of any search marketing campaign. It’s amazing the amount of sites I have worked on recently that have been penalized by the big G (Google that is).

  • To be able to get a good ranking I always focus on 3 things: Onpage optimization; Good content, and of course
    Backlinks ….

    And it always works well. I can reduce the difficulty in doing offpage optimization, if i do the onpage optimization right….and create contents that can satisfy my blog visitors.

  • Hi Kurt

    Great post and quite an informative video. I just had a question, if you can clear it for me.

    Is Good SEO all about the keywords and how you put yourself on Search Engine?

    Or should we concentrate more on the category/items, which we are offering services/products too, and the keyword optimization will automatically take place?

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