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This guestbook is no longer accepting new entries.

After a while i think i am going crazy! Because GOd is nowaday's judging all the people in the afterlife and the life itself! what he is doing is not only watching you he is also judging you how much you also are praying! He is also punishing the guilty en is letting them burn in hell! He is our all mighty! He thinks he is in the afterlife already only one thing "GOD is alive on earth and is not the oldest man anymore in the universe!" His angels are preparing his way 2 the afterlife! Watch all EVP's on the internet for the truth! A lot of EVP are from fallen angels who are saying that GOD is already among them in the afterlife! The are also woman from the hell,they are saying that the are goddesses of love they are not alowed...because GOD is not a Greek he is a ptolemaian GOD! A jew in heart and soul! There are also fake gods in the afterlife: Afrodites(sucubusses) Cupids (incubusses) Hades (Was punishing the wrong dude because he dit one wrong thing he was harrassing charon "Real name GOD" satan's (believers in the fallen angel's Kronos"the cannibal" and Samael"reincarnated in this life some called him hitler,and there is also another man dead in this century,he had his own church!") And other fake GODS and prophets! A lot of sects and bleghhhhh! Short word hookers and dictators (They are also saying cheep words 2 you ass if i come out of a coma i come strait at you and love you forever,one problem the are lairs in all the way down!) @ go to heaven you must asked a vew questions i have already had those questions! I am not setting all the answers of the question's on the internet 1. is Tibet and Isreal 2. what is the burnmark of the beast "rfid chip" These things are normaly only for cats and dogs and other animals! 3. And what is the new secret name of "GOD" on earth! 4. Is he or is he not your grandfather? 5. if yes are you the new "JEZUS or John the Baptist Or one of the first Boedha's" 6. Is hennoch also your family? 7. If Yes are believing in UFO's 8. Have you read the book of satan and adolf hitler? 9. if the answer is NO use it as toilet paper! 10. Choose after this wiseley "Dalai Lama or the Pope" 11. is an secret answer. This was your friendly sponsor "The unknown prophet of GOD"
Prphet of GOD
, USA - 07/28/10 at 07:58:28 (EST)
Dear friends. Please pray for our nine-year-old ministry (started in 2001) -- (Testifying Jesus’ Love in Truth). We make free resumes, teach free English weekly, and do free translations/interpretations in 17 languages to any church or organization that asks us to. We also give out 3000 tracts each week, and we get people who are abused, have mental illness and other problems into churches and places where they can receive help, as well as getting kids into free dentists. We love the Lord, and love the ministry he has blessed us with. We are deeply committed to fighting racism and poverty. Please send us your prayer requests (Email:, and pass our site to friends, missionaries and family, as there are many who are lonely; and, we are thrilled when Christians connect. As the world becomes more hostile towards Christians; it is essential that we connect. At the moment we are trying to set up a pen pal club so people from all over can write to others and develop friendships. Nobody should be lonely. If you read this and are lonely, please contact us and we will do our best to get you into a good church wherever you are in the world. Please also click on and read the Bible verse of the day, and say a prayer for us. Also, please send us words of encouragement. Is there anyway we can help you? Please contact us – especially if you are lonely. God bless you. To our American friends: Please read article 51 on our site “Things I love about America.” PS. Sorry to the person whose guestbook we have just signed. If we have taken up a lot of space and not commented, again, sorry. The fact that we have left a message is proof, in our opinion, that you are good. God bless you. Ian.
Ian Reid
Toronto, canada - 12/14/09 at 19:30:45 (EST)
He made up stories about my little sister cursing him in an effort to justify why he should no longer have to support her. ,
RbzbTyThDbJf, gF USA - 10/22/09 at 14:33:31 (EST)
“A generous man will himself be blessed, for he shares his food with the poor." Proverbs 22:9 We what do for Jesus Mike Moore at
Mike Moore
IL, USA - 07/02/09 at 10:28:51 (EST)
Please thanks Help spreading the gospel of Jesus to the nations in Africa Tel:233-244657468
Prophet Paul Johnson Asamoah
Accra, Gh GHANA - 05/25/09 at 13:27:41 (EST)
