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entry removed by admin
majid almajid
riyadh, saudi arabia - 02/15/11 at 17:19:25 (EST)
Hello Everybody and welcome to website is good,think you verry much this website show you about allexperts see you again from
cambodia, USA - 02/13/11 at 21:40:59 (EST)
javed iqbal
karachi, SI PAK - 01/23/11 at 11:20:32 (EST)
WOMdyqzbpNGq, gf USA - 11/14/10 at 02:22:00 (EST)
entry removed by admin
Themina Liqat
Toba Tek Singh, USA - 11/08/10 at 01:08:32 (EST)
entry removed by admin
Themina Liqat
Toba Tek Singh, USA - 11/08/10 at 01:06:59 (EST)
entry removed by admin
Samm Cooperqq
ftl, fl USA - 10/02/10 at 20:24:20 (EST)
Great site!
Muff Diver
Gotham, Il USA - 09/28/10 at 20:01:13 (EST)
jerry gill
faisalabad, pakistan - 09/17/10 at 07:08:42 (EST)
Hello! Thanks for the site, great work!
Gok Wank
London, UK - 09/09/10 at 21:20:23 (EST)
Senior Pastor Salamat Gill is the Founder and President of MCA Ministries of Pakistan International, a Holy Ghost ministry with a world-wide vision. Senior Pastor Salamat Gill has 4 son (Pastor Waqar Gill, Pastor Iqyas Gill, Pastor Yasif Gill & Pastor Raise Gill) and wife (Farah Salamat Gill). Senior Pastor Salamat Gill has a very good team in Ministry work. Senior Pastor Salamat Gill arranging a big Healing Crusade every first Tuesday of the month in Lahore, Thousands Peoples attendance every month in Lahore. So this is biggest Healing Meeting in all over the Pakistan by the Grace of God. Senior Pastor Salamat Gill has reached millions with the Gospel and under his unique ministry people receives healing even from hopeless diseases. Those tormented by the enemy receive deliverance at his meetings.
Senior Pastor Salamat Gill
Lahore, pu Pakistan - 09/02/10 at 10:16:50 (EST)
entry removed by admin
Pastor Ravi Daniel
Faisalabad, Pu Pakistan - 09/01/10 at 15:27:15 (EST)
Venerated Bro Greetings From MCA Ministries International In The Name Of Lord Jesus Christ. MCA Ministries International is fastest growing ministry in Pakistan. We arrange Healing Meetings Crusades and also we arrange Healing Meeting Every First Tuesday of the month. We request you and all Pastors please pray for our country and ministry only 5 or 10 min. We are also pray for this Flood. Floods have ravaged mountainous regions in the north-west Pakistan, destroying entire villages, reached the heart of the country. Rivers, coming from the banks, have already caused the death of 1500 people, while another 100,000 were victims spread the infection. God Bless you and your family a lot. Regards, Your Brother In Christ, Senior Pastor Salamat Gill MCA Ministries Lahore Pakistan.
