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I really enjoy the inspirations on your website. I am now a regular churchgoer and on april 25 i am going to be baptized. I am happy i am giving my life to the lord.
sharda graham
cuddebackville, ny usa - 04/11/10 at 14:08:11 (EST)

, USA - 01/19/07 at 15:43:29 (EST)
Shalom in Jesus name, Your website is awesome, I appreciate your good works, I would like to be a Prayer partner in your ministry, Knitting of International Churches in the Body of Christ - through - Praying,Interceeding,Uplifting One another in unity,sharing and caring for one the Early Church. This is the intention of becoming prayer partner. Please visit our website; for more detail, God Bless With love, Rev.Dr.C.Augustine Joseph, Bangalore , India

, USA - 12/05/06 at 03:25:20 (EST)
Hi glad to meet you
Orland, Ca USA - 05/21/06 at 17:41:00 (EST)
Wonderful and very usful topics.. blessings to you
, USA - 05/20/06 at 14:17:54 (EST)
Dhonnie Trinidad
scarborugh, ont, on canada - 01/01/06 at 18:28:05 (EST)
AMEN. This is a very wonderful site. I was having some terrible moods. Your website is very short & sweet, I can easily browse through the simple sentences. I was just happened to be browsing the website and I found yours. I am feeling so much better now. Thank you. I am hoping my MOMMY will recover from her arthritis. Hope that she will know that we really care for her. Hope that she will be more understanding towards us(My Daddy, Grandma, sister). Hope she will be more matured in thinking..... agape serene
Singapore, SG Singapore - 07/24/05 at 01:45:49 (EST)
I just wanted to say that your site is such a blssing to me and to then find out that your are from Charleston W.Va...that is very cool my daddy was born and now is buried in Milton I was born in Akron Oh moved to Tx when I was 16 I am now almost 40. I spent most of me growing up time in West Va...I love it there. I am very anxious to learn the Bible better...I have problems with just sitting down and reading it from cover to cover...I am not a history buff and struggle with the Old testiment. anyways just wanted to say Hi and God Bless. Beth
Alvaraod, Tx USA - 04/04/05 at 23:45:05 (EST)
great website
belfast, northernireland - 10/07/04 at 17:23:02 (EST)

Scarborugh ont, on canada - 09/12/04 at 15:06:36 (EST)
I have really enjoyed you web site it is so rare to find them like this. So thank you for having one.
Vanessa Wilks
Post, Tx USA - 08/04/04 at 01:40:56 (EST)
I just wanted to say i love your website and it sure is a blessing to many who come across it and I would also like to add that I was saved on June 22 2003 and my favorite scripture is. Psalms 91. Godbless and take care! your Sister in Christ Jesus. Janet DeHart
Woodlyn, pa USA - 06/10/04 at 16:11:56 (EST)
I love your webpage so much and I am so glad you got baptised and gave your heart to the LORD. My prayer is that everyone may find Christ and whoever comes across this website might come closer to Him. Heres a scripture for you that I found..."Every word of GOD is pure: he is a shield unto them that put their trust in him." -Proverbs 30:5 Maybe you should just read the whole chapter, it is so powerful, and very deep. Well I hope to hear from you soon, aloha and thank you for sharing this website with the world and trying to share the gospel and good news (God is coming soon)...Maranatha, ~Terann Pavao~
Terann Pavao
Waianae, HI USA - 04/16/04 at 15:31:06 (EST)
Aloha from Hawaii...Hi my name is Terann. I am 17 years old and live on the island of Oahu. I came across your webpage and like it. I am also desiring to get baptised. Oh just to let you know, you made a little mistake under "Greatest thoughts & Selected Readings", you had a scripture under "Bravery" says it is from John 1:12, but that is not right. I just wanted to let you know so that you could fix it. :) But anyways, I am a Christian (7th Day Adventist) and I would love for you to e-mail me and encourage me from time to time, I need godly counselors, especially during the week, please respond to me. Thank you and I really enjoyed your webpage, May GOD be with you always, ~Terann Pavao~
Terann Pavao
Waianae, HI USA - 04/16/04 at 15:20:07 (EST)
Hi Christina, I appreciated your story and wanted to share a scripture verse with you that's been meaningful for me. "It's in Christ that we find out who we are and what we are living for. Long ago we first heard of Christ and got our hopes up, He had his eye on us, had designs on us for glorious living, part of the overall purpose He is working out in everything and everyone." Eph. 1:11
Yorkton, Sk Canada - 04/09/04 at 04:26:58 (EST)

