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Rett Syndrome & Mackenzie
This guestbook is no longer accepting new entries.

Good morning, I wanted to invite all your family to come sail with us in Destin the weekend of Thanksgiving. Heart of Sailing teaches special needs children and adults sailing as form of education and recreational therapy. The whole family enjoys it and relaxes. Please check our website at to see pictures and why more then 30000 people enjoyed sailing with us in the last 5 years. Thank you and special regards to Mackenzie, George
George Saidah
Destin, FL USA - 11/17/10 at 09:14:39 (EST)
I feel blessed to have the opportunity to work with Kenzie, she is absolutely amazing. And I totally agree that she has a beautiful smile. Thank you for allowing me to work with your daughter.
Kim guite
Waterville, ME USA - 08/24/10 at 11:40:30 (EST)
entry removed by admin
, ky USA - 08/24/10 at 01:40:36 (EST)
Granddaughter has rett's
judyrose taylor
ky, us USA - 08/19/10 at 12:31:28 (EST)
Thank you for sharing your story with the world. You are an inspiration to so many people! God Bless!
Denise Lafountain
Okland, USA - 02/19/10 at 12:27:12 (EST)
My daughter Kelsey was misdiagnosed with Rett Symdrome. She passed away on Feb.14 2009 at the render age of two and a half years. We are still left with so many unanswered questions.
Sallice Jordan
Auburn, AL USA - 11/20/09 at 09:26:40 (EST)
grandmother of Carly Cook, age 6, diagnosed at around age 2 with Rett Symdrome. She is a beautiful child and full of life. We all hope for a cure so our little angel can talk to us.
Judy Plitt
Upland, Ca USA - 10/14/09 at 15:16:02 (EST)
Nice Web site. Mackenzie is precious.
Janet Paradis
Waterville, ME USA - 08/19/09 at 21:24:06 (EST)
I really enjoyed meeting you and your wonderful children yesturday. I look forward to working with you ALL. See ya soon
Newport, ME USA - 12/19/08 at 09:19:40 (EST)
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mrwg, CA USA - 08/18/08 at 19:37:07 (EST)
The website is not only informative, but quite touching and I have enjoyed it many times. It is a beautiful testament to a beautiful little girl.
Pamela Vail
Basking Ridge, NJ USA - 04/17/08 at 10:13:51 (EST)
Mackenzie is one of the sweetest little girl that we have in our family. We are blessed to have such an angel with us. We love you little one and we thank God for you. You certainly are teaching us a great deal. Memere and Pepere Brawn Augusta, Maine. 2-12-08
Julie Brawn
Augusta, Me USA - 02/12/08 at 15:27:04 (EST)
I second how much Mackenzie has taught me and touched my own life. Through her I have met a wonderful family and have gained 4 friends. Mackenzie you are an angel. I love you too. Heidi
Heidi Gilbert
Mt. Vernon, Me USA - 02/11/08 at 16:56:52 (EST)
Hi, Kevin and Nancy. I just wanted to take the time to let you know that I absolutely love your family. You both are very lucky to have two such special children. Mackenzie has this way that she looks at me that makes my heart melt. And Patrick is such a sweet little man. I am so thankful for having the opportunity to be involved in your lives. I hope it's okay with you guys, but you're stuck with me. I will always be here if you need me. Love you all!!!
Tamara Pomerleau
Winslow, ME USA - 02/10/08 at 17:43:52 (EST)
Hi Nancy and Kevin, Just to let you know I took the time to read your story. Peace to you and the family-Liz
Liz Tanguay
Gorham, ME USA - 02/10/08 at 17:25:03 (EST)
I just wanted to thank you for allowing me to be a part of Mackenzie's life, she is so wonderful, I absolutely love being with her, she makes me feel so very happy deep down inside when i am with her, you guys are doing such a great job and you are so enjoyable to see the way you interact with her, anyone wanna play tag? thanks again for sharing a small piece of your lives with me, Lisa
Lisa Egan
Randolph, Me USA - 02/10/08 at 12:59:25 (EST)
hope you all had a very merry christmas and a soon happy new year. we are parents of 3 kids and our 5 yr. old soon be 6 daughter may have retts also but its so hard to wait for results and its driving me crazy. my husband just went through 3 and 1/2 yrs of non-hodgkins limphoma and we got very good news just a few days before christmas we got a gift that makes for all gift . he is cancer free but the dr. said it can come back but we are not thinking that until the time comes again. he is a stage 4 and it did get in the bone marrow and he had a stemcell transplant at st. louis at barnes and have seen so much and learned so much and still learning and now we have to deal with our daughter . but people ask how do you do what you do and don't go crazy . but what people don't see is we are scared all the time and we are dealing with it all cause we have to and god must know that I can deal with it. anyway I am still learning the retts.its just scary.every one take care. our kids have so much to teach us and they need us .