Pastor Salamat Gill
Lahore, Pakistan - 08/25/10 at 10:32:10 (EST)
*PAKISTAN GOSPEL MINISTRIES* Pakistan Shall Be Saved… Says the Lord! OUR ACTIVITIES ARE FOLLOWING: Evangelism, Church Planting, Crusades & Conventions, Campaign meetings, Prayer and Revival seminars, Leadership Conference, Bible school, Christian literature distribution, Village Outreach Ministry, Children Ministry, Youth Ministry, Women's Ministry, Medical assistance, Financial and spiritual assistance for the Widows, 0rphans, Disables, Prison Ministry, Rehabilitation for Drug addicted, Education for Adult illiterate and Children. Etc. Pastor Peter F. John Director! PAKISTAN GOSPEL MINISTRIES P.O. Box # 45, G.P.O, Khanewal, Punjab, Pakistan Cell: +92-333-2518012 E-mail: Website:
Pastor Peter F. John
Khanewal, pakistan - 07/23/10 at 07:06:45 (EST)
entry removed by admin
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LrSGlMaYLrsk, GL USA - 07/14/10 at 19:50:52 (EST)
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salem lasix
TvVFvSYc, iW USA - 07/14/10 at 16:14:46 (EST)
" Freely you have received, freely give " (Matthew 10:8) "And I will give you pastors according to mine heart, which shall feed you with knowledge and understanding." ( Jeremiah 3:15 KJV) Dear Friends in Christ God bless you ,Our Church and Ministry team Working in Pakistan for preaching God message and reached unreached people of Christ. And we are working in Pakistan with many homes Churches in Villages and other outreach areas of Pakistan.We are Preaching The Gospel in Unreached&Rural areas of Pakistan, Although We have not Religion Freedom in Pakistan,You Know Pakistan is Muslim Country,Christians are suffering . But our Lord Jesus Christ always Helps us, The Harvest is plentiful,But the worker are few, Luke 10-2 And in Our team we have many Pastors, Evangelists, couier, Bibles Preacher team. We want you come in Pakistan and Minister them and We Invite to you for Crusades , seminars and Revival meetings and sharing Gospel. Dear in Christ we are a team working in Pakistan.And in Pakistan we need your working, missions in Pakistan.We want reached all Pakistan with message of God and also we want your seminars ,meetings and Crusades through this work we reached thousands of Christ People Souls.And our team also arrange many Revival Crusades. We want Dear Friends Christ "Every thing is possible in the name of God" And God call you and your ministry in Pakistan. Dear in Christ we need working together as parts of one body of Christ. And you know God is our tree and we are Branches of God tree. We want working in unity and please let's start working together in Pakistan. We want Evangelism in Pakistan ,Church Planting in poor and unreached areas. We are poor worker of Christ please take seriously our message and lets working together in Islamic country and according to words of God "Go and Preached message of Bible" And yes we want preaching the message of Bible in unreached areas and believed through this process Gospel spread all Pakistan and many accept Christianity . I believed that you come in Pakistan because you want spread Gospel . We hope you "Understand our people feelings and hope with your work" Understand our feelings, Praise the God. "Thousands of Christ people waiting you in Pakistan" Pakistan needs Jesus and it was among the Christian that I found air I could breathe and peace that was real. We want that you can come and preach to poor people of Christ and give a spirtual food to your people of Pakistan we have a many thousands house Churches. “Thousands of People waiting you.” Christ is Coming Soon! Time is Running Out Fast! Win Souls for Christ! We want your reaching Gospel Mission seminars, Crusades,and Prayers meetings, in Pakistan and we want reached together and work together in Pakistan as parts of one body of Christ we want reached unreached people of Christ with Gospel \ message of God. If you are unable to come than how you can help us? Prayer Support. Send your friends for Revival Crusades & Seminars Financial & Moral support Through religious materials or other things as you like. If you are able to help our people in anyway please do not hesitate to sown a seed and do it for the work of God and join us for revival in Pakistan. We can’t give you any reward for your help, we only pray for you, but our Lord will give you reward from the doors of haven. We request you to please remember our team in your daily prayers that almighty God will use our team only for His glorious work. We can give you more information on your reply. Pastor Ravi Daniel all our team from Pakistan. Phone # 0092-3157032005. We hope you send your response very soon Praise the God Thanks.
Pastor Ravi Daniel
Faisalabad, Pu Pakistan - 07/13/10 at 14:46:01 (EST)
entry removed by admin
FTL, FL USA - 07/03/10 at 11:27:48 (EST)
Pastor Peter F. John *PAKISTAN GOSPEL MINISTRIES* Pakistan Shall Be Saved… Says the Lord! P.O. Box # 45, G.P.O, Khanewal, Punjab, Pakistan Telephone: +92-065-2553948 Mobile: +92-345-3648256 Mobile: +92-333-2518012 E-mail: Website:
Pastor Peter F. John
Khanewal, PJ Pakistan - 05/28/10 at 15:38:06 (EST)
I'm a believer too
Ben Martin
Provo, UT USA - 04/05/10 at 12:35:43 (EST)
entry removed by admin
Evangelist Akash Shahzad
Jahanian(Khanewal), Pu Pakistan - 04/03/10 at 03:33:26 (EST)
Abner T.Abanes,former Baptist Pastor-Philippines,(now in pulpit again in Filipino Baptist ch.,Lancaster,CA)-was removed in pulpit due to adultery,molested his faithful member's wife,allegedly sexually abused many women in his church...then fled to out for your daughters against this man...his current wife knows about it...
