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Faith Baptist Church of Palmer, MA FBC & FBCA News

Welcome to our news page. Check below for news about Faith Baptist Church and Christian Academy. We will also feature other news and thoughts, so please check back.
FBCA begins it's 37th year
FBCA Eagle camp begins today. A new school year.
Spring Evangelistic Meetings
Our Spring Evangelistic meetings - we will be ministered to by Barry Webb. Barry is the son of Hal Webb who had spoken at our church in years past. Please join us for these meetings April 15-20.
C-Club 2006-2007 begins
9/22/06 Christian Character Club begins for those in K4 up to 6th grade. It is our friday night program for children. Join us and have a fun time.
FBCA ends 2004-2005 School Year
We had a great school year. We had 1 Senior who graduated June 3, 2005. We had an increase in enrollment and expect more students next year. Have a great summer!
FBCA plays NEBA for MACS tournament championship
February, 2005...The FBCA Boys (3rd seed) played NEBA (1st seed) in the championship game of the MACS Tournament. This was the 1st time FBCA had played in the championship game since 1986. They played well and were only down by 9 points at the half, but were majorly outscored in the 2nd half by a very pressing defense. Throughout the tournament, they showed their Christian Character and they won the Christian Character Award for the tournament. Congratulations to the boys for a great year.
FBCA to begin August 24, 2004
FBCA is beginning it's 33rd year of providing a quality, Christ centered education for our children. If you are interested in a Christian education for your child[ren], please contact FBCA for more information.
Welcome Steve Gibb, Pastor of a church in Cairnes, Australia [formerly of Monson, MA]
August 15, 2004 Today we welcome Steve Gibb, formerly of Monson, to the pulpit. He was a missionary to Australia. He now has a church in Cairnes, Australia.
Vacation Bible Time August 8 - 12
Who: Children in grades K - 8 What: Vacation Bible Time Purpose: Learn about God and our Savior and to have f-u-n!
2004 Spring Evangelistic Meetings
The 2004 Spring Evangelistic Meetings will be starting on Sunday,April 25 and continue until Fri. April 30.
MACS Basketball Tournament 2004
Faith Baptist had the privilege of hosting the Massachusetts Association of Christian Schools 2004 Basketball Tournament. Our girls had to play in a playoff game 2 days before the tournament...which they won in overtime. In the tournament, they had a tough road to follow. They ended up losing both games, but played hard. The boys played against the 2nd place team in the 1st game. They also played hard, but lost. In the consolation game, they won handily. All in all, it was a great season for them. Thanks to the team for playing hard..."All for the glory of God"!
2003 Christmas at FBC
The Christmas programs at FBC & FBCA were great, glorifying our Lord Jesus Christ as he was born to die for our sins. Thanks to all who participated in the Christmas programs. Today, why not accept Jesus as your personal Savior.
2003 Annual Missions Conference
The Missions conference is a highlight of the year at Faith Baptist Church. We had missionaries from Guam, Chick & Renee Atkins, and their Ministry of Helps. We also had the Matthews Family, Keith, Sharon & children, missionaries to Japan. The 3rd was the Dunphy Family, Len, Beth & children, missionaries to Zambia. Their email addresses are on the missionary page. Each of the missionaries brought challenges to each of us. Thanks to each of you for challenging us from The Bible, God's Word.
C-Club begins
9/26/03 Christian Character Club has begun for those in K4 up to 6th grade. It is our friday night program for children. Join us and have a fun time.
FBCA has started. We are a bit smaller than last year. Our students get a great education, Bible centered. If you would like more information about our academy, please call 413-283-7560.
6/22/03 Bibles International
We had a visit from Bible International Director, Rev. P. Hantz Bernard. He showed us a wonderful powerpoint presentation about the ministry, as well as a video. The day was very informative. It is nice to see what we support with our missions offerings. Thank you Hantz for a great day. And may God richly bless Bible International.
FBCA Graduation 2003
June 6, 2003 My how time flies. It is already Graduation Day at FBCA. This year we have 2 graduates. Our Valedictorian has a GPA of 3.97 for his 4 years of school. What an accomplishment. This class might be small, but they were academically oriented.
Our new sign 2
The new sign is now temporarily lighted. It is very brite. Stop by to see it and come visit with us in one of our services, Sunday 9:30, 10:45 a.m., 6:00 p.m. Wednesday 7:00 p.m.
