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13 Top Church Social Media Tips for 2013 #ChSocM

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In this week’s Church Social Media chat #ChSocM, moderator Regina Heater (@reckshow) asked:

What’s the best #chsocm tip you learned in 2013?

Here are 13 of the top tips shared by chat participants.

  1. To steal from Nike — Just Do It. Social media needs creative experimentation. @ohxjulie
  2. Don’t just broadcast. Whatever you do. ENGAGE! @Stevefogg
  3. Make all posts pinnable (use an image in every post, even if it’s just the title of the post.) @reckshow
  4. Tag people in Facebook photos. The number of views goes waaay up. @LeistCatalano
  5. Try to find a balance between content and relationships @WillPlatnick
  6. Make sure your message and image is consistent across *all* platforms plus your website. @MeredithGould
  7. Just post worthwhile & meaningful stuff. People respond. @eric_clapp
  8. Be willing to try something that doesn’t work. Ditch it, then try something else. Be fearless and creative @MeredithGould
  9. Be relevant and understand your audience. @DiopaYouth
  10. Work with just a few platforms that make sense for ur church, don’t try to manage too many. @MicheleLKoch
  11. Don’t just wing it, develop a strategy & work the strategy. @PaulSteinbrueck
  12. More video. Using “sermon extras” where teaching pastors adds the 4th point & post mid-week to reinforce big idea @JoelNatalie
  13. Participate in these tweet chats! 🙂 @SaraVanderpan

You can read the full transcript of this week’s chat here. If you want to help your church get better at using social media, I invite you to join our weekly #ChSocM twitter chats Tuesdays at 9 PM ET.

Which of the tips above resonate with you most and why?  What’s your top church social media tip for 2013?

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    • I wonder if I would get the guts to tag people on Facebook in photos, I would get more "likes," comments and shares on important items, such as my two blogs and my autism petition. I don't tag because people have said they don't want to be tagged.

      • I wouldn't tag people who specifically asked not to be tagged, but I would expect that to be the exception rather than the rule.

    • A year ago, when I was feeling ignored, I tagged some people. One made it clear that he did not want to be tagged. I don't tag people, but if someone welcomes it will tag them.

    • I never tag children in photos, but since people can manage tagging in their privacy settings, unless I've heard otherwise, I assume that adults can be tagged and will have set up their own controls. Tagging photos increases the engagement on our church page dramatically, and can be a great conversation-starter.