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Modern Miracles
Hello dear friends....
I'd like to share my Miracles & Testamony with you. This is from a letter I sent to an online pastor . .Praise the Lord ! He Is So Good !

I'm sorry brotherTom maybe i was a miss in my former message of not mentioning my age . . . so i will explain a little more now. . .As a child actually a baby I was dedcated to the Faith Reformed Church, then as a teenager I was baptized in a Baptist church,as a young adult I was introduced and baptized into the COJCOLS (Mormonism)(which ended very abrutly when they sent me a tithing bill I might add) and . . .that was it until when I was 33 yrs old and I had gotten to the point that I really needed a purpose back in my life, times seemed really tough and It seemed like I was going nowhere, so, one wednesday night I hopped on the church bus with my two little girls and asked "do you let adults ride this "Joy Bus" too? So away we went off to the Church of Christ building singing "I've Been Reedemed!" why you could hear us comin half a mile away! You probably can almost guess what happened next....right! I thought I would drive that "Joy Bus" with those 70 kids straight up to heaven ! But of course this didn't happen untill I was rushed to the church building in the middle of the night to be baptized after which for several days I walked around in and intellectual cloud that I was "saved " because as their doctorine teaches .... Believe ( I believed there was a God but so does Satan!), and be baptized (I was fully immersed for the remission of my sins several times infact!) and thou shall be saved ! Well this almost cost me my marriage until I was able to talk my wife into going over to the church in the middle of the night and be baptized as was well. And we Became quote very good "Christians?" Yes we were there Wednesday nights and Twice on Sundays , watching our watches and daring the preacher to go one minute past straight up 12:00 hour.But we were good Christians. . . . . Sometimes we might even give and extra hard to come by spare dollar . . .but we would suffer without it because thats what the good book said to do ! Yes , we had a form of Godleness but denied the powers thereof. I knew the BIBLE I had studied it every chance I got ,when hockey or football or music or jobs or anything else didn't interfere.... Life was as usual Mon Through Sat but Sun was the Lords.... for an hour or two. Well of course Satan moved in with us during the week until we could not even get rid of him on Sunday ! Oh we will go on Sundays "but we are so tired and busy on Wednesdays Lord "' then it was "oh but we go on Sunday mornings and still you want Sunday nights , Lord the Superbowl is on tonight! " so I watched the Superbowl or some garbage on TV that my wife didn't like so she took the kids and kept going Sunday Nights. And her bible was precious to her, it was beautiful..hardly a wrinkled page, oh no you don't mess with moms Pride and Joy " Her Bible" needless to say soon her trips over to the Church of Christ building grew less and less (it was so far to drive that 8 miles to town).....Soon we would go no more . . . at first the Elders would come to see us but soon they would "give up" and we were kicked out of "The Lords Church !" funny. . .I didn't know some Elders had that kind of power. . . . So we didn't always feel good about it but we couldn't go back there after all we were no longer a member of Christ's Church ! So we started searching.... we would find a New Church, since we can no longer be a member of the Church of Christ we will find a loving and caring church and we would need more power more time in worship more vitality.We need instruments, more songs,more praise,and more prayer. . .ah ha ...this guy on the radio beckoned us . . .come to "Westshore Christian Fellowship" , thats what we needed. At first we felt very strange there we had not heard an instrument used in worship in over 5 yrs . . . and the meeting was in a building nothing like the traditional one we were accoustomed to. . . . and it would last for 4 hours at a time . . .no matter. . . .this is what we needed ! For many Sundays we sat there, much more tolerant of the necessary processes of learning about Jesus . . . . and even learning to tolerate the egnormic utterances of this "Holy Ghost" for we knew not of the Holy Spirit neither and his power and workings. Oh we had read the same verses at the Church of Christ building, but those things were of a former time for certain people and now have all but passed away. . . .with still NO REAL Power of the Lord Jesus Christ in our lives . . . we soon fell into the bonds of the prince and powers of this world and fell . . . and fell. . . and fell until I had no conviction of sin in my life and at the most thought of him as God "understands me". . . .he knows I am of the flesh and so since I've been baptized all those times "I Must Be Saved Through All Time And Eternity". . . .right? I rationalized . .. . I don't need to go to a church building, after all we go to mother nature each Sunday and see Gods great creations . . . and I was right back where I was years ago "We believe there is a God " . . . . . . Fast forward twenty years of times of mostly strife . . . times were so tough that if I were not such a coward I may have took my own life but since that would "Hurt" sometimes I just wished I could just disappear (whatever that ment) but we got thru it the kids grew and things got fairly comfortable for us. . . Why my wife even became bareable to live with in her later years . . .Life was fairly good . . . even tough I had been abrutly fired from a job