Internet Evangelism Day

Internet Evangelism Round-up – April 11-17

Happy Friday everyone.  If it’s Friday and it’s April that means it’s time for another installment of the Internet Evangelism round-up.  Every Friday in April leading up to Internet Evangelism Day (IED), I’m posting a summary of all the articles I’ve come across this week that have to do with Internet evangelism and IED.  Some good stuff week.  Here you go.

Digital Evangelism Issues – The IED blog has several good articles again this week including a 7-minute radio interview of web evangelist Tony O’Hagan.   Also… do you believe something can be a circle, triangle, and square all at the same time?  No?  Well Peter Scheele shows us one in this mind-bending video and makes the point that while the concept of God may also be mind-bending for many that doesn’t mean He’s not real.

The Theological Round Table – Describes a creative attempt to spread the gospel online – by adding adding “How to” articles to eHow.  “How to prove Jesus Christ is God”  and “How to prove the Bible is Scientific”  Read how articles met both success and resistance.

Church Blog Theory – Doing an Internet Evangelism Month with the goal of getting 30 Christians to begin blogs with an evangelistic focus.

Evangelism Matters – Describes the advantages of doing evangelism online.

As I mentioned last week, the Singapore Campus Crusade for Christ is doing a week of Internet evangelism events.  Those activities begin Monday the 20th.

Some other blogs that mentioned IED this week include:

If I missed anything please feel free to post a link in the comments.  If you blog and haven’t mentioned IED, do it and I’ll link to you next Friday.

Any thoughts on these articles?

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  • Stuart, glad you found the round-ups helpful.

    >>Little disappointed that you haven’t mentioned my blog yet

    I knew I would miss some. That's why I finished each round-up by saying, "If I missed anything please feel free to post a link in the comments." So… feel free. 🙂

  • Good round ups as ever because it helps us find stuff we possibly wouldn’t find on our own.

    Little disappointed that you haven’t mentioned my blog yet – I know I’ve been away on holidays and written nothing since but I’ve put up the IED banner and blogged about it back on April 1st!

    Still kudos to you and all the others supporting this.

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