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Driving Traffic to your Blog or Website

Website Traffic
Written by Chris Fluitt

Website TrafficYou spend time and energy putting together your website. You thoughtfully craft and communicate the message. You share your valuable knowledge…

It would be terrible if no one ever found your page!

We need to be able to drive consistent traffic to our sites. How do we do that…?  Here are some places to start…


To put it in simple terms… Good, interesting, entertaining, valuable Content gets shared.  It’s important that you write the kind of content that your readers will want to share.

How will they share it…?

Social Media

Quick! What are the top 7 Social Media Sites right now in the US?

Here they are listed in order of the traffic they drive.  Stumbleupon, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Youtube, Digg, and Myspace.

Stumbleupon (15 Mill) has far fewer Registered users than Facebook (750 Mill) yet has more social sharing.  Stumbleupon is a smart choice for driving traffic to your site.

What’s stumbleupon? It’s a community of Social Bookmarkers who scavenge the digital landscape for great content to share.  Take note that Stumbleupon rewards you for being a part of their community.  If you only “stumble” your own content those rewards will dry up!  So make sure to stumble other sites and note just your own.

Stay on top of the Social Media trends.  They change often!  (See me in a few weeks when Google+ really gets going)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Choose and Use keywords wisely! This is really important when getting search engines to play nice with your site.

To go deeper you can always think about turning to help.  …Now let’s see… who do we know that helps with this area… Oh Yeah….  🙂

Keep an eye on Traffic Trends

Not All traffic is equal!  Your page-view counter doesn’t distinguish between the person that stops by for 3 seconds before bouncing out and the return visitor that spends 6 minutes on your site, reading all your latest posts. It would be wise to set up Google Analytics on your site to track these important stats.

Place a High value on Return Visitors!  These people are your real audience.


Make sure that all your social media interactions lead back to your site. This can be as simple as making sure your facebook profile provides a link to your blog or including the url in your email signature.

When commenting on other blogs always make sure that your replies will lead back to your website.  This doesn’t mean you spam! It means you are signed into some sort of Comment Identification like Intensedebate or disquis and are leaving great and helpful comments on other sites in your niche.

  1. What tips do you have for generating Traffic to your site or Blog?
  2. Take time to leave a properly Backlinked comment!  😉

About the author

Chris Fluitt

Chris Fluitt is a worship leader, songwriter, musician, and Social Media Buff. His passion is the everyday ministry that takes place in the local Church!
Check out his blog at and follow him on Twitter.


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