Internet Evangelism Day

The Power of One

Sarah Coiner
Written by runyonski

Sarah Coiner“What’s the name of that web address again? Global what?”

I had been presenting the idea that just one person has the ability to change the world at the North American Christian Convention in Cincinnati. Before a room full of pastors and church leaders, it was the third time that the elderly couple had asked the question. I had presented Global Media Outreach’s Online Missionary program and kindly spelled out the website they were inquiring about one more time; a site where anyone can apply to be an Online Missionary.

We live in a world of great possibilities.  Ours is the first generation to possess the ability to share the gospel with everyone on the planet. In the next few years, the half of the world currently without connectivity will gain access to the world wide web through their phone or mobile device with the Internet being delivered through satellite technology currently being implemented above the most remote parts of our planet.

Today, 2,000,000 people will use a search engine to find an answer to a spiritual question. These are people searching, with questions like “Is Jesus real?”, “Does God exist,” and “Am I loved?” What they will discover when they search for meaning can be labeled in one of two ways: Truth and Lie. There is no middle ground. Global Media Outreach Online Missionaries are sharing the truth through technology that is connecting the world.

Meet Sarah Coiner. Sarah is an Online Missionary, and I wanted the folks in Cincinnati to see how technology is helping Sarah change lives. Sarah is a child of God and loves Jesus. Sarah loves telling people about Jesus. Sarah is amazing. Check out Sarah’s story on the following video:

As Sarah points out, her life has been changed by email, and the chance to share Jesus as an Online Missionary. Sarah is introducing people to Jesus, and seeing their lives changed by her Savior.

That older couple in Cincinatti made it a point to come talk with me after the presentation. It turns out that they had just returned from a lifetime in a remote area of the Philippines translating Bibles and transforming lives. Now they’re back home, near the end of their lives, having a hard time finding any area to serve or share Jesus with people.

“We don’t get out much any more,” the lady told me. She went on. “I haven’t seen my husband this excited about anything since we left the field. Now he has a mission again!”

What is keeping you from sharing your faith or leveraging technology to reach more people? Who do you know who has a desire to change lives with the gospel, but feels trapped and unable to do anything about it?

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