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January 8, 2005
Although this site was closed in February 2002
and another site created at I thought it would be best to make its text available to everyone who might stumble across this old site. God Bless you!

I hope these words find you feeling wondrously encouraged, blessed, and rejoicing with great expectations of great blessings in this coming new year; a new century; a new millennium; a new time in history when generations of people in countless yesteryears could have only dreamed of living, and may the Precious Gift Of Jesus Christ come to be the treasure you cherish beyond all measure in life. May Grace and Peace be multiplied unto you through the knowledge of God and of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Christian Believer's Prayer Force is based upon a one on one personal covenant, a promise that each participant enters into with God only to do what its name proclaims. Children of God's Kingdom possessing their turf, united together as one in The Spirit inside the Secret Hiding Places! Redeemed of The LORD, True Worshipers of God faithfully praying everyday without ceasing for the victory of others whose names are written on an unprecedented ever increasing in number prayer circle.

I pray that by the time you finish reading what the Holy Spirit has placed here at this website… you will desire with all of your heart to pursue the Wonderful Presence Of A Most Holy God, as well as realize the supremacy of praying for others without ceasing.

According to The Word Of God, He is coming for a Prepared Church. A Glorious Church whose members in particular have their lambs filled with Oil; A Victorious Church. A prayed-up, prayed through Church! A Church who not only is a prepared and ready Church, but one who is very busy occupying to the best of their ability. God is not coming to catch away only Anointed Prophets, Teachers, Preachers, Evangelists, and Spirit Filled Prayer Warriors, all of whom are indeed ready in every sense of the word and whose precious ‘Flames Of Fire’ as fiercely burning as they may be, are nevertheless... sparsely scattered throughout the earth in comparison to the raging fire that is destined to consume it!

The Almighty God, The Heavenly Father, The Great I Am is Coming for His Worldwide Body of Believers. He is coming for every one who will dare step out from among all of humanity whom The Lord God has Called, and being fully determined in their hearts as ‘Chosen and Set Apart’ Holy Vessels for His Good Purpose... to surrender themselves inside the Presence of a Most Holy Wonderful God where only The Spirit can truly bring forth everlasting change.

The Holy Spirit is blanketing all the earth with Sweet Conviction. Everyone is going to feel it. Saved and unsaved alike. No one will escape. As long as there is a soul inside of a body, The Spirit Of God will seek it out. The truly repentant will feel the Joy of His touch by laying their sinful shame at the alter and inviting The Holy Spirit across the Threshold of their hearts, and tragically... the stubborn will feel the painful consequences of having clicked their heels in rebellion and fleeing from His Tender Loving Call.

I wonder how many of us in recent days have been feeling the nudging of God's Spirit to replace our televisions for Alters of Prayer and our refrigerators for Secret Hiding Places? I wonder? I wonder how many of us are going to let another day go by, another week go by, another month go by, another year go by ... without hearkening to The Voice Of God that has been urging our spirits to draw closer into His Presence? I wonder? I wonder what would be found clinging to our souls… if we, the Redeemed Of The Lord, were to ask the precious Holy Spirit to search our hearts to the fathom most parts for any thing that is not pleasing? I wonder what would be found. I wonder how many of us this very hour would have a perfect report documenting that the Holy Spirit could not find a single displeasing things. I wonder. I wonder how many of us at this very moment in time are willing to do any thing any necessary to position ourselves in the Presence Of God so that He can finish His Perfect work in our broken and hurting lives, individually and corporately... for such a destined time as this? I wonder how many of us, members in particular of the worldwide Church Of The Living God possesses such a precious desire? I wonder? Oh how I prayer that we all do. But, hopefully we will agree that none of us are where we really should be.

Even though we are all on different levels of Spiritual Understanding, only those who choose to persevere an intimate relationship with The LORD will overcome a self-centered life by humbling ourselves in The Presence Of A Most Holy Wonderful God. Sadly, because so many of us place limitations of The Power Of God in our lives... their journeys in Life will continue to be a most miserable one. This breaks my heart. Oh if only every Christian knew that their miracles, their answers to heartfelt prayers, their breakthroughs... are just on the other side of humbled lives surrendered in The Presence Of God! If only hurting people only knew that 'Joy of the Riches of Jesus Christ' is within reach, they would do every thing necessary to possess it.

But, nevertheless; 'Something' is about to happen! It’s going to happen very soon, and it’s going to be Global! Can you feel it? Can you see it? Oh I hope so! 'Flames of fire' have begun to kindle inside the hearts of those who sincerely desire for their lives to become prepared in every way. By Worshiping God In The Spirit Of Truth their flames of fire will become such a real fire a blazing that it cannot be put out by the rushing mighty wind or quenched by the outpouring of the latter rain! As in the great Vision God gave me years ago... nothing will be able to blow out the fury of its burning flames which are destined to scorch the whole earth as a huge fire ball in the hands of Jesus.

