Poll: How do you gauge the effectiveness of your communication?

In our last poll we wanted to learn what you think about two churches that did part of their Christmas services in 3D and asked…

What do you think about 3D Christmas services?

The results show 3D has a ways to go before it receives broad acceptance…

  • 57% – It’s gimmicky. They should forget the 3D and just preach the gospel.
  • 36% – Awesome! Creative, cutting-edge way to reach people and tell the Christmas story.
  • 7% – Seems a little cheesy to me, but if it gets people into church that’s what’s most important.

This week’s poll question stems from yesterday’s blog post on chapter 1 of Less Clutter, Less Noise. Often we try to communicate one thing, but what people here is quite different. Ultimately as Kem wrote, “It’s not what you say; it’s what people hear” that matters. So…

How do you usually gauge the effectiveness of your communication?

  • I usually ask for feedback from a diverse group of people.
  • I usually ask for feedback from a few other people on staff.
  • I usually wait for unsolicited feedback. If people tell me they liked it, it was effective. If people complain, it was not effective.
  • I usually look at the results. If people sign-up, show-up, or buy, then it was effective.
  • I usually don’t gauge the effectiveness of my communication.

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