Many will be tested and temptet by life before we will enter into glory and to evelasting life and joy and to the bright shined the light with warm love and joy,thanks and be blessed and pray for us here in the sweden for revival ,keijo sweden
keijo leppioja
, sweden - 04/03/09 at 06:31:18 (EST)
God Bless New Unity Baptist Church of baltimore city 100 South Poppleton Street Baltimore md 21223 Rev. Tony Anthony Lawson 2nd available soon
Tony Lawson
, USA - 01/15/09 at 20:36:40 (EST)
hello, good site.
Tokyo, tx France - 12/06/08 at 16:27:41 (EST)
entry removed because it contained a link
Valeriy Matveychuk
, USA - 06/02/08 at 09:10:07 (EST)
Am MAclean form Ghana and am looking for help My Paren die when o was 18 years so please i well lite to hear from, anyone who will help me out of my situation please i guest each and everyone well contact me at
Accra, We Ghana - 04/10/08 at 19:00:57 (EST)
"Living Hope In Jesus" invites you to vist!
Stephen and Bonita Ann Richie
Memphis, TN USA - 03/09/08 at 13:27:46 (EST)
Billy’ Testimony I will never forget the time of the Cornish Revival which happened in 1986, it lasted for about 4 years. The churches in Redruth were filled, and many hundreds of people came to know Jesus as their Lord and Saviour. This is the year that I got saved, for I was seeking the Lord after loosing my father and sister. I was praying to God asking Him, what was the purpose of life. I did not attend any church, but I believed in Jesus and God, but my life in no way reflected it. I began to read the Bible in those early years, but I could not find peace. One day I was driving past Redruth Baptist Church, when I noticed cars parked outside the church and all the way up Station Hill. So many people were going to the church which I found very strange. I said to my wife, “I am going to find out why they are going in there.” So one Sunday night I parked my car and prayed to God and said, “ Lord, the only church that I have ever been to is Lanner Methodist Sunday school, and I didn’t like that, but this Baptist church troubles me, but it is your church as well so I will go and see what they are doing .” When I went in, there was no room, so I had to stand at the back. I had never seen so many people singing and praising God in this way before, the music and singing was so good, and the people’s faces were smiling, they were so happy and friendly. So, I went home and I couldn’t wait to tell Diane what I had experienced that night. We went back many nights together, it was so good. Then one night Colin Salter the Pastor preached, “Do you know Jesus, have you repented for all the bad things that you have done, and asked Christ into your heart to save you?” Well, I always thought that He was my Saviour, I always believed in Him, but like I said before my life certainly did not reflect Christianity in any way. You see, every other word that I spoke at that time was a swear word, and my childhood was spent in countless fights, and in my early twenties I borrowed over an hundred thousand pounds from a bank to build a bungalow estate in Fourlanes, the equivalent to a million pounds in today’s money, some of the practices in dealing with banks managers and solicitors were very devious to say the least. The building trade was a very bad influence on my life, It left me broke and hopeless, I needed Jesus to save my soul. So, that night after church I went out into the fields to pray, I said, “Lord Jesus I am sorry for all the bad things that I have done, come into my life take control, I give my life to you.” Over the next two weeks I was very troubled, I was sending our children to Lanner Methodist Sunday school for their Sunday school lessons, but Diane and I were going to the Baptist Church. Well, I thought we had better go with our children, E-mail: based in Poole, Dorset, England. Read more
, ENGLAND - 10/24/07 at 05:52:08 (EST)
Hello, nice site look this: End ^) See you
, USA - 08/24/07 at 03:21:27 (EST)
"But we have this treasure in jars of clay to show that this all -supassing power is from God and not from us."Joy and joy for ower in you clay jars and be happy for God is good when he gave this beautiful miracles power in us.Thanks that you will help the men that find Jesus,pray for blessed revival soon.Thanks and bless.keijo sweden
, sweden - 05/16/07 at 11:54:21 (EST)
I need the money for teeth. I'm 22 years.I live with my mother. please help me. Ada-Bucharest, Romaniav
, - 05/08/07 at 13:40:22 (EST)
Nice site, thank you!
, - 03/31/07 at 02:08:09 (EST)

dasdasd, hhfgdgdf USA - 12/28/06 at 01:46:57 (EST)
Dear pastor, Your website is awesome, I appreciate your good works, I would like to be a Prayer partner in your ministry, Please visit our website; for more detail, God Bless With love, Rev.Dr.C.Augustine Joseph, Bangalore , India

