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change your life
alexandria, egypt - 12/24/10 at 09:39:36 (EST)
entry removed by admin
Rance Jurevwicz
Highland, CA, CA USA - 10/30/10 at 12:59:19 (EST)
Enjoyed and would like Chaplin CD
David Simpson
Mesa, Az USA - 09/25/10 at 18:59:13 (EST)
A great site. I am a direct line decedent of two New York Van De Water who served in the militia. I currently serve as the American Legion District Chaplain and always enjoy seeing how God's work is progressing.
George Van De Water
Orem, UT USA - 08/09/10 at 18:17:36 (EST)
entry removed by admin
Dr Church
rogers, ar USA - 07/04/10 at 22:47:50 (EST)
Thank you for the information you provide.
Johnnie Carey
Decatur, ga USA - 03/01/10 at 12:42:19 (EST)
Founder and 2010 Pres. William Dunaway Chapter FLSSAR 850-386-9368
Fletcher R. Dunaway
Tallahassee, FL USA - 02/15/10 at 20:49:09 (EST)
Thank you Chaplain Gates for the outstanding job which you have for the Georgia SAR.
James Edward Willis SAR
Valdosta, GA USA - 10/17/09 at 10:04:58 (EST)
Working on Washington-Wilkes SAR Chaplain! DDJ
David Jenkins
Washington, GA USA - 10/08/09 at 08:48:14 (EST)
Looking for Chaplain Slot in Atlanta Ga area
Rev Dr Louis D Jones
Grayson , Ga USA - 08/20/09 at 16:31:46 (EST)
I looked at the Snapshots Page and really liked the photos. I like the military bearing and obvious comradeship because I am retired Army.
Rev. Calvin Loving
Fayetteville, North Caolina
The chaplains of the Georgia Society SAR constitute some of our very finest of the membership. Thanks to them and our spiritual leader, Dan Gates, for their selfless ongoing work. This website is just one of the many wonderful things done by our Chaplaincy Corps.
Compatriot Terry Manning, GASSAR President
Lilburn, Georgia
As the widow of Colonel John M. Fain, USAF-Ret. Member of the Atlanta SAR and a devotee of the goals and guidelines of SAR to preserve the heritage of our great country.
Mrs. Barbara Fain
Atlanta, Georgia
This is a great site. I hope that the RT Rev. Jack Bozeman is one of your contributors. A great retired UMC Minister and Chaplain of the Society for many years. In the Spirit of Col. Jack Fain a great Lay Chaplain. We are glad Chaplain Walter Reed is part of the Marquis de Lafayette Chapter. Thank you Chaplain Gates. Thank you for all you have done for the society.
Compatriot Hal Dayhuff
Stockbridge, Georgia
What a great job you and the other Chaplains do for our cause. I know it is always an inspiration when our chapter Chaplain John Howard give his Devotion and Invocation.
Compatriot Ted Smith
Cornelia, Georgia
Thank you Chaplain Gates for doing a great job.
Compatriot James Larry Wilson
Elberton, Georgia
First time visiting the site and what a great site and to think I have been missing it.
Compatriot Ted Smith
Cornelia, Georgia
The website is an inspiration not only for its content and own purposes, but as an example for other SAR programs and other organizations to consider following.
Compatriot Terry Manning
Georgia Society Senior Vice President Lilburn, Georgia
Always a pleasure to visit.
Compatriot Bob Galer
Columbus, Georgia
You are doing great service for our Compatiots. Keep up with your great work. We give you a salute. From: VPG South Central District,
Compatriot Robert L. Grover
Independence, Missouri
Interested visitor!
Compatriot Brent Taylor
St. Simons Island, Georgia
This is truly a great web site. I will share it and make it known to the members of my District.
Compatriot Norman H. Kronvall VPG Rocky Mountain District
Grand Junction, Colorado
The Georgia Society Chaplaincy Corps has been a true blessing to me over the past four years. And, I know from talking to my fellow compatriots across the country that they too have been encouraged and blessed by the many prayers that have been lifted up on their behalf by Chaplain Gates and the many members and supports of the Georgia Chaplaincy Corps. May God continue to pour out his blessings on Chaplain Dan Gates and this wonderful ministry to our fellow compatriots.
Compatriot Lindsey Cook Brock, VPG South Atlantic District
Jacksonville, Florida
Interested Visitor; President, Piedmont Chapter, Georgia Society
Compatriot James M. McIntire
Roswell, Georgia
What a very thoughtful website. I especially like the memorials to your deceased members and chaplains. Shall their name live on! Thanks again.
