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Top 10 Twitter Pet Peeves – What’s Yours?

Twitter fail whale - pet peeves
Written by Paul Steinbrueck

Twitter fail whale - pet peevesFor the most part I love Twitter.  It’s a great way to connect with people who share similar interests, a great source for information about what’s happening in your field, a great way to build your brand, and for many of us it’s kind of a virtual water cooler.

But nobody’s perfect, especially not the wonder of the one-forty.

So, this morning I asked those who follow me on Twitter:

What’s your biggest pet peeve about Twitter?

You tweeps responded in droves…

  • People who constantly stir up trouble. (Actually wrote a post on it today lol) . Some ppl. are all about drama! @HandsHouseHeart
  • Over capacity; slow @DeepConscience
  • When people abuse the power and Tweet the same thing or advertisement over and over again! @princesslilac
  • uptime! that’s my only peeve at all. @scott_hunter_
  • Horrible spelling & grammar since our tweets don’t get graded by a professor or some “Twitter accreditation body” @McGeenie
  • the number of times that the whale takes flight #twitterpetpeeve @phillipgibb
  • Everyone’s so busy Tweeting, nobody’s reading them.The connection’s not like it used 2 b @SharonMcP
  • @reply people who say follow me and I’ll follow back…then they don’t! @scotps23
  • Twitter randomly deletes past DMs and updates as in yesterday, without notice. @mbstockdale
  • Right now it is the reply spam I keep getting. Very annoying. @jaycaruso
  • The increasing frequency with which the fail whale seems to be coming up: several times every day recently! #fail! @LSTBookshop
  • Tedious nonstop tweets about apple, ipads, iphones, etc. @scottfinn
  • The way that it instantly crashes when a goal is scored in #worldcup What’s happening? games! @Orual_undone
  • when someone sends you a link for better traffic, like you asked for it. Really, I’m sure I’ll click @phillipgibb
  • people who multi tweet same thing throughout the day. Its like advertisement that gets old quick @BroD411
  • replies dnt link 2 the original tweet. Sometimes by the time U send or recv a reply the original msg is 4gotten. @rdy4eternity
  • The frequency of “over capacity” messages. I’d use it more if it was consistently available. @LifeOfAshley
  • Media figures quoted like they’re the Dalai Lama. For that matter: dalai lama quotes. Quotes in general. @hmx5
  • the over capacity nonsense and Twitter is currently unavailable due to server upgrade EVERYDAY???? Why? @MsDonellio
  • when someone you don’t know follows you but has their tweets locked… @sckarolek
  • when u sign up for 1 persons site knowing they will be sending you ads & they include friends sites 25+/hr! @kittybet9
  • people who don’t use Twitter & complain about its non-usefulness/irrelevance & are closed 2 discussion @jacktx42
  • the amount of people that spam rather than engage or contibite value. @mattedmundson
  • people that don’t reply. Sure some are busy, don’t see, etc the tweet – but not that many. @stubbyd

A lot of annoyances to be sure.  As for me, here are…

My Top 10 Twitter Pet Peeves

  • 10) Broadcast tweeters.  People who tweet their own stuff and don’t read, respond, or retweet others’ tweets.
  • 9) Tweets missing from twitter lists.
  • 8 ) Any tweet that has to do with Justin Bieber.
  • 7) When I screw up and accidentally tweet what was supposed to be a DM.
  • 6) Get rich DMs
  • 5) Get followers DMs
  • 4) DM questions from non-follower – Because they don’t follow you, you can’t DM an answer.
  • 3) @mention spam – When people spam @You and a link to whatever they’re promoting.
  • 2) The time suck – When I check Twitter and 30 minutes later realize it’s 30 minutes later.
  • 1) The Twitter Fail Whale (of course) – By the way, if you’d like to shoot at the fail whale, check out

So, how about you?  What are your top Twitter pet peeves?

About the author

Paul Steinbrueck

Paul Steinbrueck is co-founder and CEO of OurChurch.Com, husband, father of 3, blogger. You can follow him on Twitter at @PaulSteinbrueck and add him to your circles at Google+ as +Paul Steinbrueck.


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