, USA - 10/24/06 at 13:39:51 (EST)
I must admit it is an awesome site! Thanks for such a great site!! Pretty informative. It is marvelous!!! Have a nice time!
, 0 - 05/10/06 at 19:51:49 (EST)
Fabulous site.
USA, USA USA - 04/19/06 at 10:57:19 (EST)
Indeed a Pleasure and Blessing to Visit again...and Let You Know. Needless ta say, Every Christian Witness and ministry is GREATLY NEEDED and YOURS is SURELY Making an Eternal Difference! God Bless You, Yours and Your Witnessing and ministry...Prayerfully! Just in case you didn't Please May I Suggest a couple of Web Pages That are Really Getting Attention as the word is Spreading...Smile, but Serious. They're Entitled: "Heart Talks"... and... "SECRET OF THE SINGING HEART"... Do have a Blessed day! AND THANKS!! Jerry Boyer (Akron, OH) (little about us...)
Akron, OH USA - 09/21/04 at 19:49:03 (EST)
Please visit our web site and tell the others.Thank you. Please help the Romanian Childrens.
Gitta Stefan
Satu-Mare, Ro Romania - 07/07/04 at 15:44:19 (EST)

Danielle Haley
Sebring, FL USA - 06/22/04 at 10:17:11 (EST)
Great site!
AZ, USA - 06/15/04 at 20:16:26 (EST)
We are looking for a church home in your area. However, we need a church with a deaf ministry. Can you all help?
Gary Kielsgard
, USA - 06/07/04 at 01:50:05 (EST)
hi, I have just moved to blacksburg. i am really lost and want to go to xhurch this sunday. I dont have a car and since the buses dont operate on sundays i cant take it. Please could I get a ride to church?
blacksburg, VA USA - 06/04/04 at 12:16:29 (EST)
I just surfed to your site and enjoyed reading what God is doing in your Church. If you would like to check out my site you may do so at:
Pastor L. V. Wood
Bakersfield, CA USA - 05/12/04 at 12:44:12 (EST)
Good site, Tom...drop me a note sometime.. -- DRS
David Stokes
Fairfax, VA USA - 04/27/04 at 20:52:59 (EST)
As one of the young leaders of our new Baptist Church, Iask that yuo pray with us for quick and powerful spread of the gospel without hinderance.I will be very grateful if you could also support us with GOSPEL TRACTS AND OTHER LITERATURES, Thank you very much. please use this address;
Teshie-Accra, GHANA - 12/10/03 at 06:49:07 (EST)
ANGARA 533309, AP INDIA - 09/15/03 at 08:28:55 (EST)
Just checking out your website. We are trying to get ours back up. God Bless
, IA USA - 07/17/03 at 03:58:11 (EST)
I have a site also. I hope mine can be this nice one day.
April Christie
Detroit, MI USA - 07/16/03 at 17:03:16 (EST)
I am going through a battle and really need Gods help and guidance THANK YOU TRICIA
, USA - 07/16/03 at 13:21:43 (EST)
Your website looks great! We do not have one as of this time. Please give our regards to all the folks there at Faith and let them know how much we appreciate their support in finances and prayers. Keep on keeping on for Him. God bless!
Dennis & Frances Bellew
Brooklyn, NY USA - 05/31/03 at 21:34:19 (EST)
Hello...just signing in. It's indeed a pleasure to visit you! We do appreciate your effort and sharing!! Well, "off we go" stop by an see us at when convenient, won't you? Smile...better yet, please visit He Is Able---another great site! THANKS! His Love and Blessings to you, yours, and your sharing here!! ~.j.^
Jerry [ Heart to Heart ]
Akron, OH USA - 05/25/03 at 14:49:54 (EST)
a blessing
Ifor C. Gabasan
Singapore, Singapore - 04/22/03 at 11:46:16 (EST)
