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God's Awesome Creation
A Six Day Creation?

The Six Day Creation.

Why do we find it so hard to believe that the world was created in six days? Why are we so quick not to believe?

I pondered many times on the first chapter of Genesis, not because I had doubts, but I wanted to prove to myself that there are no contradiction in the Bible as some may say. I put myself in their place, and began to scrutinize the chapter.

Suddenly something struck me in the first three verses. My question I purposely asked was "Did God create everything in six days?" I heard scientists talk about millions of years and each time I shook my head because I thought they would say such a thing so that we may believe in the "Big Bang" theory. Perhaps this was what gave me the idea to begin my scrutinizing. My thoughts always took me back to the Bible to see if what I heard was the truth.

To my amazement, I didn't have to go further than the first three verses for God to show me that what is said there is believable and logical.

We are told in Genesis verse one (Gen;1:1)
"In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth".
So when was the beginning? Was that the first day of God's creation? First we have to understand that God has no beginning. He always existed. He has no duration of time because in God's eyes a day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years is like a day. Therefore, In the "Beginning" could be any duration of time, perhaps a hundred years, a trillion of trillion years, a million years? Who knows? That is all God's time.

So at one time or other the powerful God created the heaven (space), and the earth. Then, in verse two (Gen1:2) we're told that the earth God created was void, formless, and in darkness. That is logically sound I think, don't you?. So at one time, a time that God had chosen He created this formless world...He created the elements for later to transform it into a habitable place. Nothing is too hard to understand so far.

Now the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. These waters could have been vapours in space, moisture and such. All we know they were "water". No other information was passed to us except these facts.

Now we go to the third verse (Genesis 1:3)
"And God said, Let there be light: and there was light".
(Remember this part "AND GOD SAID" for later). Did this light come to be the same day God created the heaven and the earth? Some may say it could be or it could not. But it is very unlikely because the indication I got is in verse 5 (Gen.1:5). The heaven and the earth were created prior to the light and there was no mention of a "DAY" when these were was just in the "BEGINNING". So between verses one and two, and three there could have been a period which we don't know about. It coud have been a duration of millions or more years or even just a day. Only God knows. Hey after all, God could have created everything in a split second by saying "Let there be" or even think it and it would have been done...period. After all He is God isn't He?

The day God created the light, we are told in verse five (Gen.1:5)
"And the evening and the morning were the first day. So therefore, here is where the Creation of God began to take place in creating a world as we know it now...the SIX DAYS OF CREATION. So, there is no contraversy that God created the world and all living things in six days.

Did God create donosaurs? We are not told what God created or made in a dark or formless earth. He could have created many things if He wanted, but it was not His pleasure to inform us about them if He did. But we are told that He created a formless earth. I think that is good enough for me to believe it.

In chapter two verse one (Genesis 2:1) we are told that the heavens and the earth were finished, and all the host of them. So what can we understand by that? except that it was complete for humans and living things to live comfortable in it. A world as we know it.

All I can see there, is that In verse 1 (Gen.1:1) it says "HEAVEN", and in verse 1 (Gen.2:1) it says "HEAVENS". That is also an indication that in the beginning it was just space, and vapour with no stars until the stars were created (Gen.1:14-16) and set forth in their place, which it is now called the heavens.

I see nothing! I hear nothing! ...of an explosion that is.

Joseph (SCOC)

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