I had been working at for twenty years (not my fault of course, just because I stayed up all night watching and listening to some of the most vile things Satan could think of and go to work late after many times 4 hrs of sleep or less for ten years) could that be why? But we survied, and with the help of my daughter we were able buy almost our first home( we had purchased a new one with a GI loan when we first were married but soon reality set in after we lived on only soup for about a year until we could no longer do it and just walked away from it) the house we have now needed lots of work but I now had plenty of time and we lived off our small $10,000 savings for a year and remodeled a realators treasure ( its worth maybe $25,000 even now) but it was "home" my wife is so happy to have our own home after renting for almost 30 years! Things were rolling along pretty good again. . . . until the Lord "set us up" on that day Sept 5, 2000 ....I was now 55 yrs old see when ever I've done anything I've always done it to the fullest. . .thats why now have over 700 video tapes that were filled with Radio & TV programs of Howard Stern and every other degenerate person or action that was ever on TV or Movies. I Had It All ! . . .but the funny thing is I always needed more! more! more! thats the way all addictions are . . . why even my computer was filled with every vile thing I could get my hands on. . . .but nothing satisfied for long ...I always needed MORE! So on this fateful day I thought I needed some more video tape (over 700 and I needed more!) I knew where I could probably pick some up for $1.00 a piece so I scraped up $10.00 and headed for my favorite cut-rate store . . .$10 was 10 tapes . .no income , no job. . .and i'm buying more tapes ! . . . anyway when I got to the store near the tapes I spotted some CD disc's that in of a brand the only kind I had ever found that would work well on my cd player (cd-rw's or re-writeables for my computer) there was a whole stack, and they were cheap! So I calculated. . . .They would cost about $50. . . . I had only ten so I grabbed 9 video tapes and hurried home to ask my wife just how much we had left in the checkbook . . . $ 49 . . ."Darn" or someting like that I said, " We can't run the checking account that low " . . . so I had to find another way I HAD TO HAVE THOSE CD"S after all I may never see one of that brand again! Then a brilliant idea " Bottles!" we always had plenty of those around since my wife has always practically been a coke-aholic If I take $25 out of checking and I can get $25 out of the bottles and cans . .. I've got those CDS! I packed the bottles and headed for the store. . . and when I got there I grabbed a shopping cart opened the trunk and started to load it up . . . I started to put some bottles in that top of the cart( that seat where the kids ride) but the thing would not stay open because it was spring loaded and that kept closing it ! So I just started throwing them into the regular big basket. . .I had it about half full when I happened to look up and I saw something in THAT TOP SEAT under some bottles, it looked like a blue wallet-folder. or something...instantly I knew I had to Get to it. . . so quickly I pushed the cart up by the car door reached under some bottles grabbed the mystery folder and stuck it under the car seat . . . I guess my only thought was WOW maybe there was some money in it and I could get my CDS get some more video tapes and even take the wife out to dinner ! I hope nobody saw me though . . . very quickly and so nervously I took the half cart of bottles into the store. . . I have to get back out there and see what kind of treasure I had found ! All kinds of things ran through my mind but after I took the bottles out of the cart I had one last thought . . . the top seat . . . how could anything be in that spring-loaded top seat . . . I pulled it out . . .and it stayed right where I left it. . . no spring load . . . I was almost begining to feel sick. . .Whats going on here?. . . but I didn't have much time to think about it now . . . I got my $10 and ran to the car . . . I quickly drove away, I remember almost feeling like a crimminal I drove across the street into a parking area behind a store. . . I could hardly wait. . . half fearful and half filled with the expectation of the "booty" I had found. I reached under the seat for the wallet or whatever it was. It was a day planner and as I opened it. I could not believe it.There I was,convicted in my heart, as I read scripture . . . passage after passage of verses written down as if they were ear-marked for me, And even one page of Gods holy word that had been ripped from the pages of a bible. . . . I felt faint. . . Oh Lord forgive me I thought . . . You ARE real. . .You LIVE ! Tears filled my eyes as I read on. . . . But whose book is this? I searched on near the back in a pocket . . . Green Bills. . . $139 to be exact . . .now I knew I must find the owner so I looked for more information. . . meeting schedules, papers, notes, bills, and a bank deposit statement from 3 days ago from some town in Tennessee! How did this get up here in Michigan from Tennessee? Then i found a name and phone number from a church there . I raced home nevous confused and doubting if any of this really had happened ? Was I dreaming? I told my wife what had happened. She believed me but only because she knows me as a "no-nonsense" guy. She knows if i said it . . .it was so! Well she agreed. . .we must find the owner of that prayer book planner. We called the number in Tennessee a woman answerd and said she knew the man by that name but he was not there. How will we find