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Learn How to Boost Your Site in the Search Engines During Marketing Month

Written by Kurt Steinbrueck

marketing-month_250x217During the month of March we are going to be focusing on how you can improve your search rankings and bring more traffic to your website so you can make the most of your website and achieve your mission.  We live in the Internet age and search engines are a major part of that.  If you are not showing up in the search engines for the search terms related to your organization, then you are missing a lot of people.

During this month, I encourage you to consider how your website is doing in the search engines and how you can improve things.  We will help you along in that process by talking about what’s involved in doing well in the search engines and giving practical advice on how you can take your site to the next level.  Here’s how we’ll do that:

Search Marketing Video Series:
Mark-and-KurtSeveral times each week we will post videos where we address some of the important questions you should be asking when looking into search marketing.  Some of the topics we’ll be covering are:

You can see the announcement of the SEO video series here.

Blogging About Search Marketing:
In addition to the video series, we’ll be blogging about what’s going on in the search engines and where search marketing is heading.

SEO Quick Tips for NE1:
seo-quick-tips-for-ne1-cover-300If you have a website with OurChurch.Com, chances are you have a website built with our NE1 Website Builder.  When we designed NE1 made it a high priority that Ne1 be very friendly to the search engines and allow full search engine optimization.  We know it’s important for websites to be optimized for the search engines, so we wanted to make sure all the Christian organizations that build their website with us have the best chance to succeed with that website.  So, this month we will be publishing several short tutorial videos that give practical advice on optimizing your website and actually show you how to do it.

You can see a preview of the first SEO Quick Tips for NE1 video here: Setting Up Meta Tags.

Marketing Spotlights:
We believe that it’s important to not just talk about strategies and ideas, but to actually look at real-world examples and see how SEO is really affecting people.  So, we’re going to spotlight a few organizations which are doing SEO for their site and see how it’s affecting their site and their organization.

What questions do you have?
what-is-seoAt OurChurch.Com, our mission to to help you achieve your mission online.  One of best ways we can do that is to give you the information you need to succeed by answering the questions that you have.  Please let us know if you have any questions we can answer for you or any marketing topics you would like us to discuss in the coming month.  We’d be happy to cover those topics.

You built your website for a reason.  You have a mission you want to achieve.  Getting traffic to your site is most likely a critical part of achieving that mission.  So, I hope you’ll take the opportunity of this month’s focus on marketing to really look at how your website is doing in the search engines and take the steps necessary to move your site to the next level.

Post a comment below and let us know what would you like to talk about?

  • What questions do you have?
  • What topics would you like to see discussed?

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Kurt Steinbrueck

Kurt Steinbrueck is the Director of Marketing Services with OurChurch.Com. He also serves on the leadership of Family of Christ Lutheran Church in Tampa, FL. You can find him on Google+ as .

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