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Right Choice
These photos will make you sick.
I hope they make you sick enough to help put an end to this murder.
When you see these photos, you will know in your heart that abortion IS MURDER!
You will know that it is not a matter of a woman's choice to choose to kill her unborn. It is so simple. Look at these poor little ones and tell me they deserved to die. To be ripped apart, burned to death with salt, and even worse.
What has this world become, when it's so easy to kill babies.
We know Hitler was a monster, what are we? We sit by while babies all over the world are murdered every day.

This poor little one was a victim of partial birth abortion. God Bless your little soul.

This poor little murdered baby is being re-assembled to make sure the abortionist didn't leave any part of it in the mother.

This was a first trimester baby killed by a suction abortion.

Abortion by hystomony. This baby was sucking it's little thumb while it was being murdered. Imagine the pain he felt. Tell me, do you still think he was just "tissue"?

Abortion by saline.

Death by salt poison. You know, if the prison system tried to execute a murderer in the same manner the abortionist killed this poor innocent baby, we would all be up in arms because of the cruelty of it all. Ironic isn't it!

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