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Take the “Bing It On” Challenge

Written by Kurt Steinbrueck

Do you prefer Bing or Google?  For most of us we usually start with one or the other and usually the choice is more out of habit than whether the results we get are actually better in one search engine or the other.  Currently Google gets about 65% of the searches.  That’s a lot of people with Google habit, and now Bing wants you to put that habit to the test.

Bing It On!
So, here’s the challenge.  Bing setup a page where you can search for any word or phrase you want.  When you search, the page will display both Google and Bing’s search results for the word/phrase side by side, removing all the branding additional features from each so you can’t tell which side has Google’s results and which side has Bing’s results.  The page randomly switches whose results are on which side.  You then choose the side you think has the best set of results.  The best out of five wins.

According to Bing, about 2/3 of people who take the test choose the Bing results.

Put it to the test:
So, go ahead and take the challenge.  Are you using Bing or Google out of habit or because the results are better?  Click below to take the challenge and then share the results with us in comments:

 So, who did you pick?

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