Juan de la Cruz
, USA - 03/30/10 at 22:02:42 (EST)
gojra, pakistan - 02/28/10 at 07:22:23 (EST)
entry removed by admin
liaqat Masih
fasialabad, pu pakistian - 02/22/10 at 07:36:41 (EST)
Beware of this man Romeo Labongray (Anabaptist Pastor).An adulterer and a wife abuser. 2 Jn v.11
, Philippines - 02/19/10 at 23:48:44 (EST)
Dear Pastor, Pls. pray for us here in Mindanao of there souls.We are only 1 year and 2 months in the mission work.May God Bless You All. In Christ, Bro. Romeo
Romeo O. Labongray
JOsefina, Philippines - 02/11/10 at 06:39:59 (EST)
please pray for our ministry -- send us your prayer requests, and send our website to missionaries, family and all others worldwide. Thank you. God bless America; I love your country. Ian
Ian Reid
Toronto, canada - 12/01/09 at 10:14:17 (EST)
God Bless all,
Toba Tek Singh , p Pakistan - 11/27/09 at 04:27:21 (EST)
GREAT COMMISSION MINISTRIES PAKISTAN GREAT COMMISSION CHURCH OF PAKISTAN P.O. Box # 45, G.P.O, Khanewal, Punjab , Pakistan 58150 Office: +92-065-2008834 Cell: +92-333-6235948 Cell: +92-345-3648256 E-mail: Website:
, Pakistan - 11/13/09 at 04:58:40 (EST)
We are blessed to visit your website. We love to more about you. bless you in Jesus name
Rev. Habib Sadiq
Lahore, Pu Pakistan - 11/02/09 at 04:59:21 (EST)
God is good all the time.Amen
Nicholas Kimaiyo
Durham, NC USA - 10/04/09 at 13:24:56 (EST)
good to see the lords work in action. signed
, USA - 09/20/09 at 05:52:03 (EST)
Please feel free to visit our MIssions' Ministries homepage at: God bless you all
Pr. Joliam Sampaio
Taylor, PA USA - 09/04/09 at 22:35:39 (EST)


entry removed by admin
, USA - 06/29/09 at 07:27:53 (EST)
entry removed by admin
, USA - 06/29/09 at 07:24:53 (EST)
entry removed by admin
, USA - 06/29/09 at 07:24:13 (EST)
I always feel healthy and grow stronger in my faith when i meet people online who take their time to share this valueable word ou our Lord Jesus Chris. May God bless you abundantly!! In Jesus name I pray, Amen.
Chris A. Kaijage
DAR ES SALAAM, TANZANIA - 06/22/08 at 08:22:13 (EST)
PHILADELPHIA, PA USA - 03/16/08 at 06:50:02 (EST)
I am from from Liberia based in Abidjan(Cote divoir)i need you to assist me to travel to your country,i lost my family during the Liberia crises and no one to call upon for assistance.You respond will give me joy that has no end.
Michael water
Abidjan, USA - 02/12/08 at 15:18:58 (EST)
Praise the lord! I would like to donate.