I was truly blessed by your website. I bring you greetings from the pastor and members of Harbor Heights Baptist Church. I invite you to stop by and visit our website at
Louis Zingarelli, Jr. - Deacon
Baltimore, MD USA - 02/18/03 at 23:03:47 (EST)
entry removed because it contained a link
Robert E. Cahoon
Bradenton, Fl USA - 01/18/03 at 16:24:56 (EST)
nice site ,good links, saw the mgs at e-sword group hope the pastor worked out the problem.-a servant in christ :) kevin
kevin henning
mandeville, la USA - 01/15/03 at 21:47:34 (EST)
: ) Welcome to the true Believer's SiteRing!! : )
Richmond, Va USA - 12/20/02 at 03:32:01 (EST)
Hello Pastor McCue. Let us first of all extend a warm Welcome to you to The True Believer's SiteRing. It is so nice to see another Christian Web Site out here in cyber space. Thank you for your labor of love for Christ. Blessings In Him... :o)
Herman & Audrey
Steubenville, OH USA - 12/19/02 at 18:41:39 (EST)
Hi Pastor McCue! You have a great website! Welcome to the True Believers site ring. You are located in one of my favorite states! Maybe I'll pop in for fellowship one of these days! God bless and Merry Christmas! Debbi A Christian Witness
, RI USA - 12/19/02 at 17:46:15 (EST)
entry removed because it contained a link
Fredericksburg, VA USA - 12/19/02 at 13:26:00 (EST)
Welcome to the True Believer's Site ring, and I pray that your web site will be succesful and will inspire and uplift all visitors. God Bless
Rockingham, NC USA - 12/19/02 at 12:51:44 (EST)
Pastor McCue, great job on the website! It looks like the Lord is really blessing you and your church!
Sarah Trickey
St. Charles, MO USA - 10/16/02 at 09:58:07 (EST)
Thanks to God.
Pastor Charles Vandyke
Georgetown, Guyana - 10/12/02 at 20:08:49 (EST)
Terveisiä Suomesta = Greetings from Finland!
Janina Grahn
Helsinki, Finland - 09/02/02 at 06:33:28 (EST)
Really neat site.You've done well. Next time I'm in the area, I may stop by, so if perhaps you look out upon the congregation one day........ Stan
Stan Ercolano
Westbury, NY USA - 08/31/02 at 19:50:14 (EST)

Jesse M. Taylor
Lebanon, VA USA - 08/28/02 at 13:17:58 (EST)

Cheryl Fisher
Blacksburg, VA USA - 08/03/02 at 16:48:27 (EST)
entry removed because it contained a link
Billy Foote
Lexington, NC USA - 07/26/02 at 05:58:50 (EST)
Nice site! Please visit ours at Revival fires are burning!
Chad Hensley
Joplin, Mo USA - 05/11/02 at 19:42:20 (EST)
entry removed because it contained a link
Mark Tross
Lackawaxen,, Pa USA - 04/15/02 at 19:03:22 (EST)

John S. Hallman
knoxville, tn USA - 01/16/02 at 14:16:36 (EST)
FBC site caught my eye, as I was scanning the KJB WebRing church listings. I remember B'burg & C'burg with great fondness as I was a Research Associate at VPI in 1978-1979, and made many Christian friends in the area. At the time, I attended Blacksburg Christian Fellowship. I am a member of Faith Baptist Church here in Wilmington, DE, an independent, NT church (KJB preferred but not exclusive, to my regret); and also a Life Member of the Dean Burgon Society. Heb. 13:1
Carlyle F. Smith
Wilmington, DE USA - 12/28/01 at 07:01:02 (EST)
MIDDLETON, TN USA - 10/27/01 at 23:12:28 (EST)
entry removed because it contained a link
Our Church in Mecca, Saudi Ara
Mecca,, SA - 06/03/01 at 22:58:02 (EST)
You said the web site is not fancy, but it looks really nice to us. Not sure if us "old folks" can learn to do this or not.
Dennis & Frances Bellew
Blacksburg, VA USA - 04/28/01 at 20:49:45 (EST)

