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Praise and Worship Colors
Praise and Worship Colors are important because when dancing, you want your colors to reflect what you are praising Him for. Below is a collection of colors and purposes as well as bible references to help you.

Tabernacle colors:

Gold - symbolizes deity

Silver - symbolizes redemption

Purple - symbolizes royalty

Blue - symbolizes heaven, also Jesus

Red or Scarlet - symbolizes blood, savior

White - symbolizes purity, holiness

Combinations of colors also work well, such as gold and blue, symbolizing the Royal Deity. Or, red and white can symbolize our cleansing by the blood of the Savior.

Another color combination that isnít exactly considered tabernacle colors is red, orange, and yellow. When in motion, these colors together can look like fire, symbolizing the fire of the Holy Spirit which comes to purify us.

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