Denver, CO USA - 01/26/08 at 16:18:10 (EST)
Please my belove in the Lord i need a help am not suppose to say this but i have to. i have zeal in service the Lord but due to my situation in the country i have not been able to service the i should. Am a singer, i don't even go to chruch any more cos of situation cos i dont have all doucment it has not been easy for me to serve the Lord the i use too. cos am baby sitter pls help
Kecy Vincent
New Jersey, NJ USA - 12/16/07 at 23:31:12 (EST)
How are uo
London, lo UK - 12/15/07 at 06:47:07 (EST)
By this site i got a great bless i will contact you soon.
Lahore, Pu Pakistan - 12/02/07 at 05:31:48 (EST)
Hi, my name is disman-kl, i like your site and i ll be back ;)
, Russia - 11/27/07 at 18:15:30 (EST)
i want to work with your ministry
sahiwal, pn pakistan - 11/14/07 at 14:45:41 (EST)
it's good
bangalore, india - 11/06/07 at 05:47:38 (EST)
As we are living in muslim sate .We an our people don't go far from the God so we want to start Bible study programme with your help in our community.
Faisalabad, Pa PAKISTAN - 10/24/07 at 15:54:38 (EST)
NEW JERUSALEM Ministries (Gospel of Peace to the World) Greetings to you in the wonderful and Mighty name of God Jesus. Holy blessings in the Holy Spirit Your Friend in His service Pastor Jesus padam Kancharla PONNUR, near RTC depot, H –no 1-4-34, Guntur dist, AP , INDIA  Special request:- Kindly pray for the church construction in Ponnur.  { Indication--Habbukuk 1:13-17 }
JESUSPADAM kancharla
PONNUR, AP INDIA - 10/22/07 at 06:33:14 (EST)
Please contact me using my e-mail
Pr. Joliam Sampaio
Taylor, PA USA - 09/27/07 at 11:33:27 (EST)
I would like to make contact with pastors and leaders form Ivory coast.
Pr. Joliam Sampaio
Taylor, PA USA - 09/27/07 at 11:31:05 (EST)
hdftozlqa wocyx fcki jhksq exldua bmwkiyd dcfhuv
hdxkin urjmlyhns
dzuasykp, CA USA - 09/21/07 at 10:13:41 (EST)
trust in the lord
celestine peter aladoro
orlu, im nigeria - 09/20/07 at 04:47:10 (EST)
vijayawada, AP INDIA - 08/15/07 at 08:12:57 (EST)
emlc qrdtom hmdfv uizk hvyn mnxzb rmixve
djeabo geqcnkf
zsjtlw, CA USA - 08/12/07 at 22:03:48 (EST)
I am looking for a Christian Ministry wanted to extend the work of God in our country BURUNDI. If your call is to bring Good News and assistance to all people, please don't hesitate to send to me an E-mail. May God bless you.
BUJUMBURA, BURUNDI - 07/20/07 at 03:38:10 (EST)
Thanks a lot for this page may the Lord bless you all abundantly.I am praying for sponsaring for the ministry for the destitutes children home and a widow home .
Imphal, India - 07/20/07 at 01:12:18 (EST)
hi i sent you a e-mail when i was living out in c.a but i didnt hear back from you i gress you are very busy so i hope you all are well i hope to come and visit you all soon i just wonder if you remember me well god bless and best wishes anita
anita bensley
hickory, nc USA - 07/10/07 at 12:23:30 (EST)
hi i sent you a e-mail when i was living out in c.a but i didnt hear back from you i gress you are very busy so i hope you all are well i hope to come and visit you all soon i just wonder if you remember me well god bless and best wishes anita
anita bensley
hickory, n. USA - 07/10/07 at 12:23:01 (EST)
i am really blessed through your web site pleas send me something to do or carry the work of God. we have 20 orphans also amen let our light shine in the darkness.. GOD BLESS U
pastor Jesudas
kakinada, AP INDIA - 07/10/07 at 07:10:24 (EST)
Hi Very interesting information! Thanks! G'night
london, uk uk - 07/10/07 at 02:38:29 (EST)
God bless
Peter Bennett
Melbourne, vi Australia - 07/05/07 at 06:30:45 (EST)
iam the pastor and founder of Eternal Faith and Evergelical Ministry in kenya my home place .Please visit my web site for more about my,I welcome you to our up coming gospel meetings.
