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"Virgin" or "Maiden?"
Nervous Optics
Nervous Optics
NEVER ONCE in the ENTIRE 66-book HOLY BIBLE is there ANY recorded statement of Saint Joseph.

The FINAL version of the Christmas hymn "Silent Night" [the initial core melody of which has been ATTRIBUTED to some "Franz Gruber"] was notated the way the Vienna Boys Choir has always sung it.

The GENEOLOGY of LUKE 3 is NOT that of Saint Mary [because of the textual words "as ws supposed"]....but instead of Saint Joseph, Mary's husband. The GENEOLOGY of MATTHEW 1 is instead that of Saint Mary, and NOT Saint Joseph. Thus, the function of human sperm and semen from Joseph (either of and from HIMSELF or on the part of the HOLY SPIRIT) was not involved in the fertilization and dividing-egg conception of Jesus. The Spirit of God acted DIRECTLY on Mary's ovarian egg supernaturally.

Hebrew-lettered words are numbered according to Strong's
numbering system. Strong's Word# 5959 means and only means YOUNG WOMAN (and not really maid, maiden, girl, nor damsel).
Strong's Word# 1330 means and only means VIRGIN.

Isaiah 7:14 (with reference to a female human conceiving and bearing a son) contains Strong's Word# 5959, not Word# 1330.
The passage THUS CORRECTLY reads: "...a YOUNG WOMAN shall conceive and bear a son" (RSV). The passage incorrectly reads: "the VIRGIN shall conceive and bear a son" (KJV).

Strong's Word# 5959 is found in Exodus 2:8 pertaining to the young woman who was sister of Moses whom Pharaoh's daughter commissioned to find the Hebrew mother to nurse Moses. The KJV there states the somewhat-adequate word "maid," and the RSV uses something similar (but of course NOT "virgin').

Strong's Word# 5959 and Word# 1330 are found in Deuteronomy chapter 22 pertaining to harlotry and sexual-assault rape against young women vs. virgins. The KJV uses the different words for female humans of different sexual status correctly in that chapter, as does the RSV.

However, Strong's Word# 1330 is found in Job 31:1 pertaining to the type of female human Job would not lustfully gaze upon. Here the RSV correctly used the word VIRGIN, whereas the KJV incorrectly used the word MAID.

For any readers who are mindlessly careless, impatient, obstinate, twisted and devious, and too proud to admit being wrong, be it known that obviously all young-women virgins are young women, but not all young women are young-women virgins. The difference is CRUCIAL, and - for GOD's sake -
NOT to be taken lightly!

In view of First Corinthians 7:1-5, it is IMPROPER and a MISNOMER to state that a HUSBAND forcing himself sexually on HIS OWN nonconsenting WIFE is "raping" her. Such instead is CORRECTLY called: 'sexual abuse.' 'Rape' has to do with people (whether virgins, someone else's wife, etc.) NOT MARRIED to each other at the time.

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