him? Nothing else we could do . . . That night I got down on my knees before the Lord not in a Baptismal again, but on my basement floor where I repented & I felt the Holy Spirit come into my heart and I was made into a new man, reborn of the spirit, totally cleasend and pure before my Father in heaven! The next day I went back to the store and asked them if anybody had inquired of the lost prayer planner . . .nope the lady said...but you can just leave it here and see if someone comes back for it? I declined her offer. Then I might never no of this man The mighty God had used to show me the crossing of the spiritial and the material world, but I did leave my phone number and by the time I got home my wife had a phone call waiting for me " This is the Pastor . . .from the church in Tennessee. . .i've been here in Muskegon because one of my relatives went to be with the Lord and after attending the funeral we were going to stay a few days for a mini vacation here. But we are now out of money and will have to return home prematuerly""Oh no" , I said "your $139 is safe . . .right here . . . Can you come after it ?" Yes i'm just in the Muskegon Heights Area,Be there in 10 minutes. He arrived in 10 minutes. He was a black man, which I had surmized already from the area of the city he was visiting. I invited him in to my house and as me and my brother in Christ had coffee, I told him of the miracle he had been a part of . "Oh thats wonderful. . .God does work in wonderous ways!" He said it didn't even matter if the money was gone or not "God has redeemed your soul. . . . brother!", he said.Then I just had to ask him" that shopping cart you used the other day pastor do you remember a spring loaded top seat on that cart ?" He assured me he knew nothing of such or had never even seen a cart like I described. (I had already asked the store clerk after and extensive search for such and annomoly and he to assured me they had no such animal. . . . hmmmmmmm) So I got him his prayer planner he didn't even look at the money , he just reached into his own pocket and pulled out a $50 bill and said , "The Lord wants you to have this" So I gratiously accepted his gift(I gave it back to the Lord on Sunday) and bid him God speed and a safe trip back down South. But then as he left he said he was soon going to preach a sermon about this great miracle and that when he did he would send me a tape of it. I said, " Pastor stop back over anytime you get back in town " He assured me he would. . . .And the strangest part of it all is that if I had looked closer at those CDs I thought, I needed so badly, I would have seen that they were only CD-R's, no bargain I wouldn't even have wanted them !... and I would have still been on the low road to HELL. . . Praise Be the Lord God Almighty! From that time on my life was filled with miracles, healings, and evergrowing Love for my Lord and savior, But thats another chapter in my book. The point is I am now 55 yrs old , you would see that I have set out boxes around the shop I work and collect the donated bottles and cans every night.
to send to the needy around the world
Anyway after that miracle encouter,I thought I needed to get back in a Church so I called my old Church of Christ"
which now had a new preacher, so I had questions and was confused about where to go next it was then that I became w very distuberd by the preacher who turned me away in my time of deep dispair because he had to start on his weekly week-end vacation ...immediatly What would one more hour have ment . . . . It could have ment we would have stayed a member of his church (We now attend the Norton Shores Gospel Tabernacle) , 4 months later . . .he called me and NOW he wanted to talk. . . .To late for him, but not for me . .I am very happy and filled with the Lords "comforter" as never be for. But think what could have happened. . .Oh yes never forget preachers to tend your flock . . . it is sooooooooooooo important to the Lord's work. . .. and his straying sheep. We actually had found that Pentacostal
Tabernacle quiteby accident (not really... there really are accidents, he is always in control)
but the strange thing about that is that I did go back to
the old Church Of Christ where we started time...
where i saw the guy that had originally lead me to my Baptism.... "Bill" .But he was not looking like himself anymore and had fell into all forms of wordly things....but he said that meeting is what caused him to HAVE to contact me again
He said he could barely stand to face me....but God was not done whith us yet yet.....I moved on to another Church still searchig for something I just could not find....well it turns out that old Church Of Christ congregatoin had split up and several of their old members ended up at the VINYARD Church where i now attened ...but not Bill but one of the kids dads who new him and he gave me the info to contac Bill again because he said he wanted to see me...
Well, turns out Bill's young daughter had a bout with cancer and so he pleaded with God for her health and then came back into felllowship with him. So when i went to see him I found him at his Torah Keepers group....and I learned a WHOLE NEW WAY of thinking about just who Yahweh Is his son Yeshua and what the WHOLE bible means. What the Church and What Yahweh wants from us ..... Everything ! I have now found the truth but it has been a very crooked path to get here ....and if even one of these thibgs hadnot happened exactly the way they did....I would not be here today!
Praise Yahweh who is absolutely in control of all! Friend Tell somebody about him Today ! Yahweh Bless You !
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