Pastor Paul Kirui
Kericho, - kenya - 07/04/07 at 08:56:47 (EST)
i've been seaching for help but the site is very interesting so God bless u all the organiser
mawemuko cateherine
kampala, uganda - 06/29/07 at 10:41:23 (EST)
Hello Sir/Madam. Am a male Uganda aged 17 and in secondary school.Am looking for aperson or an organization which can support me in education.And EMAIL
kibirige ronald
mityana, ug uganda - 06/18/07 at 03:10:18 (EST)
Hello Sir/Madam. Am a male Uganda aged 17 and in secondary school.Am looking for aperson or an organization which can support me in education.
kibirige ronald
mityana, ug uganda - 06/18/07 at 02:56:56 (EST)
Dear Believer of Christ, Greeting in the precious name of Lord Jesus Christ, I am Pastor stephen John from Pakistan and running orphan and widows ministry in Pakistan city lahore. I am requested to you please pray for us and keep us in your prayer. God bless you and your ministry. Love in Christ, Pastor stephen john and Maria John from Pakistan
Pastor stephen John
Lahore/state punjab, pu Pakistan - 06/17/07 at 04:40:54 (EST)
wyfhtca knwh qjblyap grmvzwsk sfvpr wxfnigtu akqhtgxu
dwqnbszgc vgko
pcvgfrdkz, CA USA - 06/12/07 at 09:58:21 (EST)
wyfhtca knwh qjblyap grmvzwsk sfvpr wxfnigtu akqhtgxu
dwqnbszgc vgko
pcvgfrdkz, CA USA - 06/12/07 at 09:56:02 (EST)
"All mankind will fear; they willl proclaim the works of God and ponder what he has done."Rejoice all men and all angels for God has did marvelous deeds and will do this last time with his power ,joy and joy for now is the golden time that win the lost to Jesus ,win and win and be glad ,pray for blessed revivals soon.Thanks and bless.keijo sweden
, sweden - 05/28/07 at 15:06:26 (EST)
Hello, Greetings! I'll be back.
Unknown, Unknown Russia - 05/23/07 at 05:17:32 (EST)
Hi My Name Is ivarrc.
Unknown, Unknown Japan - 05/12/07 at 19:31:52 (EST)
Hello G'night
, USA - 05/10/07 at 23:47:02 (EST)
Very well done site! Please keep up the good work.
Frank Rizzo
, USA - 04/26/07 at 17:33:25 (EST)
I want to have contact with any minister from Uganda. The Lord has asked me to go to Uganda for a mission work. I would be glad if your ministry would be of help to me
Evang. Uchechi J Elechi
Enugu, Nigeria - 04/06/07 at 12:00:28 (EST)
Hello, I searched for such site. Thanks you
Memphis, US - 04/03/07 at 17:21:55 (EST)
This is good
Adrees Gill
islamabad, USA - 02/20/07 at 05:47:23 (EST)
LAGOS, NIGERIA - 02/10/07 at 08:56:00 (EST)
Dear in Christ, Greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Plz Prayer for my Ministry work in Pakistan. Global Outreach Ministries. Yours in Christ, Rev. Pastor Rehmat John Founder & Chairman, Global Outreach Ministries Khanewal, Punjab, Pakistan. May God Bless You
Rev. Pastor Rehmat John
Khanewal, pj Pakistan - 01/22/07 at 00:28:15 (EST)
Dear Fellows !! Good site Share the love with Each others. The Light16 Gospel Ministries is praying for Orphan House Please pray with us so that God can send His Help for these Children...Thank you Robinson Mukhtar
Robinson Mukhtar
Faisalabad, Pu Pakistan - 12/15/06 at 13:29:53 (EST)
entry removed because it contained a link
Paris, NY USA - 11/01/06 at 13:11:04 (EST)
entry removed because it contained a link