Betty Nidey
Casey, IL USA - 12/29/07 at 23:27:44 (EST)
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wtjvsqly, CA USA - 10/26/07 at 01:01:01 (EST)
Your site has really touched me today, since I lost my little girl to Rett 5 months ago, just hold onto those precious moments you have with them. My little Kirsty was nearly 6 years old. I will keep all of you in my prayers each and every day. Much Love Carol
Carol Raasch
, South Africa - 09/22/07 at 12:37:19 (EST)
this is my dear friends email add. he has graciously allowed me to use to keep in touch. please send photos that u took while I was there so i can put them on the family wall, could u give this add. to lynne and ask her to send me pics. from wedding. remember to list subject as things for kim .on another note your story of your life had me in tears as I have witnessed the devastating effects of Mackenzie's disorder. I love u all and keep in touch
kim strickland
norfolk, va USA - 08/02/07 at 19:05:23 (EST)
this is my dear friends email add. he has graciously allowed me to use to keep in touch. please send photos that u took while I was there so i can put them on the family wall, could u give this add. to lynne and ask her to send me pics. from wedding. remember to list subject as things for kim .on another note your story of your life had me in tears as I have witnessed the devastating effects of Mackenzie's disorder. I love u all and keep in touch
kim strickland
norfolk, va USA - 08/02/07 at 19:01:07 (EST)
i am also the mother of a retts angle. thank you for sharing your story, your not alone,i will keep you in my prayers...
grove city, oh USA - 07/02/07 at 17:29:25 (EST)
Blessing!!!!!!!! I have a daughter Sasha Thomas she is 6yrs old and diagonised with Rett syndrome. I personally knows the struggles and JOY of raising a child with challenges. God Bless and lots of luck to you and the family.
Angelina Peters
S.Ozone Pk, Ny USA - 06/20/07 at 12:31:11 (EST)
i was about to make a project in my genetics and i suddenly came accross this incredible page. so, i wish you guys a fruitful year!!! hope, god will be our helper))))
Rysbek Mamazhanov
Fort Wayne, IN USA - 05/25/07 at 14:01:57 (EST)
cosa dire cerco di guardarle tutte negl'occhi la mia piccola si chiama denise ha la sindrome di rett
, italia - 05/07/07 at 09:02:12 (EST)
Thank you for your ability to share.
Mary Beth Klee
Harbor Beach, MI USA - 03/07/07 at 14:26:36 (EST)
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ublcsm, CA USA - 02/28/07 at 21:57:00 (EST)
I heard about Rett Syndrome a few yrs back and read much about it. My 12 yr old daughter just saw a bumper sticker that mentioned RS. Now she is learning more about it. Thanks for the info.
Lynn Fallon
Palm Coast, FL USA - 12/31/06 at 22:41:00 (EST)
Very cool design! Useful information. Go on!
NYC, NY USA - 11/17/06 at 17:39:20 (EST)

chingkee alejo
, philippines - 10/11/06 at 01:55:17 (EST)
Best Wishes for you all. Never give up, czuse u're not alone.
Surabaya, Indonesia - 09/30/06 at 06:20:16 (EST)
Our daughter Lexxus is now 4. She was diagnosed with Rhetts 1 1/2 years ago. It is hard,but also a very rewarding struggle, because she is truly a wonderful gift from GOD! I sincerely enjoyed reading your website! Thanks
Kerri Shelton
Ashdown, AR USA - 08/20/06 at 20:51:09 (EST)
Best regards from NY!
