Make Easter Invites Easy with Facebook Events

Written by Paul Steinbrueck

Facebook Events for EasterEaster is one of the top church attendance days of the year.  Many people who are not particularly open to the gospel throughout the year, are open to attending a service on Easter.  We need to make the most of this great opportunity for people to experience God’s grace and Christian community.

In my opinion, personal invitations are best.  For years, my church has provided us with little invitation cards we can give to our friends when we invite them.

With social networking site Facebook, your church can take this same concept online by creating a Facebook event for Easter.  People in your church who use Facebook can then easily invite their Facebook friends to Easter services using this Facebook Event.

Here’s how to do it.

Before you begin…
First you need to have a Facebook page (or group) for your church.  I recommend you have a Facebook page for your church.  The steps below describe how to create an event from your FB page.

By default there should be an “Events” section on the left side of the FB page.  Click the “Create Events.”

Oddly, on the FB page for my church which recently created another FB event there was no link to create a new event.  I had to go the to the “Wall… Info… Photos” tabs towards the top, click the + sign to add a tab for events, click that tab, and then click the “+ Create Event” button on the right side.  Very cumbersome.

Step 1: Event Info

That will take you to the “Step 1: Event Info” form.  Fill in the event name and optional tagline.  The event type is awkward.  It’s a required field in the form, but there is no good fits for worship services.  “Causes” doesn’t have any adequate sub-categories.  Neither does “Music/Arts.”  “Other” seems like a good option, until you see that none of the sub-categories there fit either.  I just went with “Other” and “Festival” as the sub-category for our Easter services.

I think the categories are only used by other people searching for events, and since the vast majority of people find out about FB events through an invitation from their friends the categories are really irrelevant.

Facebook Events Step 1

Moving on to the description, I would strongly recommend your church have an official description for every event so that the description is the same on the website, the bulletin/program, and Facebook.  Because FB Events only gives one start and one end time, if you have multiple Easter services include the times of those services in the description.

The rest of the Event info should be self-explanatory.

Step 2: Customize

This form starts with the option to add a picture.  I strongly recommend you do this.  As with the description, if there is an official Easter logo/graphic your church is using on the website and program/bulletin, it’s best to use it in the Facebook event.

Next there are a bunch of options.  I recommend enabling everything.  It’s unlikely that many people will post photos, videos, or links, but that can only enhance the event.  Click the save button at the bottom of the page if you make any changes to the default option settings.

Facebook Events Step 2

If you’d like to see an example of an Facebook Event for Easter services, here’s the event I created for my church’s Easter services.
Step 3: Update Fans

If you click the “Finish and View” option, it will skip over one of the most important steps, getting the word out to “fans” of your church’s Facebook page.  To do that, from the Event page click the “Update Fans of [your church]” link on the right side.

There are two important things you can accomplish by updating your “fans.”  First and most obvious, you are getting a reminder out to them to participate in your Easter services.  Second and equally important, you can encourage them to invite their Facebook friends to the Easter services and give them instructions on how to do that.  So, here’s the update I sent to “fans” of my church (Cypress Meadows Communtiy Church)

Subject: Invite your Friends to Easter at Cypress

Hi Everyone!

As you know this Sunday is Easter, we hope you and your family will join us as we celebrate our risen Savior, Jesus Christ!

Easter is one of the 2 times of the year people who do not know Jesus or are not connected with a church are most open to attending a service.  So, we’ve created this Facebook event to make it easy for you to invite your Facebook friends to Easter services at Cypress Meadows.

Just click the link below to the Easter Services event.  Then click “Invite People to Come” on the top right of the event page.  It couldn’t be easier!  Invite your friends so they can experience the amazing love God has for us!

Update the Page Status

Another way to make “fans” aware of the Facebook event and the opportunity it provides to invite friends is to update your church’s FB page status.  Go to your church’s FB page.  In the box labeled “Write something…” enter something like:

is getting ready to celebrate Easter. Invite your Facebook friends using this Facebook event –

This message will show up in your “fans” news feed.  It will also appear at the top of your church’s Facebook page.

Take the Initiative – Invite Your Friends

Last but not least, lead by example.  If you are encouraging people to invite their friends to Easter services using the Facebook event, be the first to do so and invite your friends.

I would suggest inviting all your FB friends who are already a part of your church.  But more importantly, I would suggest inviting some of your FB friends who are not a part of your church.  After all, that is what this is all about.

Have you created a Facebook event for your church’s Easter services?  If so post a link here.

Got any other ideas for ways to use Facebook to promote or invite people to Easter services?

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