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House of Europe - Scandinavia
Denmark - a prophetic call to pray
Finland - Prophetic Words
Norway - Prophetic Words
Sweden - prophecies for the Nation
Bulgaria, Hungary & Romania
House of the Nations - All Countries

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House of Scandinavia
Prophecies for Finland Sweden Norway Russia Yugoslavia Prophetic Word
Prophecies for Scandinavia - Prophecies for Russia
Prophecies for Scandinavia - Prophecies for Russia
Prophetic Words - the Voice of God
Prophecies for Europe, Prophetic words to The Nations of Europe from the Atlantic to the Urals, from the Baltic Sea to the Mediterranean Sea.

Prophetic Vision for Europe's Nations

Prophetic Words for the Nations

Russia . . Finland . . Norway
Sweden . . Ukraine . . Yugoslavia
Denmark . . Bulgaria. . Poland

Click here: DEDICATED Prophetic site for Finland

For many prophecies for Great Britain
and words for England, Scotland Wales
and Ireland.
Click here: Prophetic Anointing

For France, Germany, Italy Spain & Other Western Europe.
Click here: Western & Southern Europe Prophecies

For National Prophecies Worldwide
click here: House of the Nations

For prophecies for Canada, USA
and other American Nations
click here: House of the Americas

Statement of faith and testimony - external link

Prophetic Words to bring insight into the spiritual battle and prophetic destiny. Prophetic voices from around the globe speak life to the Nations of Europe. The long cold winter of rejection of God is almost over, worldwide prayer is focussed upon Europe. We will be revived in the love of God. Summer is coming to the Nations.

MUSA OPIYO - Europe is not forsaken

Like it or not, we Europeans tend to think that the Lord has forgotten us. Our ears itch from hearing stories of creative miracles in Africa, revival in Asia, moves of God in the Americas and we find ourselves saying..'Lord what about Europe'. The Lord has not forgotten Europe but I believe that he is going to do a mighty shaking in the nations of Europe before he ushers a mighty revival. Belief systems and political governments that are 'hard-hearted' so to speak the Lord will shake so that all will be made ready for him to come in. You know, I also believe Europe has a missionary heart. In the centuries past, a lot of missionaries have come out from Europe, giving up their livelihoods, families, homes going out into the world to preach the Gospel. For many it cost their lives. I believe the Lord has remembered the sacrifice that Europe gave and yet I think also that she must be prepared to reap what she sowed into other continents by allowing people from those nations come and impart vision, start fires for God etc. I believe it is time for her to open her borders spiritually.

Musa Opiyo 20 May 2005