NYC, NY USA - 08/11/06 at 02:18:08 (EST)
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pikwnmh, CA USA - 08/08/06 at 07:10:56 (EST)
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pikwnmh, CA USA - 08/08/06 at 07:10:54 (EST)
best wishes
david kaplan
boston, ma USA - 06/15/06 at 23:33:19 (EST)
Hi! our little Sarah is 5 and has Rett Syndrome. Best wishes to your Mackenzie!
Ingrid Harding
belleville, il USA - 06/04/06 at 19:18:30 (EST)
entry removed because it contained a link
Berlin, USA - 06/02/06 at 14:43:12 (EST)
entry removed because it contained a link
Roma, USA - 06/02/06 at 14:39:42 (EST)
My daughter, Emma, was diagnosed with Rett Syndrome on February 14, 2006. It helps to know that we are not alone. Thank you for sharing.
Pam Francis
Calgary, AB Canada - 03/24/06 at 16:43:03 (EST)
What a beautiful site. Thank you for sharing your story. I pray you have a cure for this disease. God Bless.
Houston, tx USA - 11/20/05 at 21:21:15 (EST)
Thanks for sharing your life with all of us out there seeking answers to questions that seem to go unanswered for such a long period of time. Wishing the best for you and your family. God Bless!
Brookings , SD USA - 09/22/05 at 19:58:27 (EST)
Nice site. I will pray for your family and all little girls with Retts.
, Mo USA - 09/15/05 at 01:41:30 (EST)
Hi Mackenzie! My name is Sami, I have a best friend named Ashley and she has Rett Syndrome too. I am her friend. You are a cutie! Please visit Ashley's site or her caringbridge page Sami
, Mn USA - 08/23/05 at 01:12:29 (EST)
Hi Mackenzie, Patrick and family! Have a great summer.
Barbara Jordan
Waterville, Me USA - 07/14/05 at 09:01:24 (EST)
I am slow getting to the site!!! You did a great job and made things easy to understand. Our best to you.
Bonnie Pedersen
Whitefield, ME USA - 06/25/05 at 09:58:32 (EST)
Great job on the site. Thanks for sharing.
Amie Lopes
Waterville, ME USA - 06/11/05 at 13:18:48 (EST)
Really enjoyed your new web site. Very informative. As always my prayers are with Mackenzie and ALL of you. Love, Big Tina
Tina Lander
Augusta, ME USA - 06/10/05 at 08:51:24 (EST)
Mackenzie is very special to us as grandparents, we love her and we know that she is very special to all of us. We applaude her parents and brother for the care and love that they share with her. Patrick is a very special brother and is more grownup than many of us as far as Kenzie is concerned. What you can learn from this child is beyond words. We applaud Nancy & Kevin for all that they do for her. God loves all of you and so do we.
Julie & Don Brawn
Augusta, Me USA - 06/10/05 at 08:50:18 (EST)
Dear Nancy & Kevin, we are proud of both of you and proud of your little ones to. They are so fortunate to have you, as they are loved. They truly are gifts from God! Mackenzie is a very precious little girl and so fortunate to have parents like you.
Joan C. Breton
Augusta, ME USA - 06/09/05 at 16:11:57 (EST)
Nice website Nancy & Kevin. I am glad my little cousin is doing well
Barbara Giordano
Garden Grove, Ca USA - 06/08/05 at 22:43:46 (EST)
Dear Mackenzie, Nancy, Kevin, and Patrick, We love you and think of you often. Thank you for sharing this website. You will always be in our prayers! Love, Lisa and Haley
Lisa Mazzola
Augusta, ME USA - 06/08/05 at 10:54:01 (EST)
Thanks Nancy for sharing. Although we don't see each other very much, our thoughts and prayers have always been with you, Kevin, Mackenzie & Patrick.