Compatriot Brett D. Brown
Lake Worth, Florida
Great website. Very informative and helpful.
Compatriot Roscoe McMillan
Flowery Branch, Georgia
This is a great site.
Compatriot Harold Crapo, Jr.
Bradenton, Florida
This is a beautiful web site. I compliment our Chief of the Chaplaincy Corps for developing this very thoughtful site in support of our mission.
Compatriot David Titus, Past CinC MOWW
Grovetown, Georgia
I commend the Georgia Society for its interest in the spiritual well being of its members.Member of William Hightower Chapter, New Braunfels, Texas.
Compatriot Joe Cox
San Marcos, Texas
We of the Philadelphia Continental Chapter salute you for this fine web page. God Bless America.
Compatriot Jim Willis
West Chester, Pennsylvania
Great site, IN GOD WE TRUST
Compatriot Martin A. Shipe Jr.
Mullica Hill, New Jersey
Just an hour ago I got a call from the nominations committee asking If I would be the local Chaplain. I said yes, came to my computer and there was your e-mail
Compatriot Mel Stein
Bakersfield, California
Thanks for all you do.
Compatriot Roscoe McMillan
Flowery Branch, Georgia
Excellent !!! Dan you have provided me with a NEW desire to speak to others about joining SAR. At some of our ages we need prayer and fellowship that can be had at SAR.
Compatriot Jim Weatherford
Phenix City, Alabama
SAR President; Marshes of Glynn Chapter
Compatriot Brent Taylor
St. Simons Island, Georgia
Thanks, a great resource.
Compatriot Charles M. Carpenter
Bedford, Indiana
Excellent information and reminder of relevancy regarding the founding of our country. Riverside Chapter, CASSAR thanks you!
Compatriot Chaplain Jack Terry
Murrieta, California
Thank you for reminding us that the mission of the SAR is a Godly mission.
Compatriot John H. Killian
Birmingham, Alabama
Thank you for sharing the site and contacts and providing prayer and Compatriotism a place to flourish.
Chaplain Randall Jacobsen, Sr.
Muncie, Indiana
A great website and a tribute to the Chaplaincy Corps.
Compatriot David Titus
Grovetown, Georgia
As usual Dan, it is a joy to visit the Chaplaincy web site. The information received from it is invaluable. You steared me right to where I wanted to be. Thanks and God Bless Your Work.
Chaplain Harry B. Strickland
Hiawassee, Georgia
Be Blessed with the Good and Beautiful of Life. God Bless America.
Reverend Dr Edwin Goldberg
New York, New York
Encouragement to us from our State Chaplain, Dan Gates, deserves praise in that we become more attentive to nourish and love our members, wives and others with compassion deep within our hearts
Herbert B. Braselton, Sr.
Braselton, Georgia
Great site!
Robert Massey
Whitesburg, Georgia
Interested Visitor
Bill Bartlett
Columbus, Georgia
Very well done. Makes me proud.
Thomas H. Porter
Shiloh, Georgia
Thanks for bringing this site to our attention.
Kenneth Followill
Columbus, Georgia
Enjoyed reading both the homepage & the comments from the Visitors."GOD BLESS AMERICA" !!!
James A. Weatherford, Sr.
Phenix City, Alabama
Interested visitor
Hugh Kennedy
Columbus, Georgia
May the Lord bless the continuance of our great nation, those that strive to inform our citizens of who is was that established our freedom, which gave us the right to worship as is our desire. Thank you Almighty God.
Herbert B. Braselton, Sr.
Braselton, Georgia
I am a retired United Methodist Church Minister, (North Georgia Conference) and also a former U.S. Army Chaplain, (Viet Nam era).
Compatriot J. Dan Crawford
Manchester, Georgia
Interested visitor to this site
PG Jim Westlae

Excellent website.
Rev. Patrick N. Kelly
Lakeview, Ohio
Very nice
Chaplain John R. Jones
Acworth , Georgia
I am impressed with your organization and your website. Please continue, with God's blessings.
Rev. John Warren Steen
Nashville, Tennessee
This a wonderful website and an inspiration to other State Societies to emulate. The spirituality without denominationalism, a hard course to chart, is very well done. The result is welcoming to everyone. I pray that the Lord Jesus will bless and prosper every Chaplain in the Georgia Society, SAR, and, indeed, every Chaplain throughout the USA. Amen.
Bishop L. V. Carlson, CASSAR
Santa Ana, California
Interesting site and nice job.
Tony Roberts
Newnan, Georgia
Thank you for your encouragement.
