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Holiness Revival Ministry
*Current news
Holiness Revival Ministry
The ministry was founded through the prompting of the Holy Spirit and a higher calling of God on Pastor Madungwe Joseph to start a pentecostal movement in Africa as per Acts 2. There was of course no cash or sponsorship. Since its inception about three years ago, Holiness Revival Ministry have grown from the days of humble beginnings.Our church is tsill small but growing in the love for Christ.The ministry has locally penentrated into the bush areas of Shurugwi and Gutu and Gachegache fishing Camp Kariba.

History of calling of the founder.

Pastor Joseph was called way back in the 1960s when he was still a six year old shepherd boy in Shurugwi Communal lands Zimbabwe. Before he could positively respond to the calling, he suffered incarceration as a political prisoner at Connemarra Prison in 1979. It was after he was shot and injured on the left thigh in tragic war situation that he was taken a prisoner of war. God used this dreadful and heartbreaking experience to make him a strong believer and to answer the calling of God. In the solitude in prison cells, the lord kept talking to him to confirm the calling. From prison he joined the Police force where later resigned to join Bible College at Living Waters Bible College Zimbabwe.

He worked and pioneered,planted several churches in the Apostolic Faith Mission In Zimbabwe.

Who is the person Joseph Madungwe and what is he doing now?

Joseph Madungwe is a highly respected Bible teacher, ministering extensively throughout Zimbabwe and in some other parts of Africa i.e South Africa, Botswana, Zambia and Tanzania. He is well known for planting churches and as a dynamic church and conference speaker, a Bible teacher emphasizing on the authority of God's word and the power of the Holy Spirit to deliver people from all Satanism, denominational colonization, charismatic witchcraft, demonic oppression/possession and from all sicknesses.
Prompted by the Spirit of God ,he also advocates every believer to positively master the art and science of maximizing the Bible's pontential and God's provision of good health, wealth, victory over sin, divine protection and guidance in life thruogh Jesus Christ the son of the living and true God.

Future plans:
1 To build a Bible Seminary under.

3 To build a primary and a secondary school by the name Rivers Of Blessings School in Epworth.

Problems Analysis

1 We lack transport to move arround propagating a holiness revival campaign, preaching, evangelising and teaching the word of God.

2 We also do not have sufficient funds to administer the work locally and abroad.

1 Overwhelming respond and growth of the ministry in the Southern & Central Africa.
2 We have penetrated through even into the bush areas of Shurugwi,Gutu and Gachegache Kariba where people need the gospel of Jesus Christ.
3 We started a work at Morogoro Tanzania which needs regular visits and encouragement.
4 The lord is manifesting Himself always when we meet.
# With God, the sky is the limit.

Vision Immediate needs
1 Public address system
2 Vehicles for wide travelling.

Third Visit to Tanzania and Zanzibar.

April 2005 saw the senior pastor's second visit to Tanzania with a team of three where he meet different pastors and people from all walks of life in Dar-Es-Salam and later visited Zanzibar a Muslim dominated Island. It was so interesting to witness to the Muslims on a one on one basis and two Muslim couples converted to Christ and a girl from the same community surrendered her life to Christ. More than three Tanzanian pastors at Morogoro offered to work with Holiness Revival Ministry.

April 2009

The senior Pastor & his wife attended an ARC Conference at Kanye Botswana where Apostole Bob Hill and his team were ministering. The wife of the senior pastor was ordained. A Bible Institute is already in place.

So far pastor's wife and six other students are benefiting from the studies through ARC BIBLE INSTITUITE.

Started Epworth Overspill assembly and more attention ws given to this new assembly.

Much problems affected the ministry both Epworth and Warren Park D becauase of the harsh economic climate and the political inviroment.Most praggrammes were affected and members dislocated.

With the visit to South africa of the senior pastor,the ministry started the year well and promissingand a neworking programme started with Wonders' Chapel Global ministry
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