Paris, NY UK - 11/01/06 at 13:10:55 (EST)
Dear pastor, Your website is awesome, I appreciate your good works, I would like to be a Prayer partner in your ministry, Knitting of International Churches in the Body of Christ - through - Praying,Interceeding,Uplifting One another in unity,sharing and caring for one the Early Church. This is the intention of becoming prayer partner. Please visit our website; for more detail, God Bless With love, Rev.Dr.C.Augustine Joseph, Bangalore , India

, USA - 10/30/06 at 23:32:51 (EST)
My Dear Brother and Sister. Greetings in the name of Lord Jesus Christ. Global Outreach Ministries of Pakistan. E-mail: Cell: +92-0333-6235948
Rev.Pastor Rehmat John
Khanewal, Pu Pakistan - 09/21/06 at 07:16:13 (EST)
Keep offffffffffffffffff
togo, togo - 09/12/06 at 06:39:13 (EST)
May God Bless You! allforyouchristproduction
Overseer Morgan
, ca USA - 09/03/06 at 02:23:00 (EST)
may god bless every soul born
Delhi, India - 07/27/06 at 19:59:58 (EST)
I am a Pastor in Kenya.I have a heart to serve the hurting.I'd like to extend the righthand of fellowship and network with your ministry.
Chris O.Odduor
Nandi Hills, Ke Kenya - 07/19/06 at 14:20:39 (EST)
I need to buy Christian materials for a local pastor in Kitui
Peggy Smith
Huntington Beach, CA USA - 06/05/06 at 22:58:51 (EST)
entry removed because it contained a link
KeyWest, USA - 06/02/06 at 14:40:22 (EST)
entry removed because it contained a link
LA, USA - 06/02/06 at 14:36:51 (EST)
entry removed because it contained a link
..., ... ... - 04/30/06 at 04:51:18 (EST)
"Turn from evil and do good; then you will dwelll in the land forever.Sin will destroy the nations and us too and many war and death are fruit od sin.Help that many may find wonderful salvation ,Jesus Christ and be save,pray for blessed revival soon.Thanks and bless adn hugs.keijo sweden
, sweden - 04/29/06 at 05:56:27 (EST)
Fabulous site.
USA, USA USA - 04/19/06 at 06:10:03 (EST)
I am walter from benin,I keep on praying for my family Ume . I will like to be one of your sponsors for the ministry, Help me to pray over progress of Umeh's family in East East 9ja . May the Good Lord be with You all. 04/15/06
cotonou, be USA - 04/15/06 at 11:04:27 (EST)
calvary greetings to you in the name of jeus christ. sir, i need your help for me to support myself to ghana to spread the gospel of christ to unreached people around ghana. i will be looking forward to hearing from you.
uche igwe
lagos, la nigeria - 04/08/06 at 01:13:13 (EST)
i am pastor and founder of GODS PRESENCE MINISTRIES i am in somebody who is in need of planting his churchers in kenya i will help him to plant and olso overseer
amos waweru
nairobi, ke kenya - 04/03/06 at 03:13:01 (EST)

, USA - 03/27/06 at 05:48:27 (EST)
center, ya africa - 03/14/06 at 13:56:57 (EST)
I will like to be one of your sponsors for the ministry
sean seamus
monrovia, mo liberia - 02/14/06 at 09:29:59 (EST)
I love this site pls keep the work good going, my bros maga dey here guy man no kill work. NNAMDI LASDON.
Nnamdi Oyiz
olodi apapa, LA Nig - 01/20/06 at 08:12:25 (EST)

, USA - 01/01/06 at 07:13:30 (EST)
this page is good so keep it up.
AB, IM USA - 12/02/05 at 08:22:20 (EST)
this page is good so keep it up.
