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September 11, 2001
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Call Us Blessed
The Gift of Love

Love is the most important gift we'll give during our
lifetime. More than a one-time extravagance, itís a
genuine, ongoing assurance we express through our words and
actions. There are many priceless gifts that find their
roots in love. Forgiveness. Trust. Friendship. Kindness.
Sacrifice. Each one is a vital piece of a beautiful whole.

I read a story that described love in a simple yet moving
way. A group of elementary students were asked to honor a
teacher who had passed away by drawing a picture of
something that reminded them of her. One young boy
finished his work of art quickly. When asked why he
colored the entire page red, he explained, ďI wanted to
draw a picture of her heart-but it was too big for the
paper.Ē What a wonderful way to be remembered.

By giving unconditional love to others we begin to
understand how deeply God loves us. Itís a gift that
doesnít always align with our emotions, energy, or time.
We love others because God loves us so graciously. Merit
isnít an issue with God, nor should it be with us. We
should give love so generously that it becomes a part of
who we are and a reflection of Who we serve.

Above all, we need to love the people God brings into our
lives. Love is a gift God gives to us in infinite measure
so that our hearts can enjoy an endless supply. Letís tap
into it. Letís lavish it on others. Letís fill our words
and define our actions with it- and as we do our hearts
will reap Godís abundance. Heíll always give more than we
can fathom and more than we can possibly give away. And
though it appears to be packaged in heart-shaped boxes and
glass vases as we celebrate Valentineís Day, love will
always find its purest expression through words and deeds-
as our heavenly Father exemplified through His gift of
Jesus Christ. He loved us completely and expressed it
openly. Weíll discover extraordinary blessings on the path
of His example.

"For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life."

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