Are You Curious About Mobile Ministry?

not an app for that
Written by Rob Ross

not an app for thatThe curiosity that children possess is an amazing thing. They see things with fresh eyes that are open to new discoveries. I have often prayed for that same characteristic. It is the ability to see the world with few preconceptions. Every member of Christ’s family needs to have the curiosity of a child.

My youngest son is someone with a lot of curiosity. Recently he asked me if he could get a Swiss army knife. It is something that arouses his interest. I have good memories of  the first time I was given a Swiss army knife. Unfortunately over the years I have seen the results of what can happen when a knife is not used properly. It has tainted my views of knives. So, it has been difficult for me to see past the negative and look at the positive that may result if my son is given a knife. Fortunately, God has allowed me to see the opportunities that this small tool will provide for learning, growing and applying life lessons.

In a similar way I found it difficult at first to see the positive of mobile ministry. To me it seemed to be just another use of technology that takes time from personal relationships. I had to see past the negative and find the opportunities that God has placed in front of me. There is incredible potential for mobile ministry, if only we are able to see it.

One of the best things I did before getting involved in mobile ministry was to spend time in prayer. Through prayer, I began to discover and was able to list some of the features, benefits and costs of mobile ministry. The following is a small sample of the things I listed (What would you add to this list?).

  • Features: Portability, Multi-functional, …
  • Benefits: Cross Cultural, Instant Communication, …
  • Costs: Technology can be Expensive, Takes Time, Lacks Personal Touch, …

After making my lists and seeing the potential of mobile ministry I still had some unanswered questions. What is the purpose of mobile ministry? What is my plan for being involved in mobile ministry? What is the most effective way of being involved in mobile ministry?

  • Purpose: (Matthew 28:18-20) I believe the purpose for mobile ministry is no different than the purpose for any other ministry (make disciple makers).
  • Plan: (Luke 14:25-35) I find I need an intentional plan since it is easy to get distracted or have your time eaten away. Therefore I have set aside a certain amount of time to be involved in mobile ministry each day. Balancing all aspects of my life in Christ has become imperative.
  • Practice: (Matthew 22:36-40) Each day, through mobile ministry, I am given new opportunities to Love God and Love Others.

Once my curiosity was aroused and my eyes were opened I became passionate about mobile ministry. Each day I discover new skills and find new ways of utilizing my spiritual gifts. I realize mobile ministry is very new with a great deal still needing to be learned. I also realize this ministry has the potential of consuming my time on unimportant projects. Fortunately for me God has a way of reminding me of what is really important.

Recently my wife and kids bought me a T-Shirt. Doesn’t sound that special but the slogan on my shirt keeps me on track. The slogan on the shirt says: “Looking for Truth, Happiness and Purpose in Life? There’s not an app for that; there’s a Savior.”

Questions to Ponder:

What specific features of mobile ministry do you find works best for you?

What aspect of mobile ministry do you consider the most essential (discipleship, evangelism, fellowship or other)?

What has been the most effective software/app you have used for mobile ministry? Why?

About the author

Rob Ross

Rob Ross is the coordinator for Oikos Ministries (a network of organic churches). He is a disciple of Jesus (Making Disciples) who lives in Calgary, AB with his family. Connect with Rob on Facebook or Twitter


  • Thanks for this great article. This is something for us to consider for the work here in the Czech Republic. A lot of people use public transportation and are texting and doing all kinds of stuff with the phones…

  • Can you imagine a PC with just browser applications and no native applications. The way I see it, there is space for the two, both browser app's and native app's. There are some companies that are specializing in the fragmentation problem, its rapidly becoming easier to create mobile app's.

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