Yes, A Mighty Uprising is about to happen! All the earth will feel its uncomfortable disturbances. Waters will be troubled underneath Bridges Of Love being built by True Worshipers Of God who embrace a fiery compassion to reach a world of hurting souls. With unbelievable determination and hearts fully persuaded... they persevere forward, building their Bridges by the Power Of The Holy Ghost! Nothing will stand in their way of beholding God’s Plan from coming full force in reaching out to every soul on the earth!

Finally, after all these many centuries... it is time! Nothing, absolutely nothing, can possibly deter God's Holy Spirit from moving with supernatural force across the threshold of every human heart, for such a destined time as this. Precious Saints, Apples Of God's Eyes, with Hearts Purer than Gold, who have for years earnestly prayed for the impending End Time Revival regardless of their trails of Faith in life, are arising and have begun assembling together inside their Secret Hiding Places where they each commune with God alone: Praying with uplifted arms interceding for every one the world to be touched by the fire of the Holy Spirit for such a destined time as this.

Beloved Saints empowered by God's Word, renewed with Resurrection Power, covered in the Blood of Jesus are arising, putting on their battle gear, and marching across the battle field, pressing ever onward with eyes beholding their destiny, praying in The Holy Ghost... "Oh Praise God! Oh Praise God! Oh Praise God! The battle is The Lord's! The battle is The LORD!

A fire is before us and a flame burns behind us as we kneel, walk, run in Victory Building Bridges of Love In Jesus Name! Strongholds are coming down! They're falling all around and crumbling in ashes at our feet! Oh Praise God! Praise God! The Battle is The Lords. Oh Praise God!" Mighty Prayer Warriors and Powerful Intercessors… their words burning as flames of fire and their precious prayers as sweet fragrances ascending before The Holy Lord Of Glory... all fully determined to stay humbly surrendered in their Secret Hiding Places imploring God day and night to Glorify His Name by Building Bridges Of Love all across the earth. To touch those with righteously pure hearts who refuse to yield to the frailties of the human soul, and make them even more transparent than gold and their flames burning brighter than ever before.

Humble Prophets and Prophetesses whose virtuous lives walk in the Spirit - their appearance as burning light shinning in the black void of the darkest night, all fervently praying for the hearts of people to soften, their eyes to see, and their ears to hear, before The Great and Terrible Day Of The Lord Comes! With precious petitions they cry aloud from their Secret Hiding Places... "Oh Father, change those with cold and lukewarm hearts. Change those with embittered, contemptuous, hearts. Change those with lethargic, complacent hearts. Change those with compromising, fearful hearts. Change those with hardened, condescending, hypocritical hearts. Change those with stubborn, self-demanding hearts. Change those with unapproachable, repulsive, pious hearts. Oh Father, change our hearts! Bring Revival... no matter the cost! For, You are The Almighty God, and no one will escape the Brightness Of Your coming."

God is bringing forth a great and might people. A humble people living in the Spirit of Holiness, all of who embrace a world of hurting people in His Presence; God’s people, whose prayers are effectually working around the clock, no matter where we are in the world. Whether united together in church congregations, walking with a friend around the block, or praying on our knees inside the Secret Hiding Place where we commune with Him alone... their unity in prayer will be without doubt the single most powerful force in the universe. Oh Praise His Holy Name! This is it! This is the answer! Can you see it? Can you really feel it down deep inside your heart?

I Truly believe God would have His people, you and me, to know that even though fiery trails may be all about; sickness and disease, pain and suffering, longing hearts filled with dreams and precious desires remain un-birthed, HE IS THERE WITH US! We are not alone; He will see us through all the way to Victory! But, The LORD would also want us to know that as we abide in 'The Secret Place' it is 'patience' that makes His Children capable of enduring while they Wait, while they Rest, while they learn to Trust Him with their lives while sitting very still on the potter’s wheel as He molds and shapes us into Vessels Of Honor that we are designed to be.

But yet, the Children of God must realize the distinction between truly obeying My Holy Spirit by setting their hearts to wait patiently in His Presence and the cunning deception of satan to fill their lives with procrastination, and therefore putting off until tomorrow that which is very needful today. The ‘flesh’ is stubborn, selfish, and lazy, and will do everything it can to live its complacency. Only thing is; when the flesh rules, lives are lived comfortably in the arms of defeat. Therefore lean on The LORD; and the lust of the flesh will not be fulfilled.