Our New Lighted Sign
04/27/03 8:15 am Our new sign has been installed. Yesterday had it's 1st information on it. It says, WELCOME SUNDAY WARE 7AM M PACT 15 8 1230 4 830 Then 1 side says John 316, the other ACTS 1631. We have no colon yet. We will be making up new slide-in strips to enable quick change of information.
Melodies of Faith
3/9/03 This is the 3rd program that Pastor has done on WARE 1250 AM. He is now doing the program without an engineer. It is a wonderful program. We hope that if you are in the area that you will tune in at 7:00 each Sunday morning for "Melodies of Faith".
FBCA Sports Banquet 3/1/03
The FBCA Sports Banquet was held at FBC Mrch 1, 2003. It started with delicious food, prepared by the families of the children. It then went into the awards program. A great time was had by all those attending.
FBCA Boy's Basketball Season ends on high note
The FBCA Boy's Basketball season 2003 has ended. It ended with a win in the MACS Tournament. The boy's played a super game. They kept their focus, as well as their testamony for Christ. They were also the recipiants of the Christian Character Award, which is the most important award. Way to go guys!
FBCA Christmas Program
The FBCA Christmas program was held on December 13, 2002. What a great way to let the world know about our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ. If you'd like to see it, and are in the Palmer/Monson, MA area, tune in on Christmas Day to M-PACT channel 15 all day. It will be repeated on the channel.
Grace, Mercy & Peace
Right now we are in the middle of a series on Grace, Mercy & Peace. Come join us for the last in the exciting series next Sunday, 11/17/02 at 10:45 a.m.
Fall Work Day 2002
The Board of Trustees would like to thank all who helped in getting ready for winter at FBC.
C-Club has started
Our education building has been repaired. C-Club has now started. Join us each Friday at 6:30 p.m. for C-Club, for those in K-4 up to and including 6th grade.
FBCA Soccer & Volleyball
The FBCA Soccer and Volleyball seasons are over. Even though they did not win the championships, they all played their hardest. The Soccer team received the Christian Character Award. They never gave up. Thanks for a great year!
2002 Missions Conference
10/13/02 What a great missions conference. We have been challenged. We know that we all are not called to the field, but we can still ahve a part in missions. Thanks to the missionaries and their families for a great missions conference. You can write to them by going to our missionary page and looking under 2002 Missions Conference. Just click on each name to email them.
10/5/02 Why hasn't C-Club Started this year?
Why hasn't C-Club started? Well, I'll tell you. We had a water cooler burst and put up to 3" of water on the floor. This then developed into mold inside the walls. We had to have all of the mold removed. We are currently putting the building back together, which should be within the next 2 weeks. Please check back for more updates.
FBC Spring Evangelistic Meetings
Wow...what a week of meetings just concluded this evening. The challenges from God's Word, great teaching, great music. It was a great week. You can catch it all on M-PACT off and on through hte next couple of months...time availability permitting!
Spring Evangelistic Meetings 2002
Mike Schrock has been as vibrant as ever...trumpet playing, jumping, just on fire for the Word of God. Join us today through Friday at 7:00 p.m. for more of his vibrant preaching.
2002 Spring evangelistic meetings
4/28/02 Today marks the start of our Spring Evangelistic Meetings. Mike Schrock will be the visiting evangelist. He is very vibrant. He brings forth the Word of God in a way everyone can understand. Visit us today or at 7:00 p.m. each weekday evening.
FBCA Senior Banquet is now history for 2002
4/27/02 The FBCA senior banquet was held today in Stafford Springs. The food was great. The last will and testaments were great. As well as the fellowship. The banquet is open to all those in senior high.
Chick & Renee Atkins visit FBC 3/10/02
Sunday, 3/10/02 we welcomed Chick & Renee Atkins to minister to us. What a blessing they were to hear of their work in Yap. And to hear of their next opportunity to minister in Guam. Their presentation was very informative. It shows how other nations have different customs that we do not even know about. We thank you for your ministry. Psalm 33:11
FBCA Sports Banquet 2002
03/03/02 We had a great time last evening at the FBCA sports banquet...plenty of good food, fine fellowship, and a great time to honor the students for their athletic accomplishments. We had volleyball, soccer and basketball awards. We thank the students for giving it their all in every game. Even though they are not at the top of the standings, they are a great example of Christian Character. Thanks to each students.