Chaplain W. Dayton Salisbury
Bar Harbor, Maine
Interested visitor to this site
John C Todd
Newnan, Georgia
Very nice! I hope many others take advantage of this site.
Holton King
Clarkesville, Georgia - USA
This is great. Thanks for your time and effort.
Robert L. "Buddy" Bridges
Milledgeville, Georgia - USA
The Chaplaincy Corps Webpage is great. I enjoyed reading all about the history of the Corps. Our Chaplain, Harry Strickland is doing a great job in caring for our compatriots who are ill, and for the general membership.
Robert F. Wolfersteig
Young Harris, Georgia - USA
This is great.
Mike Tomme
McDonough, Georgia - USA
Great site.
Hugh Randall, MD
Stone Mountain, Georgia - USA
Hall Martin
Flowery Branch, Georgia - USA
Thank you for an inspiring site for prayer, meditation, and gratitude.
Doug Allen
Roswell, Georgia - USA
A very beautiful web site. I am sure I will find it if immense use having been recently elected Chaplain of the Coachella Valley(CA) Chapter.
Robert D. Coonley
Cathedral City, California
I am the historian for the Blair County Chapter, PASSAR. Your site is well organized and informative. Keep up the good work.
Larry D. Smith
East Freedom, Pennsylvania
Thank you for your sharing of ideas.
Jerome L. Hull, CLU
University Place, Washington
SAR Member - Virginia
Baldwin G. Locher, Jr.
Lexington, Virginia
Best wishes and well done. Coachella Valley Chapter
Jim Scott
Palm Desert, California
A nice tribute to the SAR and to your chaplains. Well Done
Ken Molloy MASSAR
Massachusetts, USA
This is a great idea!!
Edward D. Young
Pensacola, Florida
Being a devoted member of the SAR and it's Mass State Secretary, I am doing everything possible to improve our Society. If your Chaplain program helps me towards that goal, I will be eternally grateful. Yours in Patriotism BB
William E."Bill" Battles III
Brewster, Massachusetts
SAR Member - Tennessee (Valentine Sevier Chapter)
George Pesely
Clarksville, Tennessee
Well done!
John T. Parsons, Pres. NE SSAR
Papillion, Nebraska
Outstanding!Keep up the good work.
Harold G. Woodworth
Hattiesburg, Mississippi
Well done. As the President of the Society of the War of 1812 in Virginia I may borrow some of your ideas.
James Dudley Parrish, Jr.
Charlottesville, Virginia
President of the Thomas Jefferson Chapter/SAR
Dr. Henry P. Williams III
Charlottesville, Virginia
SAR Member - Wisconsin
Harry Wallace
Racine, Wisconsin
Praise the Lord, brothers, from the Vermont Society - SAR!
Arnie Fallon
Vermont, USA
SAR Member
Oscar Bellamy
Molino, Florida
This so wonderful and is an excellent way to make us aware of the Sons of the American Revolution Chaplaincy Corps and how vital it is in making SAR the best it can be.
Harry B. Strickland, Chaplain - Blue Ridge Mountains Chapter, GASSAR
Hiawassee, Georgia
Beautifully done.
Anthony Abbott
Seattle, Washington
I enjoyed your web site. Great Job. Best regards from the President of the Monmouth Chapter New Jersey Society Sons of the American Revolution.
Clark D. McCullough
Middletown, New Jersey
Past President, Redding Chapter #33 An excellent web site.
Judge Robert Dunlap Sr.
Redding, California
Your site was recommended by our former SAR chapter president, William Doyle. GREAT RECCOMENDATION.
Gene E. Twyman
Redding, California
SAR Member - Mississippi
William L. Jenkins
Bruce, Mississippi
Very well done. Thanks for sharing.
George Austin Knox
Hernando, Florida
SAR Member - Missouri
Walter H.McBride
Raymore, Missouri
As President of the Palm Beach Chapter, the largest chapter in the FLSSAR, I want to thank you for creating your Chaplaincy website and your efforts in producing the Chaplain's Training CD - important & needed.
Daniel T. Shepherd
Lake Worth, Florida
SAR Member - California
The Rev. Dr. Lester L. Westling
Redding, California
Great Web Site! Need more.
Jack D. Crandall
Clermont, Florida
I am the Chaplain of the Colorado Society, Sons of the American Revolution.
Robert Marion Gordon, Jr.
Lakewood, Colorado
SAR Member - California
Charles E. Witherell
Salinas, California
Arizona State SAR Chaplain. Excellent website, A real professional looking showcase. God bless you.