Once the Children of the LORD have positioned their selves in the posture of true humility and are living their lives waiting in His Presence in obedience, Breakthrough will come forth and take manifestation in their lives. But, the children of The LORD must be very still on the wheel. Other wise they will not be ready. With lives unprepared to Glorify God’s Presence, many of us will not be able to contain the forthcoming Mighty Out Pouring Of His Spirit upon the earth. For, the only ones who can stand in The Day Of The LORD are the ones filled with His Spirit.

As like in generations past, when for hundreds of years, countless Godly young girls hoped to be the ‘one’ in whom the Messiah would come, and likewise, many others greatly longed to see the signs of the time which pointed to the days just prior to the coming of The LORD, but Oh Praise His Holy Name, now that the ‘season’ has arrived, it will only be joyfully received by those walking in His Presence and who have prepared themselves for the Day Of The LORD. Only the children of God whose flesh has been crucified and their spirits made purer than chasten gold. Therefore the Children of God must remain very still upon the Potter's Wheel so that the Great Creator, our Heavenly Father, our LORD and Savior of our soul, can finish the work He has begun in us.

Oh Praise God! We the People Of God, Called and Chosen, the Church Of The Living God, The Beloved Bride of Christ is in great need of for His Marvelous Light to pierce through the dark veil of oppression that has been keeping innumerable Christian Believers around the world from living in the Joy Of The Holy Ghost.

Oh how I pray that everyone who has been longing for ‘dramatic change’ to take place in their lives, longing for urgent prayers to be answered, longing for earnest desires to come true, longing for higher standards and great goals to be achieved, longing for supernatural miracles to manifest, longing for the Windows Of Heaven to Pour them Out a Blessing that cannot contain, will finally fall on humbled knees inside their Secret Hiding Places and proclaim... “Okay, Father I give up! I surrender! I can no longer hold all the heartache and pain I feel! Take control of my hurting life! Teach me Your Ways of Holiness. Help me to do stand upright before You. Oh Father, give me courage to stand in Righteousness. Do what ever it takes to fulfill Your Divine Will and Purpose in my personal life. Oh Father, fill me up and overflowing with Your Holy Spirit. And Oh Father, in having finally realized that I cannot operate in Faith without understanding my Righteousness in You, the 'golden thread' throughout the Gospel, help me to understand the vital knowledge of 'Living in Righteousness'.

The only thing that truly matters is that we live in obedience before the LORD; that we stay very still upon the Potter's Wheel and let The Spirit Of God finish the work that needs to be done, and soon and very soon when the walls begin coming down and obstacles breaking away one day we will find ourselves standing mighty, strong, and victoriously in the outpouring of the latter rain, completely endued with power and Joy in the Holy Ghost, and our hearts raging with the fire of revival.

Truly, it is time for breakthrough in the lives of every one who has been praying for God's Divine Intervention in every conceivable way. But, no matter what our needs are… every one of them must all be addressed through and by the Spirit.

Whether the breakthroughs we desperately desire is Spiritual, physical, or financial, God will answer them all once our spirit man is in leadership with The Holy Spirit over our fleshly soul. The soul must ‘relinquish command’ to our spirit man. When ‘Alignment’ comes, then the Blessings Of God will follow.

So Beloved, be encouraged this day in The LORD! Breakthrough is within reach of every one who will dare to believe God can and will move in their lives, and that our complete surrender to His Holy Spirit is long overdue. Glory is within our reach! Jesus did it all for you and me. Isn't it wonderful? And we, His Little Children, His Redeemed, His Glorious Church, His Beloved Bride, His Vessels Of Honor have been given the exclusive right and awesome privilege of living our lives inside of His Precious Presence with our lives continually being filled with His Resurrection Light so that we can shine for ever more by power and might with indescribable Joy.

For, the Holy Spirit is urging Believers around the earth that it is time to go that extra mile; As if that is what it will take for miracles to begin raining down its bountifulness from Heaven. More than ever before in recorded history... the Redeemed of The LORD is living on the edge of beholding miraculous breakthroughs which without exception will be provoked by the surrendering of our stubborn souls before a Most Holy Almighty God. But, because most of us cannot see beyond ourselves pursuing ‘more of God’ is not even a desire.

Indeed, the impending Mighty Outpouring of the Spirit of God that the Redeemed over the centuries have greatly longed for, is now upon us. But, the only way its great fiery rain will cover the earth is when complete surrender and sacrificing of our souls has been offered to God. Only then can unity in The Holy Ghost in such a way as never before known take its ultimate form. Revival Of Fire must first ignite inside each of our hearts before it can spread like a raging fire across the earth as it is destined to do in such a Destined Time As This.

