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Take the Ultimate Church/Facebook Survey!

Social media is revolutionizing the way communicate and relate to one another.  Facebook is by far the largest social network.  Nearly 500 million people actively use Facebook, including nearly 1/3 of all American adults.

This has huge implications for the way churches and the people who are apart of them communicate and relate to one another.  At the moment there is little data on how churches are using Facebook or how church attenders would like to engage with their church and other attenders.

OurChurch.Com would like to change that and help churches better utilize Facebook.  Would you take 5-10 minutes to complete this 35 question, mostly multiple-choice survey?

Take the Ultimate Church/Facebook Survey!

The survey is scheduled to run until the end of August.  At that time we’ll publish the aggregated results so everyone involved in church communications, web development and social media can benefit from its findings. (The raw data, each individual’s survey response, will not be released for privacy reasons).

After you complete the survey, please share a link to the survey or this post on Twitter and Facebook. The more responses we get, the better the data will be.

If you administer your church’s Facebook page, please share a link to the survey there so your “fans” can participate in the survey.

Questions? Comments? Post a comment and discuss the survey here.

How is your church using Facebook? How effective has it been effective so far?

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Paul Steinbrueck

Paul Steinbrueck is co-founder and CEO of OurChurch.Com, husband, father of 3, blogger. You can follow him on Twitter at @PaulSteinbrueck and add him to your circles at Google+ as +Paul Steinbrueck.


  • Great job. And a very valuable exercise — getting churches focused on some of these great new tools… especially given that CHURCHES have forever said, "It's all about relationship to Jesus and each other." Now's their golden moment… yet seemingly considerably suboptimized so far.

    One stray comment to consider… While the survey target is individual churches… Facebook's vastly greater impact here in our city, is its ability to interconnect folks from all parts of the citywide 'Church @ Indianapolis'. And THAT Church is doing a fantastic job using FB as a tool.

    • Thanks Neil! I think in some ways it's just more obvious for organizations that are spread out (like 'Church @ Indianapolis') that they need to use social media.

  • I started to take the survey and realized I don't fit any of the demographics so stopped. I am a volunteer who is a consultant to the church for communications strategy. I presently do new media/social media for a nearby university. I have recommended the church not use Facebook yet as their website is in a state or archaic disarray and they are just re-vamping bulletin and electronic newsletter. I don't think everyone should be on Facebook and certainly not on Twitter. It's not a good communications strategy to jump on Facebook because over 50% of the American public is there. If your communications strategy isn't good (old websites, four-page bulletins, etc.), then fix the strategy first. Lay the groundwork of why do we want to be here and what are we trying to accomplish. Thanks for continuing to sound the clarion call for churches to look at their communications as an asset and not a burden.

    • Hey Chris, I hope you'll still do the survey and pick from the best available options.

      I think there are a lot of churches in a similar situation to yours. You raise some good points which I'd like to discuss more in some future blog posts..

  • Greetings,thanks for your consideration towards this great opportunity.may the lord grant more in your daily progress.

  • Strange — but in a good way. I was just lamenting the fact that there isn't much user-based data on how people are engaging churches on Facebook and was about to embark on my own survey. Glad I found this before I started! I took the survey and thought it was well worded and crafted. Can't wait to see the results. Shared the link on my site and my FB page.

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