Dhonnie Trinidad
Scarbough ont, on canada - 04/04/04 at 15:26:35 (EST)
Wonderful website Christina!!!!! Thank you so much for the help and love. God bless.
Phoenix, Az USA - 01/21/04 at 16:40:56 (EST)
<P align=center><B>"Yea, HE is altogether lovely."</B></P> <P align=center><I>It is good to chew the cud by Meditation. The sweetness and fatness of Divine Truth will then come to your soul. You will burst forth with such rapturous expressions as, </I><B>"Yea, HE is altogether lovely."</B> <P align=center><I>Most of you are too busy. You have too much to do in the world. <P align=center>But, what is it all about? Scraping together dust. Loading yourselves with thick clay. <P align=center>O that you were busy after the True Riches. And could step aside awhile to enrich yourselves in Solitude. And make your hearts vigorous by feeding upon the Person and Work of your ever </I><B>Blessed LORD!</B><I> <P align=center>You miss a Heaven below by a too eager pursuit of Earth. You cannot know these Joyful Raptures if Meditation be pushed into a Corner.
Servant of God
, USA - 07/21/03 at 16:53:12 (EST)
Sending much happiness your way and best wishes for a wonderful day! Love, Andrea Special Visits Committee Ladies From Around The Globe
Las Vegas, NV USA - 06/11/03 at 03:59:18 (EST)
Hi Christina, I just wanted to say what a wonderful site you have. The ladies of LFATG and I think you are a very special person, and a great frind. Hugs Helen :=))
Adelaide, SA AUSTRALIA - 06/07/03 at 07:41:11 (EST)
Hi Christina, just stopping by to tell you how special you are to me and to all of LFATG. I am so happy that you made it back to us and that you continue to support our group and share with us in friendship and Global sistership. Thanks for being such a great friend and a wonderful member of Ladies From Around The Globe. Hugs Suzzyque
Suzzyque ()
, Canada - 04/29/03 at 22:42:31 (EST)
I want to welcome you back Sis. Missed you.Welcome back
Wilmington, OH USA - 04/14/03 at 16:05:18 (EST)
Hello! ^-^ Welcome to LFATG. I am so glad that you have decided to join us. Hope that you will have a great time with us ladies. *grinz* Have had a lovely time looking through this place. This is a lovely site
Michelle ()
, - 04/13/03 at 11:50:10 (EST)
Hey ya Christina, Happily waving at ya from sunny Phoenix :) sweetie. I just had to drop by to tell ya how glad I am that your back with us at LFATG. Hope you're having a great weekend. With angel hugz, kisses & friendship...Red
Phoenix, Az USA - 04/13/03 at 11:36:50 (EST)
Welcome to Ladies From Around The Globe! Hope you enjoy your time with us. Love, Andrea Welcoming Committee Ladies From Around The Globe
Las Vegas, NV USA - 04/13/03 at 03:40:13 (EST)
Hi there, Christina, just popping by to say, hi, and welcome to LFATG. I sent you an email but it was returned, don't know why. Email me and I will re-send. This is really a beautiful site. Sending you hugs.......Helen
Adelaide, SA AUSTRALIA - 04/13/03 at 02:44:04 (EST)
I am new to Ladies around the globe hope to get to know you. I enjoyed my visit to your webstie very insperational. Thank you for shaaring a part of you with us on the net.
Las Vegas, NV USA - 04/13/03 at 01:33:26 (EST)
entry removed because it contained a link
Kingsford Heights, IN USA - 04/12/03 at 23:22:16 (EST)
Hi Christina! I thought it was so neat to come across your site with you being in WV. I have lived in Charleston for most of my life. I have discovered it is hard to find good Christian fellowship around here. I will be taking a good look around your site! Feel free to email me ;)
Margaret Knorr
Charleston, WV USA - 11/29/02 at 12:40:57 (EST)
I just wanted to stop by and tell you how much I enjoyed your website. It is truly a breath of fresh air! Have a nice day. Love, ~SweetJean~ cl-special visits committee lfatg
San Antonio, Tx USA - 10/19/02 at 12:28:33 (EST)

