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Prayer requests
If you have a prayer request, send it to Let me know if the request is for the entire church or for the Wednesday night prayer group.
This prayer request page is no longer accepting new entries.

please pray for my marrige pray that God will convict my wifes heart and she will come back to me
hobert g harmon
christiansburg, va USA - 05/30/10 at 19:24:39 (EST)
please pray for my marrige pray that God will convict my wifes heart and she will come back to me
hobert g harmon
christiansburg, va USA - 05/30/10 at 13:03:01 (EST)
will you pray this city is in the will of God.-
los angeles, ca USA - 05/29/10 at 16:12:14 (EST)
Sirs, I am 29 years old man, I have done a recently medical checkup and I come to know that my Blood Sugar level is getting higher than normal. I have visited over a Doctor and he advise me that reduce my overweight from 85 kg to 75 kg then my Blood Sugar level will normal. The doctor said that try to avoid to take pills in this young age and keep my Sugar level below 90 during fasting time. I am totally upset that why this is happened to me. I am a christen that I have never drink or smoke or any other bad habits, I like Jesus Christ since my young age. Any way I have done my part that I do a lot of exercises and reduce my weight from 85 to 77. Now my weight is 77. But my Blood Sugar level reduce only few amount I did not get a good result. I am very much worrying what to do? Then I came to a point that I will send to you a prayer request. If your team will pray for me I am sure that my Blood Sugar level will be normal. So please pray for this sick, pray to God remove this Sick from body permanently. I will not do any bad habits in my life future. I am sure God Jesus can make my Sugar level normal. I hope you will pray and I will get a good result Love in Jesus God bless you.. Amen Regards
JUBAIL, ksa - 05/29/10 at 06:24:51 (EST)
will you pray this city is under thewill of God.
los angeles, ca USA - 05/27/10 at 19:40:50 (EST)
Dear brothers and sisters in the Lord, Greetings from Pančevo and Stamenković family. With this letter we'd like to inform you about the project we're involved in the last ten years. Beside the ministry in the local church and coordination of the "Every Home for Christ" in Serbia, during the last decade we have undertaken the action of providing the state's libraries with Christian evangelical literature. Along the long period of socialism, the state's libraries were very poor provided with Christian literature. After this period, during the 90', the libraries provide, in fact buy Christian literature mostly from Orthodox publishers. Christian evangelical churches are considered as sects in our country, so the libraries don't buy (don't spend their money, which in fact they don't have enough) their books. The only way to find Evangelical books in the state's libraries is to be given them as a gift. Evangelical publishers provided us with books and during this decade we succeeded to visit more than 150 libraries in the towns of Serbia and gave more than 3000 books and New Testaments. We're continuing this action until all libraries in Serbia are supplied with Christian evangelical literature. As you probably know, a half of year ago, my book "The Orthodoxy illuminated by the Gospel" was published. For now, this is the first and only book (on Serbian/Croatian language) which explains orthodox beliefs from the biblical point of view and affirms the accuracy of Evangelical belief (the book has 819 pages, divided in 20 chapters). Most of the readers of my book expressed their conviction that my book should be available to as many people as possible, that's why we'd like to suggest the following: We'd like to make a gift to every library in Serbia (and in all other ex Yugoslavian republics: Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia) 1 or 2 copies of the book "The Orthodoxy illuminated by the Gospel". To accomplish this goal, it is necessary to print 500 copies in Cyrillic letters (for Serbia, Macedonia and Republika Srpska) and at least 500 copies in Latin letters (for Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Montenegro). To print these copies we need about 3000$ more beside the amount of money we have. We consider that it is very important that every library in Serbia (and in all other states of ex Yugoslavia with dominant orthodox population: Macedonia, Montenegro, Republika Srpska) receives this book and use it in the years to come until Christ's return. We consider (as many other readers, evangelical pastors and believers) this book contributes significantly to the spreading of evangelical Christianity and to the biblical truth in a very strong and dominant orthodox environment. With this mail we're asking you to help us in fulfilling this goal which is directed to successful evangelism of our country, where evangelical Christianity is not developed and very often incomprehensible and connected with occult and satanic. We'd be deeply grateful if you can help us with your donation which we would use for the printing of the book. In an attachment we're sending you the first two chapters of the book (which is translated in English) to be able to a certain degree, get an insight into the text of the book. We wish you every God's blessing. Sincerely your brother, Rev. Ivica Stamenkovic, pastor of Baptist church in Pančevo, and ''Every home for Christ'' director, Serbia.
Ivica Stamenkovic
Pancevo, Serbia, EU SERBIA - 01/12/10 at 17:45:29 (EST)
Hello, My name is Sheldon Ball. I am a Christian seeking prayer support from fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. I have been sick for almost a month and a half with a flu virus. I have never been this sick in my life ever. This illness has really brought me down really bad. I have had every symptom possible and have worked through some of them. I went to the ER approximately a week ago and was told that I have bronchitis. I was told everything else was fine. I find it hard to believe with all of the symptoms I still have. My chest is tight with some pain and very little mucus seems to break loose. I have a difficult time breathing with some episodes being worse than others. I also have swelling of my hands and feet and there is an abnormal redness to the palms of my hands that is not normally there. My face also gets more red than usual. I have also had pressure around my heart but at the ER I was told my heart is alright even though my blood pressure fluctuates up and down a lot. This illness has caused me to not be able to work and my bills are starting to pile up. I believe that this is an evil virus and that I am under some serious demonic oppression through this illness. This illness is really getting me down and starting to make me depressed. Along with not being able to work right now this sickness is making it hard for me to carry on with daily activities like I normally would especially being able to get out and walk and exercise. Please pray for me as you are led by the Holy Spirit. I just need all the prayer support that I can get and please feel free to pass this prayer request on to as many brothers and sisters in Christ as you want to. Thank you for your prayers. It is a very big blessing to me. -Sheldon Ball
Sheldon Ball
, USA - 11/14/09 at 23:06:58 (EST)
freedom from depression , confusion and low self esteem
, USA - 04/20/09 at 20:11:39 (EST)