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Analytics: Top Search Phrases, Posts & Strange Keywords in June

Google AnalyticsHello and a belated welcome to July everyone. With the turning of another calendar page, it’s time to take another look at the analytics for Christian Web Trends to find trends, top posts, and funky keywords.

Top 10 Search Phrases

  1. what is a qr code
  2. qr code
  3. what is a qr code?
  4. what is qr code
  5. how to make a newsletter
  6. jesus facebook
  7. how to make newsletter
  8. webinar means
  9. what is qr
  10. what is a qr


  • As you can see, we’re getting a ton of traffic related to QR codes. That’s because We’re #3 in Google for “what is a qr code” and got 497 visits for that phrase and #11 for “qr code” which produced 466 visits.
  • We haven’t done an analytics post for a few months, but in May our top 5 keywords were related to QR codes and combined for more than 1500 visits. In April, 5 of the top 10 keywords were also related to QR codes producing more than 3,000 visits. It’s a Google thing.
  • We had 3,931 visits from search engines via 2,165 keywords. That means the vast majority of keywords people used to find CWT were only used once.

Top 10 Blog Posts

  1. What is a QR Code? (and 4 other things you should know about them)
  2. Social Media for Pastors and Church Planters Webinar Video, Slides and Resources
  3. QR Codes: 10 Ways Churches Can Use Them
  4. How To Be an Others-Centered Blogger
  5. How to Build Online Relationships Like Jesus
  6. @StickyJesus 13) demystifying: blogging
  7. Facebook vs the Bible (via @JohnPiper & @ToddRhoades)
  8. Is Facebook on the Decline?
  9. 20 Newsletter Tips to Make Your eNewsletter Great (Part 1)
  10. 167 Symbols to Spice Up Your Twitter and Facebook Updates ♫✞★♥☺


  • No surprise that with 6 of the top 10 search phrases containing QR codes, the #1 post was “What is a QR Code?
  • #3 was QR Codes: 10 Ways Churches Can Use them. I found that 31% of the people who viewed that post came from the “What is a QR Code” post. That demonstrates the value of interlinking posts, even if it means going back and editing earlier posts to include a link to a later, relevant post.
  • 5 of the top 10 posts were written this month, while 5 were older. That’s not surprising since 48% of this month’s visitors came from search engines.

Funky Keywords

Time to see the funny, crazy and bizarre terms people used to find Christian Web Trends in June…

  • lack of church money // You really need to search for this?
  • best way to organize a church picnic // Your asking the wrong people
  • how does christians welcome babbys // Well, somes of us pour water on ’em. Others justs smacks ’em on the back side
  • do pastors fleece // Only before they flock
  • how should the chruch be orginize // Hopefully with the help of a spell checker

Have you checked your website or blog’s analytics from June? What’d you learn? Got any funky keywords to share with us?

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