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Top 10 Christian Web Trends Posts of 2010 (and 6 Lessons Learned)

Best of 2010
Written by Paul Steinbrueck

Best of 20102010 is coming to a close, so I thought today would be a good day to look a back at what we’ve done here at Christian Web Trends over the last year, and see what we can learn from it.  As I did that this morning, I learned some important things that will help me next year, and I think they’ll help you too, especially if you blog.

So, first let me share with you the top 10 Christian Web Trends Posts of 2010, and then I’ll follow that with some take-aways.

10)  How Facebook Ads Filled My Church

9) ChristianityToday Weights in on Online Churches

8 ) 10 Reasons Every Author Should Blog

7)  Pastor Bans Church Leaders from Facebook

6) 5 Myths Believed by Those on the Social Media Sidelines

5) Which is more important for churches – a website or social media?

4) Silver Bells Special and Chime in on NE1 Changes

3) The 10 Commandments of Social Networking

2) 20 Ways to Share Your Faith Online

And the top post on Christian Web Trends in 2010…

1) 31DBBB – Day 1: The Elevator Pitch

Learning points

1) Group blog projects rule! The top 2 posts were from projects where a group of bloggers joined together to blog about and discuss a topic.  In reality, the 10 posts with the most comments in 2010 were all from the 31 Days to Build a Better Blog series (including a record 249 comments on Day 1), but in order to highlight other topics I only included one post from each project in the top 10 list.  Group blog projects are so powerful for so many reasons I invite you to read the wrap-up post from the 31DBBB project for more on that.  We’ll be doing 3 or 4 group blog projects in 2011 including the Less Clutter, Less Noise project starting January 10.

2) Blog about blogging. The people who read the most blogs and comment most often are… bloggers.  So, it makes sense to blog about blogging because most bloggers enjoy discussing blogging and want to get better at it.

3) Social media is hot. 5 of the top 10 posts were written directly about social media and 2 others discussed social media indirectly.  It’s a hot topic.  People are excited about its potential and trying how to best use it to connect with people and achieve their goals.  And if blog posts about blogging are popular, it makes sense that Facebooking about Facebook and tweeting about Twitter would also resonate.

4) Social media is hot #2. Not only are people very interested in reading about social media, but social media is one of the most important ways we make new connections and keep people connected at Christian Web Trends.  Managing our own Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn profiles is part of that and so is having the Tweet & Facebook Share buttons on each post.

5) Christians are closing the technology gap. It seems to me that more and more Christian churches, ministries, and individuals are really starting to get online communication.  Churches have a reputation for being way behind the technology curve and a lot of them still are, but I’m seeing more and more Christians who understand they need a good-looking well-thought-out website, and understand search engine optimization is extremely important, and understand connecting & building relationships through social media is huge.

6) Thank YOU! Christian Web Trends has grown tremendously in 2010, and we’re extremely grateful to you for that.  This place would be a barren wasteland without you.  Thank you for reading.  Thank you for your comments.  Thanks to all of you who guest posted.  Thanks for sharing our posts on Facebook and Twitter.  We’re making plans for an even better 2011, and with your participation it’s going to be awesome!

What do you think was the best post (or series) on Christian Web Trends in 2010?

And if you’ve posted a “best of” post on your blog, post a link and tell us what your top post of 2010 was.

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