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We've translated and published books, booklets and tracts into various national languages of Myanmar. Many more are in process of publication. We’ve printed about 15 denominational literature and books and booklets of about 30 titles in Burmese, Mizo, Tedim, Falam, Hakha, Matu and Khumi languages. Our partner agencies are Missionary Crusader, American Tract Society, World Missionary Press and Asia Focus. The Living God, a 36-pages printed in comic form for evangelizing the heathens, was printed over 200,000 copies each in Burmese and Mizo languages. Printed and published in three tribal languages of the following booklets, totaling 18 booklets in Tedim, Falam, Haka are: (1) The Living God, (2) Fire From Heaven, (3) Blessed Assurance, (4) Who Is A Christian, (5) Fishers of Men and (6) Helpful Hints On Revelation. The above books and booklets were printed 50,000 copies and more in cooperation with Homer Duncan. Most are out of stock. Reprints are urgently needed and will be undertaken as and when funds are made available. Rev. Dr. Billy Graham’s books, translated and printed 10,000 copies each in Mizo language are: (1) Peace With God, (2) The Holy Spirit, (3) Angels: God’s Secret Agents and (4) How To Be Born Again. The Lord is using the books and booklets mentioned above wonderfully for so many people, including various tribes, who can read Mizo and Burmese languages, and won thousands of lost souls for Christ. Continuation of this gospel literature ministry is imperative for the benefit of all the Christians and other faiths in Myanmar.

We have an orphan homes in our field ministry areas that is in Salin, Magwe Division. They are about 200 miles away from Yangon, the city of Myanmar and also our administrative center. We are preparing to upgrade our current children home in those regions because there are many children on the streets whose life are at risk and need food and shelter to take care. Children Home is the outward name. They are actually Christian school, nurturing them and teach about Jesus. Whoever come into our Children Home are expected to become the new believers for the Kingdom of Christ. We are in quest of partners in this specific ministry! We have about 20-30 children in each orphan home and sometimes down to 15 depending on the availability of our financial resources.