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5 Things You Need to Know Before Hiring a Web Developer

5 things you need to know before hiring a web developer
Written by Mark Steinbrueck

5 things you need to know before hiring a web developerHi, I’m Mark Steinbrueck, co-founder, president, and director of sales of OurChurch.Com. This is the first in a series of videos I’m doing to help educate people about the website development process. My goal is to help people like you make the right decision when hiring a web developer and work well with your web developer through the project so together you produce a great website that helps your organization achieve its mission.

In this video and blog post I talk about the 5 things you need to know before you even start looking for a web developer.

You can read the transcript of the video at: 5 Things You Need to Know Before Hiring a Web Developer

1. Web team

Create one! Even if it is 2 or 3 people, get more than one person on your web team.

  • a. Make sure the web team has the authority to make all decisions about the website
  • b. It is helpful to get a few different opinions to help make decisions
  • c. A team of people allows you to spread the work load of the website over a few individuals.
  • d. A team gives you a backup plan if someone is out of town, gets busy with other priorities, or leaves the organization

2. Define the purpose of your website.

Internal vs. external or both? Buying, requesting more information, calling, visiting, etc.?

3. The value of your your website as an investment

Your website is a form of marketing, therefore, your website is an investment, not an expense.

If you are generating more money than you are spending, it is a good investment. For example, if you could invest $3000 in something and at the end of a year, your money was worth $4000, if would be a good investment. In the same way, if you spend $3000 on a website and the website makes you $4000 in the first year, you not only have the $3000 that you originally invested but you have an additional $1000 that was made.

4. Not all websites are made equally.

Just because a site will do some basic functionalities, doesn’t mean it will it do everything you want it to do. Ask specifics developers about the specifics on how something will be done.

5. Develop a plan to measure the effectiveness of your website

I often hear people questioning the value of their website, however, when I ask if they track sales, conversions, visitors to their church, donations, or where new students are coming from, most of the time they do not know.  As with any form of marketing, it is important to have the tools in place to measure how your website is performing.

What do you think? Are these things important to know before hiring a web developer? Got other suggestions for things a person should know before hiring?

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Mark Steinbrueck

Mark Steinbrueck is President and Co-founder of OurChurch.Com. He is a member of Generations Christian Church, a husband and father of 3. He is a huge Cardinals baseball fan and bleeds Garnet and Gold. Find on Google+.


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