AB, IM USA - 12/02/05 at 08:04:08 (EST)
, USA - 11/15/05 at 18:26:06 (EST)
Hellow am david sabiiti from Uganda. I have read the kind of work you do and felt inspired. Can you sponsor me put up a 2 roomed day care center for the 1-4 children. Thanks David
KL, OH USA - 11/10/05 at 06:59:32 (EST)
, germany - 09/25/05 at 20:43:44 (EST)
Billy - Did you graduate from ETBC in 1960 or 1961? My husband Joe Masterson who is from NYC went there in 1959 and he worked with a Billy Foote whose wife was Winkie.
Harriett Masterson
Oklahoma City, OK USA - 08/06/05 at 15:29:31 (EST)

Arizona, AZ USA - 08/05/05 at 20:56:53 (EST)
This place is very beautiful. Thank you.
Anathema Catcher
Fed Way, WA USA - 08/02/05 at 18:06:33 (EST)
Gives love to others
Gujaranwala, Pakistan - 07/09/05 at 14:39:29 (EST)
I am a Tanzanian citizen,in a baptist church in njombe Iringa.WE need assistant for sturting and plantin new churchers.
Daniel martin
Tanzania, Tanzania - 07/02/05 at 05:15:45 (EST)
Great site! Thanks!
Eugene Bendler
Trenton, NJ USA - 06/01/05 at 11:13:24 (EST)
tUCSON, us USA - 05/27/05 at 14:08:31 (EST)
I am looking for a fundamental, independent Baptist Church in Rock Hill area. My sister just bought a house in Rock Hill and we will be visiting her soon and need a church to attend when we visit.
Sandra Bauwin
Union City, PA USA - 05/01/05 at 13:34:21 (EST)

, USA - 03/05/05 at 06:48:51 (EST)
ACCRA, USA - 02/21/05 at 11:10:31 (EST)

, USA - 02/21/05 at 11:09:33 (EST)
I would like DR. Ronald Schultz to contact me. I am his aunt. I have not seen him or talked to him in years. thanks jan beitzel
Jan Shultz Beitzel
Titusville, fl USA - 02/18/05 at 15:05:38 (EST)
Pray for us as we reach into His Harvest, thanks for your commitment to the Lord.
MArk A. Ainsworth
Anchorage, Ak USA - 02/10/05 at 20:10:34 (EST)
Pray for us as we reach into His Harvest, thanks for your commitment to the Lord.
MArk A. Ainsworth
Anchorage, Ak USA - 02/10/05 at 20:10:32 (EST)
may god bless u
saxon zvina
harare, zimbabwe - 01/10/05 at 03:05:30 (EST)
what a blessing to share in this portion of encouragement for the kingdom. God bless and keep you is our prayer. may God continue to use you for His glory. Pray much for us as well in this portion of the kingdom, that we will be what God intends us to be in these latter days. God Bless!!!!
evangelist tina black
laurel, ms USA - 05/29/04 at 17:14:25 (EST)
God is love so lets love one another
emmanuel adekanye
ibadan, oy nigeria - 05/25/04 at 09:46:52 (EST)

Mary Wilson
Evington, VA USA - 03/19/04 at 13:02:16 (EST)
ACCRA, GH GHANA WEST AFRICA - 03/06/04 at 11:30:30 (EST)
Thanks for the web site. The Lord is doing an awesome job through you on the internet. May God bless your efforts.
Bob Minnie
, VT USA - 02/23/04 at 10:42:14 (EST)
entry removed because it contained a link
Dr. Ronald Shultz
Terrell, TX USA - 01/22/04 at 21:20:54 (EST)
Rua nilo peçanha 1793 bom jardim
Francisco Edno lopes
Mossoró, RN Brasil - 12/31/03 at 09:08:58 (EST)
Just to let you know that I am very proud to be your wife and I thank God every day for you and our ministry.
