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Christian School Uses iPhone App to Improve Parent Communication

kings college iphone appIt is always a challenge for parents to make sure that their children go to school with the right things on the right day. Does Mary need to take her trumpet on Wednesday for Band practice? Is John’s swimming lesson tomorrow? What about the Christmas concert? Does it start at 6.30, and where was it again?

Sure, notes and newsletters are sent home, but often they are hard to find when you need them. King’s Christian College (Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia) has developed an iPhone app that tells parents the information they need to know, when they need to know it.

Version 1 of the app contains a calendar, plus notices that contain the details needed for upcoming events. The beauty of the system is that the information is live, so if a venue or time is changed, the app updates instantly and so the latest data is always in parents’ pockets. No doubt the functionality will grow as parents start to rely on the app and suggest extensions to what it can do.

So far, the response from parents has been very enthusiastic. It is an example of technology solving a problem in a way that is simple and intuitive to use.

The developer is currently developing a similar app for the King’s Christian Centre Church and has had interest from a number of other schools.

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