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I quit!!!!! (please read before you jump to conclusions)
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Rolling Hills Baptist Church
I quit!!!!! (please read before you jump to conclusions)
I am so tired of all the fussing that goes on among "brethren". Don't get me wrong, I am not so naive as to think there will not be honest to goodness disagreements among God's people. There will always be those who differ on different issues such as A-Mill vss Pre-mill; Dress; Total Sovereignty vss limited sovereignty (like that even makes sense); qualifications of the ministry; etc, etc. I am not saying that we should not stand for our convictions. I just wished everyone could just get over things when there is a disagreement. I am not so arrogant as to think God could not show me I am wrong on a particular subject. However, until God shows me that I am wrong (in his Word not the court of popular opinion), then I must continue on as I have been lead and taught in His Word.

In the time I have been in the ministry I have found that many brethren who scream the loudest about we need to love one another and give each other liberty are the first ones to try to bully others into holding their position. This has made me to step back and to take a deep breath as I shout to the mountaintops, "I QUIT!!!!!!"

I QUIT!!!!.......

1) Trying to be the Spirit of God for everyone else. God is better at convincing one of error than I am. If God has not done it then I certainly am not better able than he. While I am to preach the truth in love, I must give God room to do His work.

2) Fellowshipping with those who have a negative spirit. If you got a bad spirit I don't want it. I will treat such brethren as if they have H1N1.

3)Pastoring other Churches. I have not the time or energy to straighten out other Churches. I have a hard enough time trying to stay out of the ditch myself and being the example I should be for the flock God has made me overseer of.

4)Worrying about what others think about me. I have a responsibility to serve God and him alone.If I am following "Fully after the Lord" I will not have time to worry what anyone else thinks of me.

5) Putting my own selfish desires before God's plan and purpose for my life. My foremost desire is to honor God in my life.

This is one time I feel great about being a quitter. I hope you will be a quitter too:-)