Right Foote
Lexington, NC USA - 03/18/03 at 13:56:26 (EST)
entry removed because it contained a link
David A. Shortt
, USA - 03/01/03 at 20:22:20 (EST)
I was truly blessed by your website. I bring you greetings from the pastor and members of Harbor Heights Baptist Church. I invite you to stop by and visit our website at
Louis Zingarelli, Jr. - Deacon
Baltimore, MD USA - 02/18/03 at 17:22:14 (EST)
Keep on honoring the word on this site. And the God of the word will bless you... God bless you. Bro. M.Ledford
pastor Mark Ledford
versailles, Mo USA - 02/01/03 at 23:53:18 (EST)
entry removed because it contained a link
JAMESTOWN, NC USA - 12/30/02 at 09:48:42 (EST)
entry removed because it contained a link
df ()
, USA - 11/16/02 at 11:21:17 (EST)
entry removed because it contained a link
Manassas, VA USA - 11/13/02 at 08:38:27 (EST)
Very nice website. wonderful music! God Bless.
Nancy Russell
Canyon Country, CA USA - 09/30/02 at 19:16:09 (EST)
Christ, how many of you peope are there? TOO MANY!
Norwich, England - 09/10/02 at 05:00:32 (EST)
Building up the kingdom of god is what it is all about. Keep lifting up Jesus.
Bro. Robert L. Kitchin
High Shoals, NC USA - 08/31/02 at 21:36:39 (EST)
entry removed because it contained a link
Rev. Andre' L. MccGuire
Rahway, NJ USA - 07/17/02 at 08:30:32 (EST)
God bless you from the Oak Ridge Missionary Baptist Church in New Hebron, Mississippi. I say your web site address on Greater Mt Olive M.B. Church web site. Visit our site at
Roderick Simmons
Jackson, Ms USA - 07/10/02 at 21:42:48 (EST)
entry removed because it contained a link
Jerry [ Heart to Heart ]
Cleveland, OH USA - 05/24/02 at 16:05:01 (EST)
I love your site. I am a member of Kaala View Baptist Chapel in Waianae, Hawaii. Thank you for signing our guestbook. May the Lord continue to fill your church with many blessings. Take care and God bless.
Alex K. Rapez
Waianae, HI United States - 05/19/02 at 13:50:22 (EST)
entry removed because it contained a link
Michael A. Martin
Williamston, NC USA - 05/17/02 at 21:31:30 (EST)
entry removed because it contained a link
..., ... ... - 06/08/06 at 21:07:26 (EST)
What a lovely site. Bless your heart and give all the glory to God. Come to the Temple and view poems in his honor. Blessings and Miracles to you and your mission. Dee
Temple of Faith
, Oh USA - 05/12/02 at 00:44:47 (EST)
entry removed because it contained a link
Larry Rymer ()
Cleveland, tn USA - 05/09/02 at 16:22:26 (EST)
entry removed because it contained a link
Robin Brace
, UK - 05/06/02 at 13:46:18 (EST)
Great site as a testimony of God's goodness and Grace. Please keep us in prayer for direction and finances for a retreat center God is leading us to encourage the body of Christ. Site is
Pastor Eric
Penns Grove, NJ USA - 05/03/02 at 11:27:03 (EST)
Great site for the Lord. Praise be to God! Please visit us
Tom & Barb
Raymond, NH USA - 04/08/02 at 22:43:06 (EST)
entry removed because it contained a link
, tx USA - 04/04/02 at 20:17:18 (EST)
FEET: Thats Billy & Steph. Thanks so much for the prayer request for my parents. Your website is great. Ill be praying for your ministry & if you need help let me know....Love ya Ron
Ron Zudonyi
Lexington, NC USA - 04/02/02 at 08:26:16 (EST)
I enjoyed looking at "our" site! Although I would like to see more pictures of me (ha,ha). Know that while you are gone I will be praying for you and Mom. I love you both!
Lexington, NC USA - 03/29/02 at 20:23:32 (EST)
entry removed because it contained a link
Pastor Ron Roddey
Rock Hill, SC USA - 03/26/02 at 22:36:07 (EST)
Great Web Site, Hope everything is going great for you and your family.
Tim Parker
Mtn. City, TN USA - 03/20/02 at 10:16:26 (EST)
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