Blog Tip #1: Focus on Your Passion

blog with passion
Written by Paul Steinbrueck

blog with passionWhen it comes to blogging, nothing is more important than focusing on your passion. In the post 10 Reasons Blog Fail, five of those reasons blogs fail can be a direct consequence of a blogger not focusing on his or her passion:

  • #2 Lack of focus
  • #3 Lack of passion
  • #5 Lack of personality
  • #6 Lack of consistency
  • #10 Lack of initiative

So, let’s turn those causes of failure around and look at… 5 ways focusing on your passion makes for a better blog:

1) Focus. If you’re not focused on your passion, your blog is going to be topically all over the map which is going to frustrate people who are interested in the issue you’re passionate about. When you’re focused on your passion, you’re, well… focused. People who share your passion read and engage regularly.

2) Passion. People want to be around other people who are joyful and excited. When you focus on your passion, your posts are full of energy. Passion is contagious.

3) Personality. Similarly, when you’re not focused on your passion, your blog posts will tend to be more academic, boring and lifeless. When you’re passionate about a topic or issue, you use more creativity and take more risks in your writing. You share opinions, personal stories, and analogies. It all makes for a much more interesting blog.

4) Consistency. When you’re not focused on your passion, blogging becomes a chore, and if you’re like me you find ways to avoid chores. If you’re going to blog it ought to be on a topic you day dream about, an idea want to read about in your free time, an issue you can’t wait to talk about with people. Passion brings an overflow of ideas to write about and the desire to write, share and discuss those ideas with people regularly.

5) Initiative. When you’re blogging about things you’re not passionate about, you’re content to simply post content and hope people will find it. But when you’re blogging about something you’re passionate above, you go out, find and engage with other people who are also passionate about that topic or issue. This brings people to your blog. It leads to relationships with like-minded people. It leads to action.

Do you think focusing on your passion is key to writing a good blog? Why or why not?

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