The ‘REVIVOR’, our LORD, must be welcome in one’s heart before Revival can come in full force. The Temple, all of our individual souls, must be thoroughly cleansed before the King will enter! Some thing great is about to happen! I can feel it. I really believe all Christendom is thrilled in knowing not only does all the people of the world stand upon the threshold of a brand new century, but a brand new millennium; a millennium in which innumerable Saints over the ages have yearned for.

So get ready! It's coming! It's almost here! Can you feel it? Can you see it? Revival is beginning to stir itself all around the earth. Breakthroughs are now within reach. They are there for the taking. But it's imperative we understand that there is only one way for answered prayers to manifest for miracles to take their shape for the impending revival to become a raging fire and that is for the worldwide Church Of Our LORD And Savior Jesus Christ, His Beloved Bride to breakthrough in the Spirit! As the Redeemed of The Lord who walk in Righteousness, live in His Kingdom as Holy Vessels, we must persevere forward and higher, wholly focused on positioning our lives humbled in the Wonderful Presence Of A Most Awesome Holy God.

Let’s Pray...

Oh Father, we praise Your Name for embracing our lives with Mercy, and forgiving all our years of rebellion, distrust and insecurity, and for making all things brand new again. Oh LORD, open our hearts to receive all that You are; place within us the burning fervent desire to 'Know You More' each and every hour we live; Please help us to make You bigger than any thing else in our lives; even if cherished dreams on earth we never see, the only thing that matters at all, is that Your Love has set us free. Oh LORD, we will follow you, Oh LORD, we will follow you.

Thank You LORD for bringing Your Marvelous Light to our hurting darkened lives, giving us a brand new spirit so we can live completely free, and renewing our strength with Power and Might. We would be a fool to not cleave to only you... when your presence every hour is our greatest need. We will follow You, Oh LORD, We will follow You. Surely Goodness and Mercy shall follow us all the days of our lives, and we will dwell in the House Of The LORD Forever. From morning's first break of light till darkness covers the night, we will cling to You.

The trail of our faith is counted more precious than of gold that perishes, though it be tried with fire, will be found unto Praise and Honor and Glory at the appearing of our Heavenly Groom, Jesus Christ. Our LORD Jesus - Whom we have not seen, yet we do Love. Our Lord - whom we have not heard the sound of His Voice, yet we rejoice with Joy Unspeakable and Full of Glory.

Oh Father... Oh Father... Oh Father... thank You for The Cross! The Cross where Holy Blood was sacrificed for a world of souls who for eons were lost - now In You - Redeemed with Life Eternally complete. Yes, the work has been finished for all those who want to be whole, refreshed, transformed, Born Again Born, Reborn, Born Of God, and made brand new. Oh Thank You Father! As the Provider of every thing in our lives, we set our hearts to live in Joyful anticipate Blessings of every kind, even more than we can possibly contain; uncommon health, emotional soundness, and physical well being, uncommon protection, uncommon provision, uncommon favor, and uncommon Joy in The Holy Ghost.
Oh Father, You are a Covenant God! Your Beloved Son is The Savior Of My Life. I am in Him and He is in me. I am a partaker of every thing this is His. Oh Father, You have given me the 'Crown Of Life', the 'Crown Of Righteousness', the 'Crown of Joy', the 'Crown Of Glory', and the 'Crown Of Incorruptible'. Oh Father, help me understand my rights, my privileges, my promises You have given me in You”. Ephesians 4:25: We Are All Members Of One Body’ .

Oh Father, forever let the endless supply of Your Glorious Fruits flow within our lives. For, You alone are our strength, our shield, our Hiding Place. You are our ever present Help and Deliverer! You are our Healer and our Comfort! You are our Restorer, our JOY, and our Peace! Oh Father, You are our Blessed Hope and Source of Every Thing we need, desire, and hoped to become for Your Glory and our immeasurable Joy. Oh LORD, give us strength and courage to stay very still upon the Potter's Wheel so that You can finish a Good Work in us; Oh LORD, Every Thing is about You - only You; Please shine the Light Of YOur Glory through our souls! Oh Father, let Your Presence so engulf Your Beloved Children and with such measure our lives are changed in every way, and our spirits soar like eagles higher into Your Glory for evermore; In The Name Of Our LORD Jesus Christ, Amen, Amen, And Amen.

The Father’s Glory Only...
Most Sincerely,

Pauline Zellner
Writer, Mentor and Exhorter of our LORD Jesus Christ
Until The LORD ushers in a long awaited Glorious Season, in which my residence will be changed, I may be reached at the following:
5923 Trailblazer Drive, North Las Vegas, NV 89031 USA
Phone:(702) 474-0277 - Email:

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