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"Christ the Lord is Risen Today"
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"Jesus, Thine All-Victorious Love"
"O For a Heart to Praise my God"

Index to Charles Wesley's hymns in "Obras de Wesley"

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Charles Wesley Hymns in Spanish
(Site founded August 17, 2004)
(Site founded August 17, 2004)
Charles Wesley's hymns are a great treasure not only for Methodist churches throughout the world, but for all Christians as well. In fact, the current most popular hymn worldwide is Christ the Lord is Risen Today, composed by Charles Wesley in 1739.

Yet very few of Charles Wesley's hymns have ever been metrically translated into Spanish, which is now a more common native language for Christians than is English.

This web site is dedicated to producing top quality metrical translations in Spanish of as many of Charles Wesley's hymns as possible before Jesus returns.

I invite you to colaborate with me in this project by e-mailing to me your Spanish language versions of Charles Wesley hymns. I will then post them to this site in a timely manner so that Spanish churches worldwide may begin to incorporate them into their worship services.

If a certain hymn already appears on this site but you feel your version/translation is superior, please send me that, too.

Please send the following information with each submission:

1. The TITLE of the hymn you are submitting.

2. The full TEXT, with as many verses as you have.

3. The TRANSLATOR, if you know it, be it yourself or someone else.

4. The DATE of the translation, if you know it.

5. The SOURCE of your submission, especially if it comes from a published work such as a hymnal.

6. The name of the TUNE, if you know it, to which these lyrics are set. (For example, Christ the Lord is Risen Today can be matched with either of the tunes EASTER HYMN or LLANFAIR.)

7. Full SUBMITTER INFORMATION, i.e. your name and e-mail address. (If you do not want your name posted on this site, let me know and I will omit your name. But please do still send me your e-mail address so I can be in personal contact with you.)

Please also send me your comments and suggestions. And I welcome corrections to my Spanish!! Gracias.

ACOH = A Collection of Hymns for the Use of the People Called Methodists,
       (1889 Methodist Hymnal).
BOH  = The Book of Hymns, (1964 Methodist Hymnal).
UMH  = The United Methodist Hymnal, (1989 Methodist Hymnal).
OW   = Obras de Wesley (The Works of Wesley, in Spanish).
HM73 = Himnario Metodista, 1973. (Preparado y editado bajo la dirección del 
       Comité del Himnario de la Conferencia Río Grande de la Iglesia Metodista 
       Unida, Methodist Publishing House, Nashville, Tennessee.)
HM55 = Himnario Metodista, 1955. (Published by the Methodist Building, San 
       Antonio, Texas at the Casa Bautista de Publicaciones de El Paso, Texas 
       under the auspices of the Conferencia Anual del Río Grande.)
MV   = Mil Voces Para Celebrar (Himnario Metodista, 2001).
CN   = Cántico Nuevo, Himnario Evangelico (Methopress Editorial y Grafica; 
       Pablo D. Sosa, Editor; Doblas 1753, Buenos Aires, Argentina; 1962.)

140 Bryker Dr.
San Antonio Texas 78209

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