, USA - 10/19/02 at 12:26:35 (EST)
entry removed because it contained a link
, IA USA - 09/19/02 at 20:41:40 (EST)
entry removed because it contained a link
, IA USA - 08/27/02 at 21:48:21 (EST)
entry removed because it contained a link
, TN USA - 08/26/02 at 18:00:49 (EST)
i just came to say hello. and got so Comfy. it was very peaceful Visiting your page.. thank you so much for having us.
Longisland, Ny USA - 08/26/02 at 16:55:40 (EST)
Christian Greetings! We're blessed to visit your site. We sincerely appreciate every Christian Witness! We trust that many more will be "touched" by your ministry here on the www! His love and blessings to you, yours and your ministry! Oh...please be sure to visit or visit again, the He Is Able site: ; It's not my personal site, but one I'm REALLY EXCITED ABOUT! THANKS!! ~ Jerry and Joyce [ Heart to Heart ]
Cleveland, OH USA - 08/21/02 at 18:03:13 (EST)
entry removed because it contained a link
Allan Svensson
, Sweden - 08/20/02 at 08:07:22 (EST)
Welcome back to Sisters Forever! Hope you enjoy your time with us. Love, Andrea Sisters Forever Welcoming Committee
Las Vegas, NV USA - 07/27/02 at 11:18:20 (EST)
Welcome to Sisters Forever! I hope you enjoy your stay with us. - T. Maxwell
Tria Maxwell
, El Salvador - 07/26/02 at 14:30:35 (EST)
entry removed because it contained a link
Jose L Rodriguez
Saint Cloud, Fl USA - 07/17/02 at 12:37:07 (EST)
entry removed because it contained a link
Welland, On Canada - 07/15/02 at 23:22:14 (EST)
entry removed because it contained a link
Mark Tross
Lackawaxen,, Pa USA - 04/02/02 at 00:54:34 (EST)
Hello, I would like to invite you to Join a brand new online group for woman. We have many activities in store, committees and friendships to make.We hope that you'll stop by and take a look and maybe even join us.
, NC USA - 03/31/02 at 22:14:10 (EST)
Absolutley loved this web site :) I am a moderator in the Gods Rest Prayer Room 2000 group which you belong to and a fellow West Virginian and brother in Christ :).
Jim Miller
Sistersville, WV USA - 03/28/02 at 11:59:44 (EST)
Just letting you know I dropped in for a visit from Sisters Forever Ring Watchers..Have a good day *Sandy*
*sandy* ()
, USA - 03/21/02 at 08:39:36 (EST)
I love your website: I encourage you to make more pages to the Glory of God. I invite you to my website at and please sign my guestbook before leaving. Your Sister Forever, AUDREY
Audrey Les
EastCoastOf, NJ USA - 03/18/02 at 21:35:44 (EST)
entry removed because it contained a link
Pretoria, South Africa - 02/16/02 at 22:58:18 (EST)
Just wanted to drop in from Sisters Forever and let you know I am thinking about you today.
Heather Anne
Sacramento, CA USA - 01/26/02 at 19:13:10 (EST)
entry removed because it contained a link
, al USA - 01/26/02 at 17:20:21 (EST)
entry removed because it contained a link

