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13 Myths about Social Media and Church #ChSocM

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mythbustersPeople have been making assumptions about social media since our ancestors first started carving status updates onto their cave walls. Many of them continue to be spread today.

So, last night, in another fun, lively and informative #ChSocM Twitter chat about church and social media, our moderator @MeredithGould asked…

What are the greatest myths/falsehoods about social media & church? 

As my fellow chatters started chiming in with their responses, I immediately thought, “This would make for a great ‘top 10’ post.”  Except that there were 13.  Even better, right?

  1. If you build it, they will come. ‏@reckshow
  2. The delivery channel solves the content issues and audience engagement. ‏@bfelice
  3. We don’t have time to engage in that. ‏@singingcarolyn
  4. It’s really only for the young folks. ‏@iamepiscopalian
  5. Just being on [social media] is enough. ‏@DawnMGibson
  6. It’s either all bad (killing real community) or all good. @JeffKRoss
  7. Anyone can do it well. ‏@skenow
  8. Social media is just another broadcast communications channel. @Stevefogg
  9. Those who use sm in church are being disrespectful & frivolous. ‏@singingcarolyn
  10. You can’t/shouldn’t tweet during church. ‏@cmsucks
  11. Social media isn’t community; it’s the illusion of community. @paulsteinbrueck
  12. Social media is only for seeing what people ate for lunch, not for anything serious. @ChurchWebTips
  13. It makes people more isolated instead of connected. @kurtcwiesner

Which is your “favorite” or most irksome myth about social media and church?

Do you have any others to add to the list?

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