What’s Your Favorite Thanksgiving Memory? #Gratituesday

As mentioned last week, we’re doing a change of pace this month with our feature blog articles.  Instead of the usual ministry/tech focus, we’re giving thanks for something each week, using the #Gratituesday Twitter hashtag, and encouraging you to do the same.

This week: What’s your favorite thanksgiving memory?

For me it would have to be Thanksgiving 2000.  Ever since we got married, my wife, Jennifer, and I have been doing 2 Thanksgivings each year – lunch with her family and dinner with my family.  (Yes, that’s a lot of turkey and pie for one day. The sacrifices we make for family. 😉 )  At both meals, we waited until the entire family was gathered around for the Thanksgiving prayer, and during the prayer we surprised everyone by thanking God for the new baby we were expecting, our first.

How about you?  What’s your favorite Thanksgiving memory?

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  • I am one of 8 and each Thanksgiving my mother always invited only one of my brothers to our little house. We washed special dishes,,made a wonderful huge turkey, set a special tablecloth, all only used at Thanksgiving and Christmas. My dad being a weekend church organist and we had an organ in the house. always had us sing and listen to music before and after dinner.

    Thanksgiving is my very favorite holiday because of the love and warmth and spiritual togetherness there is for families. I remember asking my mother why she always only invited my one brother and his family and never the other siblings…Her answer is who will invite a family with 8 kids for dinner if we do not? The others always got invitations. To this day her insite that this brother would never get invited with all those mouths to feed if mom didnt. A mothers love. Priceless.

  • My favorite memories are being created each year. I don't have any particular Thanksgiving memory that stands out over the rest, but I like that my family gets to visit with both my wife's parents/family and my parents/family. Lately, we have been spending the night I my parent's house on Thanksgiving night and my wife and I have been able to sneak out early in the morning on Friday and go Christmas shopping.

  • My most outstanding would be Thanksgiving 1956, and it was as a child in Cuba where my parents were missionaries. As it turned out it was my last Thanksgiving there. My parents wanted to introduce a day of giving thanks to the church and everyone in the town was invited it turned out to be a potluck dinner type celebration. People came with their "specialty food" As a 6 year old it was impressionable. The Thanksgiving tradition was more American based than Cuban. It always felt just like a Pilgrim type thanksgiving the way it turned out when so many people saved and unsaved came to the Church to give thanks. No one was turned away if they didn't have anything and it was a day of praise and worship. Many came to Christ. That pig on the fire, the amount of food from a poverty stricken area and everyone bringing all types of rice and vegetable dishes was very impressionable. When my parents returned to the states after 16 years of being in Cuba, I learned it was an American tradition. I thought is was "Ed Dia de Accion de Gracia". That church is still holding services after almost 50 years of communist rule. The Facade of the original church was kept even thought the church was rebuilt because it became too small for the congregation. To me as a child seeing it being build it looked so big. My brother Milton, still goes to Cuba on occasions and has told me it is bigger than ever. I thank God for every day I can get up and so his work.

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