Rhonda Poirier
Augusta, ME USA - 06/08/05 at 10:10:14 (EST)
Dear Kevin and Nancy, Beautiful website. I hope it will bring hope and help for many who face this condition. It has been a great blessing to have your family in our church. You are right about Mackenzie's smile... it's amazing. We think of you often and say a prayer that God will give you the strength and wisdom that's needed right that very minute. None of us can fully know your challenges, but God does and He cares. At Cornerstone, God has entrusted us with Mackenzie, and Megan, and Kenny, (and their families)... God's "least of these" in some ways... but our lives have been enriched because of them. What we do for them, we do for Jesus. He loves them so. May today's burden seem light in Him. Susan
Susan Blount
Vassalboro, USA - 06/08/05 at 09:27:01 (EST)
Hi Mackenzie & Patrick, How are you guys doing? Hope you are enjoying the pool these days and having fun. The weather has been very hot! Summer is almost here. Say hi to your mom and dad. Hope to see you soon. Your friend, Rick Charette P.S. Thanks for helping me understand about Rett Syndrome.
Rick Charette
Windham, ME USA - 06/08/05 at 06:33:05 (EST)
We love you Mackenzie, Love Aunt Maxine and Uncle Harley
Maxine and Harland
winthrop, me USA - 06/08/05 at 04:41:42 (EST)
Thank you Nancy, Kevin, Patrick and most of all MacKenzie for all the information you have provided to help those in need and the same doubts and questions. You are a truly wonderful family. With all the selfishness in this world, you have taken the time to show love, support, trust in God and most of all understanding (even though no one knows why)which is being spread throughout the world as we speak. I love you guys...and Mackenzie...I hope you have great weather this summer to enjoy that pool of yours!!! Always in my heart. See you soon. Jenn
Jennifer Muddyman
Dunstable, England - 06/08/05 at 04:00:22 (EST)
Thank you for an opportunity to become a little better acquainted with you and your family. May God's richest spiritual blessings and His Grand and Sweet Presence permeate all of your lives. The Jacobs Family
Deborah Jacobs
Vassalboro, ME USA - 06/08/05 at 03:45:11 (EST)
Very nice website! God's blessing on all the Strickland family. We are glad to have you coming to fellowship with us at Cornerstone. wd
Wayne Denny
, USA - 06/07/05 at 21:09:58 (EST)
What a great website. We think of you guys often.Love, The Purdy's XXOO
Gisele Purdy
South China, ME USA - 06/07/05 at 20:27:49 (EST)
Hey guys! So glad to hear that you guys are doing well. Im really glad you put something like this out there to help others. I hope you had the same experiance when you first found out about Mackenzie. I know that you will help out alot of families and give them piece of mind that they are not alone. We love you and miss you very much. Kiss the kids for me.
Cody & Erica Lund
Destin, Fl USA - 06/07/05 at 18:37:20 (EST)
what a wonderful website! we do have a special journey and we will all walk it together.
maryann sabo
mayo, md USA - 06/07/05 at 18:04:52 (EST)
I like your web site Mackenzie. I am your mothers cousin from Mass. maybe next time I come up Maine I will meet you, Till then hope you have a good summer. Ken
Kenneth C. Roy
Whitman, Ma USA - 06/07/05 at 17:29:29 (EST)

Donna Fecteau
Augusta, ME USA - 06/07/05 at 16:02:53 (EST)
Love ya kenz!!!
Chris Brawn
Pawtucket, RI USA - 06/07/05 at 15:32:02 (EST)
Mackenzie is always in my thoughts and prayers
Tina Rancourt
Augusta, ME USA - 06/07/05 at 15:22:55 (EST)
This gives a better understanding /awareness.
Barbara Gilbert
Chesapeake, Va USA - 06/07/05 at 14:30:53 (EST)

Barbara Gilbert
, USA - 06/07/05 at 14:29:36 (EST)

Claire Bourque
Fairfield, ME USA - 06/07/05 at 14:14:08 (EST)
Thanks for sharing this with me. Love to you all. Stay strong!!
AUGUSTA, ME USA - 06/07/05 at 14:02:06 (EST)

Kelly Sawyer
Augusta, ME USA - 06/07/05 at 13:43:44 (EST)
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