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Herb Ingram
Herb Ingram
Herb currently serves as Minister of Education for Hillcrest Baptist Church in Austin, Texas. Herb served as a full time consultant for 7 years from 1997-2004. Before that, Herb served as Minister of Education-Administration at Bannockburn Baptist Church in Austin for fifteen years, leaving to found CEC in 1987. Herb has also served churches in Texas and Mississippi. He is a graduate of UT-Austin having earned a B.S. degree in Architecture. At Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary he earned a Master of Arts in Religious Education.
As a writer, Herb has published lesson series in various Bible study publications for the LifeWay Christian Resources as well as numerous articles in Bible Study Publications.
Herb has served as a volunteer growth consultant for the Baptist General Convention of Texas, and has led numerous churches in Metro growth clinics and other church growth events. Recently Herb wrote a “Coordinated Evangelism Lesson” published by the Baptist General Convention of Texas for the Texas Baptist Convention’s “Texas 2000” emphasis.
Herb is a qualified leader in a variety of specialized conferences to include Evangelism, Discipleship, Counseling, Spiritual Gifts, and Parenting. Herb is recognized across the state and the SBC as a highly skilled Christian educator with a firm grasp of biblical growth principles.

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