, USA - 01/26/02 at 17:19:41 (EST)
entry removed because it contained a link
Louisville, KY USA - 01/26/02 at 17:07:36 (EST)
Hello Christina, I wanted to stop by your website and take a lot around. This is a very inspirational site dedicated to the one true love "Our Lord" and you have put your heart and soul into it. I congratulate you for a job well done.I also want to wish you a very happy birthday filled with love and happiness. May all your dreams come true.<P> Hugs, suzzyque
Welland, On Canada - 01/26/02 at 17:04:31 (EST)
Hi again Christina, well, we heard not all things went so well for the big birthday. sorry hun but know this, you are loved. Happy Birthday again STANDandJOY (SF)
, KS USA - 01/26/02 at 16:59:23 (EST)
Hi, just popped in to visit you a lovely day. Hugs Michelle (Sparkles) Sisters Forever
Michelle ()
, Australia - 01/26/02 at 16:43:56 (EST)
Hi Christina, Just stopped by to wish you a very happy Birthday and to let you know that your *Sisters Forever* love you and are thinking of you .We are all here for you,sis! God bless.You have a wonderful, and inspiring site! love & Hugs, kathy
Phoenix, AZ USA - 01/26/02 at 16:19:18 (EST)
entry removed because it contained a link
, KY USA - 12/31/01 at 18:50:26 (EST)
Hello Christina I just wanted to come by and introduce myself,I'm your Secret Sister for this month,I hope your ready to get spolied.xxxoo Snowbaby
, USA - 12/05/01 at 19:37:54 (EST)
Hello Christina. :) Just stopping by to wish you a wonderful weekend! :) God bless. Sisters Forever! :)
, USA - 12/01/01 at 02:45:52 (EST)
Hi Christina. Wanted to let you know yor Sister called by today:) This is my first visit to your wonderful site. I admire you and all your hard work that has been put into this site. God picked the right lady to spread his word. Hugs Reneedior
, Ehgland - 11/30/01 at 21:25:19 (EST)
entry removed because it contained a link
Cheryl Wheeler
Bremen, Ga USA - 11/30/01 at 10:49:46 (EST)
entry removed because it contained a link
Louisville, KY USA - 11/29/01 at 14:31:24 (EST)
Just dropped by to say "Hello" and wish you a very happy holiday season from Sisters Forever
Silkey Kay
Florida, USA - 11/10/01 at 20:28:46 (EST)
entry removed because it contained a link
, Canada - 11/04/01 at 23:20:21 (EST)
Welcome to Sisters Forever!! I know you are going to love it here. Hugs, Debbie <P><center><a href="A New Mall"><img src="C:My DocumentsSister calling cards/Debbie.jpg" border=0></center></P>
Clarksburg, WV USA - 10/23/01 at 05:45:15 (EST)
Hi Christina, Welcome to Sisters Forever. I'm sure you'll have a great time with the group. Hugs ~Angie~
Yorkshire, England - 10/22/01 at 13:22:01 (EST)
Hi Christina i would like to welcome you to sisters forever,i look forward to meeting you huggs~**kritter~** Assistant Manager Sisters Forever**~ Assistant Leader SFT Comittee**~ Member Welcoming Comittee**~
, Australia - 10/22/01 at 08:09:02 (EST)
Welcome to Sisters Forever,Looking forward to getting to know you better.Hugs sassymom
, Ma USA - 10/21/01 at 18:10:49 (EST)
hi christina, Welcome to Sisters Forever. I hope you are gonna have enjoy being part of this group as much as we all do. Have a wonderfully blessed day. Jolanda
, Holland - 10/21/01 at 14:53:20 (EST)
Christina-Welcome Home my dear, God Bless you for the choice you have made, and for the service you are offering others. Your site is an inspirations to others to be blessed with the same manna from the never ending flow of Our Lord...God bless you and those you touch...robert
robert s breaux
louisiana, USA - 08/24/01 at 12:24:02 (EST)
entry removed because it contained a link
Stanton, Ca USA - 07/23/01 at 16:32:56 (EST)
entry removed because it contained a link
, AR USA - 07/20/01 at 22:07:57 (EST)
Great site ,thank you for sharing with us
Parkersburg, WV USA - 06/14/01 at 14:52:07 (EST)

Pippa Passes , KY USA - 06/08/01 at 07:57:26 (EST)
Great site thank you so much fof your lovely welcome
Sarsh Ponder
Mcminnville, tn USA - 06/04/01 at 23:11:47 (EST)
Great site thank you so much fof your lovely welcom
Sarsh Ponder
Mcminnville, tn USA - 06/04/01 at 23:08:18 (EST)
you have a lovely site. Thank you for inviting me to it!
K Novak
Sparta, WI USA - 06/04/01 at 21:38:15 (EST)
Amazing Site, Absolutely Beautiful... And Thank you for The Nice Welcome to the Ring.. Roxane :)
, CA USA - 05/27/01 at 19:35:22 (EST)
Sorry Christina; I should have said, "Welcome to the NAF(friendship) webring :)
Louisville, KY USA - 05/09/01 at 13:25:52 (EST)
entry removed because it contained a link
Louisville, KY USA - 05/09/01 at 13:23:22 (EST)
entry removed because it contained a link
Bonnie Geddes
Dallas, TX USA - 05/09/01 at 03:34:48 (EST)
You have a nice site here, keep up the good work and welcome to Need A Friend Webring.
Prineton, WV USA - 05/08/01 at 23:06:43 (EST)
You have a beautiful site here Christina. I'm so glad you gave your heart to Jesus! And I'm very proud of the way you are starting off being such a great witness already. Again, welcome to the webring. Love and prayers, Carlyn
Russell Springs, Ky USA - 05/08/01 at 20:24:53 (EST)
entry removed because it contained a link
, OH USA - 05/08/01 at 18:40:47 (EST)
Christina, i am a brother in Christ, and know you dad real well, keep up the good work
tom perry
gastonia, nc USA - 04/17/01 at 09:21:13 (EST)
It is refreshing to see a site that glorifies God...Such a nice dedication... God bless you!
Luella Sebo
E.Stroudsburg, PA USA - 04/04/01 at 21:15:05 (EST)
Wow, this is great, keep up the good work and hopefully the "Goodnews" will be spread even further across world. I pray that each one that looks in on this site will turn their lives over to God if they haven't already. And may each and every one be blessed.
Pam Abbott
Clover, SC USA - 03/20/01 at 18:10:21 (EST)

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