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Internet Evangelism Day Feedback

If you’ve read the Christian Web Trends Blog the last couple of weeks, you know Sunday, May 7th, was the second annual Internet Evangelism Day.  IED is a day to focus and attention to using the Internet to share the gospel of Jesus Christ.

I was curious to learn about our OurChurch.Com webmasters’ thoughts and experiences with regards to web evangelism and so included a couple of questions about that in our monthly webmaster survey.  Of course this is not a scientific sample, but here are some preliminary figures.

  • 41% of respondents say they’ve had at least spiritual conversation online with an unbeliever, including 9% who say they have spiritual conversations at least several time a month.
  • 40% say they’ve led at least one person to accept Jesus as their savior, including 16% who say they’ve led more than 20 people to Christ online.  (Wow!)
  • 16% said their church has an Internet evangelism strategy that goes beyond just hoping non-Christians visit their site.  So, there’s some room for improvement as well.

I was also curious to find out what actually happened among individuals and organizations on IED, so I spend a little time scouring the web for details this morning.

Interest in Technology, Spirituality: A Natural Blend
The Christian Post published this article Sunday which featured an informative interview with Rusty Wright, a lecturer/representative at large for Probe Ministries and a web evangelist.  In addition to discussing the potential for the Internet as a tool for sharing the gospel, He also includes a couple of cool stories about how he was able to lead some people to Christ online.

Does digital evangelism work?
This is another great page on the official IED website is   It includes video testimonials of people who found God online.  You can also read the stories of some web evangelists and look at some ministries that are looking for help.

Internet Evangelism Resources
If you’re looking for more resources, Scott Reece posted some good links in his blog, Adventures of a Web Evangelist.

Internet Evangelism Day Recap
The only article I came across that included details of what he and his church did Sunday for IED is by Greg Nilsen of If Jesus Had a Website).  Check out his blog article to find out what he and his church did for IED.

Since to this point reports on what individuals and organizations did for IED are still scarce, I’d love to hear from you.  What did you and your church do for Internet Evangelism Day?  Post your feedback in our comments.

In His Service,
Paul Steinbrueck

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