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We all need people who will give us feedback. That’s how we improve. –Bill Gates

We want you to have the best website possible, so we are offering to review your website and provide you with feedback for free.  Just complete the form below.

If your website passes all 10 points below, you will receive the Best Church Websites Award or Best Christian Websites Award, and 1,000 points in the Top Websites Challenge.

If it doesn’t pass all of them, you’ll still receive 100 points for each item it passes. Even more important, you’ll receive affirmation on the items it passes and helpful guidance on the items that need work.

So… if you really like your website as it is, request the free review; you’ll get the points and award you deserve. If you know your website has some issues, request the free review; you’ll get some points and some helpful guidance.

Self-Review Checklist:
Website passes Google's mobile friendly test
Website has postal address and phone number at the top or bottom of every page
Website has a title or logo that fits in the header and doesn't overlap other elements of the page
Website has 7 or fewer main menu items. If menu is horizontal across the top of the site, it does not wrap onto a second line.
Homepage has large imagery “above the fold.” The imagery can be a single image, image slider or video. The imagery can be the website background, a large image/video that spans the full width of the page or an image/video that spans at least half the width of the page with text to the side of it.
Text in the body of the website is no more than 2 colors, the colors compliment the theme and contrast well with the background.
Text is formatted for easy reading (short paragraphs, headings, and bullet points). No long blocks of text.
No blurry, broken or animated graphics (flying birds, rotating crosses, moving flags). Avoid tiny images. If an image is used that is less than half the width of the content area its in, there should be text beside it.
Audio is in the mp3 format. Video is in the mp4 format. No proprietary media file formats that require a plugin (Flash, .mov, .wma, .wmv)