Carpet in the Sanctuary
03/02/02 The last of the carpeting has been installed in the sanctuary. We had a great group to remove and then reinstall the pews and other items. The pews took about 20 minutes to remove. They only took 1:15 minutes to reinstall. I speak for the trustees in thanking each one who helped in this gigantic task. As it is said, "many hands make light work." How true. Thanks to all who helped.
New tapes in the Library available for use.
February, 2002 We now have new Reflections tapes in the church library. If you would like to view the previous programs, please check them out. I will keep you informed when I put more programs into the library.
A question for you!
2/25/02 The question we raise to you today is, 'Do you know Jesus Christ as your personal savior?' Why not make this year a time of rejoicing by receiving our Lord Jesus Christ into your heart. John 3:16 says, "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten son; that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life." Why not take God at his word, and accept him today. Have a great year 2002. BLU Webmaster
Reflecting on Reflections
January 20,2002 I am sitting here at my computer this morning, listening to our Reflections broadcast. Today marks the 2 year anniversary of Reflections. How far we have come in that 2 years...God is good to us. He has blessed us at Faith Baptist beyond all measure. And we thank him for all the blessings. Reflections and Look & Live contain the seeds that you need to assure you of a place in Heaven. I pray that anyone who watches Reflections and Look & Live would take each of the messages to heart.
Girl's & Boys Basketball against Baptist Village
1/20/02 A great crowd turned out last night to watch the girl's and boy's basketball games with Baptist Village. Our teams played very hard. With our small school, we were undermanned and both games ended on the losing side. The Christ-like testimony of our Academy teams is commendable. It's always nice to win. But it takes a special group to be gracious in losing. Keep your testimony. Thank you for a hard fought game.
A great year 2002
1/18/02 Welcome to 2002. We haven't had much in the way of snow or really cold weather as of today. God has been good to us. He guides and protects us each and every day. Thank be to God for his mercies toward us.
Home basketball games against Bible Baptist of West Springfield
1/5/02 A new year - our 1st home game of the season. This was only the 2nd game of the season. It started out with the girl's game. Our girls played very well. But in the end, BBA played a very hard game. FBCA girls can build on the good points. It was a hard fought battle. They only lost by 2 points. The FBCA boys did better. It was a nip and tuck game going into the final 6 minutes. The FBCA boys won the game. It was a great game. The crowd from both schools cheered on their respective teams. BBA always bring along a great crowd. Thanks to both schools for a great night.
Christmas thoughts
December, 2001 In this Christmas season, please remember that Jesus is the reason for the season. Praise God for all of his many blessing that he has given us.
Blessings, Blessings, Blessings!
November, 2001 Our Lord is wonderful. We have recently had many, many blessings from our Lord. Please visit with us soon! A warm welcome awaits you!
A tape series on evolution in Bible School
10/18/01 Each Sunday at 9:30, we have a new program for Bible School. It is a video series on evolution. Join us for this exciting series at Faith Baptist.
2001 Missionary Conference
10/15/01 We just completed our annual Missionary Conference. We had a great group of missionaries with us for the 6 services. Each missionary brought great challenges to each of us, as well as a slide presentation of the work in the areas where they are going. We also had a record amount pledged through our Faith Promise for Missions.
Bob Jones Drama Team - Truth in Action
10/4/01 The Truth In Action Drama Team from Bob Jones University visited with us today. We thank them for their program. A video of the program was done, and will air on M-PACT sometime soon. Please check the calendar for more details.
9/11 terrorist action
9/11/01 What tragedy today with the airplanes flying into the WTC and the Pentagon. and lest we forget the heroes on the airplane that crashed in PA. If not for that, what would it have been, The White House, The Capitol, Air Force 1?? We need to continue to pray for our Nation, Our President, Our service men and women, and for those who lost loved ones, friends and acquaintences in these horrific acts of terrorism.
Eagle Camp for FBCA year 2001-2002
8/25/01 FBCA Eagle Camp Eagle camp was held this past Thursday and Friday. This gives the students in the Jr. High and High School to get acquainted and form a special bond between them. This year it was held at the Thresher and Warde homes. The Johnson's did a magnificent job [as always] of keeping the students fed [with food]. And Mike Schrock fed them Spiritually with the Word of God. Practice was held for the fall sports of girl's volleyball and boy's soccer. If you are interested in enrolling a student, it is never too late. You will find that it is the best investment into your children's future that you can make. Please consider FBCA for your children. We have a full complement of classes for those in grades K4 through 12. Please call (413) 283-7560 for more information.

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