Bret David Haas
Garland, TX USA - 04/13/01 at 12:02:15 (EST)
Rev. Eric Van Wye
Winfield, Ks USA - 04/12/01 at 12:19:14 (EST)

pulaski, va USA - 03/02/01 at 07:13:50 (EST)
i like this site very much,specially the greeting cards,and art wife likes the audio bible.I try to send atleast one,two cards a day.
randy cox
christiansburg, va USA - 12/02/00 at 21:23:10 (EST)
enjoy the web page installed in favorites
patricia cox
christiansburg, va USA - 11/27/00 at 01:16:28 (EST)
your web site looks great, my church have a web site located at
Pace, Fl USA - 07/08/00 at 10:29:26 (EST)
I like your site. Keep up the good work.
Jim Holbrook
St. Louis, MO USA - 02/19/00 at 15:30:43 (EST)

Don Kennedy
Idalou, tx USA - 02/11/00 at 20:54:28 (EST)
entry removed because it contained a link
Verdayne Miley
Petersburg, IN USA - 02/07/00 at 10:02:04 (EST)
Enjoyed your site. We are thinking about setting up a website of our own. May God continue to bless you and yours as you continue to serve Him, James 1:25.
Jack & Joan Foster
Belize, Central America - 02/06/00 at 23:00:31 (EST)
I was a member of a bbfi church in N.J. I'm now a member of Shenandoah Baptist in Roanoke
Roger Whitley
Salem, Va USA - 01/21/00 at 14:39:27 (EST)
We like your website!
Rob and Kirsten Sacco!
Windsor Locks, CT USA - 01/17/00 at 23:27:28 (EST)
Got the email devotion. thanks Peg & Tom. My favorite verse along with Phil 4:13. Have a good nite. God Bless.
P Stewart
new milford, ct USA - 01/11/00 at 16:54:48 (EST)
Hi ! Your new web site looks great ! Tell everyone "Hello" for us ! Love, Dennis & Debbie
Debbie Allen
Blacksburg, VA USA - 01/10/00 at 21:48:46 (EST)
WONDERFULL I love the music!
Sonja Viers
Radford, Va USA - 01/06/00 at 21:45:41 (EST)
Pastor: I was finally able to hyperlink to here. It looks great. Love in Christ, Danny
Danny W & Bonnie H Nunley
Dublin, VA USA - 01/05/00 at 19:55:25 (EST)
Greetings Brother Tom, looks great, keep up the great work down in Southern Va, I will be thinking about you in Northern Va. I appreciate your kindness and friendship while I pastored at New River.
Brother Jim Fryer
Amissville, Va USA - 01/03/00 at 21:54:28 (EST)
Good afternoon Tom, Tell your family I said hello. Rich
Rich Stauffer
Dublin, VA USA - 01/02/00 at 11:37:26 (EST)
Tom, This is a nice web-page. Keep up the good work! Will talk to you all soon!
Michael & Eileen McCue
Lake Grove, NY USA - 12/29/99 at 13:10:22 (EST)

, USA - 12/21/99 at 14:42:39 (EST)
Great Web page,for a going church.And a great church.
Larry Kruger
Pulaski, VA USA - 12/21/99 at 10:07:51 (EST)
Great Web site. You folks are alway an encouragement to us. Thanks for all.
Aaron and Peggy Tolston
Krasnodar, Russia - 12/21/99 at 02:53:10 (EST)
The man who designed this webpage must be very handsome and intelligent.
Radford, VA USA - 12/20/99 at 22:15:35 (EST)
Nice home page. Very appealing and easy to navigate around.
Cliff & Carroll Kreamer
Lady Lake, FL USA - 12/20/99 at 18:53:31 (EST)
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