Video: The Power of Words (and 4 communication lessons we can learn from it)

power of words video
Written by Paul Steinbrueck

power of words videoThis great little video was passed along to me by one of my fellow OurChurch.Com staff. Have a look.

There are so many important lessons we can take away from this clever video:

1) Words have power. Words inspire. Words stir people to action. Words are how ideas spread. Words have been key to the rise of every nation and every movement in human history.

2) Choose your words carefully. As in the video, the difference between the success and failure of an initiative is often in the words used to communicate it. Think: “Just do it” “The Purpose-Driven Life” “I have a dream” “We hold these truths to be self-evident.” Think about your organization’s slogan, your church’s Easter invitation, the title of your blog posts. Are they going to connect with people? Stir people to action?

3) Release your words. Words are useless if they’re not spoken or written. Who can you encourage today? To whom do you need to offer forgiveness or ask for forgiveness? What words have you been holding inside of you that you need to let out?

4) Give a voice to the voiceless. I love the way the woman uses her talent and idea to help the man in the video. She could have tossed a few coins in the can, but what she gave was far more valuable. Those of us who are communicators, those of us who know how to write or blog or use social media or create graphics or videos… it’s our responsibility and our privilege to use the power of words where it’s most needed. To spread mercy and justice and the gospel to the dark corners of the world.

What do you take away from this video?

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Paul Steinbrueck

Paul Steinbrueck is co-founder and CEO of OurChurch.Com, husband, father of 3, blogger. You can follow him on Twitter at @PaulSteinbrueck.


  • Hi This one is creating a great feeling in my heart…you are right we can spread mercy and justice and the gospel to the dark corners of the world with the power of word….thank you.

  • My first thoughts of people tossing money at the man without even the slightest sincerity to simply "stop, stoop and place" their "gift" into the man's can…sad to see how life is treated with such carelessness. The video brought tears to my eyes as the Lord reminds me that it can be the simplest of actions that can make the difference in life. Although the woman gave no money, she gave of herself which brought more to the needs of the man in the physical and the spiritual need in his life. Thank you for finding and sharing this video.

  • Loved the video.
    I too was struck by the carelessness of the people passing by. Even though they did contribute, it didn't seem to be out of love…perhaps out of guilt.
    One of the things I think we forget in this age of social media is how important human touch is. Certainly we can connect with more people over a wider distance, but sometimes people nrrd to be touched, listened to and personally attended to. Whether it is online or in person, our goal must be to attend to the spiritual, emotional, physical and actual needs.

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