Need Your Feedback on $2,500 School Website Giveaway

school spirit
Written by Paul Steinbrueck

school spiritHey CWT readers, I’m going to give you the inside scoop on an idea we’re toying with for September.  I’m hoping you can help us make it even better, and it will also give you a leg up in the contest.

We’re talking about doing a school spirit contest in which the winner will get a new custom designed website with a number of school-specific features – newsletter, calendar, the ability for each teacher to create a page/section for their class, private pages for each student.  Plus hosting and critical updates for a year.  We estimate the value will be $2,000 – $3,000.  (Another option for schools who already have a website they love would be a year of our Top Schools Search Rankings service, an $1,800 value.)

Here’s what we envision… schools would complete an online form to enter.  Their entry would describe the school, link to the school website, maybe include a place to upload pics, maybe link to a YouTube video.  A page for each school that enters would be created on the contest site.  Parents, students, teachers and friends would vote for their school by sharing a link to their contest page on Facebook or tweeting it on Twitter. We would put vote/share buttons on the page to make it easy.  The school with the most spirit – the one that gets the most votes/shares by the end of the month – wins.

We’d like to know…

  1. What do you think of the idea?
  2. If you are in any way associated with a school – a teacher, parent, student, school admin, etc – would try to get your school to participate?
  3. What suggestions do you have that would make the contest the best it can be?

Thanks for your feedback!  Now you can get a head start talking about the contest with other folks at your school and preparing your entry. 🙂

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