Bill Aurand
Tucson, Arizona
SAR Member - Indiana
Edward E. Hitchcock
Bloomington, Indiana
SAR Member - Florida
Bud Casey
Fort Pierce, Florida
Congratulations on a job well-done! The Emerald Coast Chapter of the Florida Society extends best wishes to our Georgia Compatriots.
John Cahoon
Fort Walton Beach, Florida
This is a great website. It should be included in the NSSAR website.
Grant R. Wallin, Jr.
St. Petersburg, Florida
Good show, thank you for your work. May God bless it continually. Rev. Dr. Stan De Long, 112th Pres. CASSAR Vice-chairman, Chaplains Committee, NSSAR
Rev. Dr. Stan De Long
San Diego, California
Very interesting site. Thank you for sending it to me.
Philip L. Hinshaw
El Cajon, California
Good site! Thank you!
Mike Hanners
LaGrange, Georgia
May the Lord bless we the people,our land and continue the precious freedom which He so lovingly granted us.
Herbert B. Braselton, Sr.
Braselton, Georgia USA
I really use the Web site regularly. It is so helpful and Thanks to the ones responsible. God Bless
Harry B. Strickland
Hiawassee, Georgia
SAR Member - Georgia
Walter B. Reed
Peachtree City, Georgia
Great site!
Robert C Sovacool
Palmetto Bay, Florida
This website is truly a blessing from God. It serves as a road map for our ministry. Thank you.
Chaplain Harry B. Strickland
Hiawassee, Georgia
Very nice job! President, Vermont SAR
Charles Foell
Burlington, Vermont
SAR Member - Maryland
Rev. Christos Christou, Jr.
Essex, Maryland
Greetings from the Ft. Dearborn-Chicago Chapter, ILSSAR. Congratulations on your outstanding website. Bing Seibold, Ft. Dearborn Chapter President.
A. Bingham Seibold III
Kenilworth, Illinois
Enjoyed your website very much.
Carole Umbarger
Cartersville, Georgia
Your website is great! Thanks for linking the Georgia Daughters with your site. Jackie Keller, GA State Registrar
Jackie Keller
Columbus, Georgia
Great website!!!!! I am a DAR member and did the website for my chapter.
Dee Redkevitch
Atlanta, Georgia
Vice President, Lewis & Clarke Chapter
Grier R.. Ingebretsen
Portland, Oregon
I am excited about your project and pleased with the success. Keep up the good work.
SAR Chaplain General H. Leroy Stewart
Easley, South Carolina
On behalf of the membership of Treasure Coast Chapter, FLSSAR, of which I am president, most heartfelt congratulations on a job well done!! You are satisfying a growing need in SAR and our beloved country. May God richly bless and keep you.
COL. A. A. "Mike" McNamee
Port St. Lucie, Florida
Chaplain, Western Reserve Society of the Ohio Society of the Sons of the American Revolution.
Robert E. Bartholomew, M.D.
Sandusky, Ohio
Good job!
Larry Perkins
St.Clairsville, Ohio
I am President of the St. Augustine Chapter, FLSSAR and found your web-site very imformative.
Norman L. Antle
St. Augustine, Florida
Thanks for the excellent site reminding us that our nation was grounded in spirituality!
John Lefferts Ramsey
Charleston, South Carolina
I am just checking your web site. I'm sure we will talk about it at the Congress.
Bob Bogardus
Eugene, Oregon
Just checking in. I am president of the Tallahassee Chapter. Wanted to check out your site. Very nice.
Fred Trautman
Tallahassee, Florida
Very nice!! I am a member of the Dr. George Moss Chapter SAR, Hilton Head, South Carolina and Governor Paul Hamilton Chapter SAR Beaufort, South Carolina. (I am Past President of this Chapter.) I frequent the Internet quite often and just wanted you to know that your site is appreciated.
Jasper Keels Smith
Ridgeland, South Carolina
Greetings from the Northwest Territory Chapter, Ohio Society
Kurt Dahlberg
Malinta, Ohio
Congratulations. I am sure my WASSAR compatriots would want me to wish you all all success in God's work.
Fred Ramsey, WASSAR Secretary
Olympia, Washington
Great work. Hope it inspires others to emmulate. I am President of the Culpeper Minute Men Chapter and 2nd VP for VASSAR.
Jim Bayne
Culpeper, Virginia
Nice Job. I am President of the Richard Henry Lee Chapter in Irvington, Virginia
Norm Farley
Merry Point, Virginia
Praise the Lord! All the best as you serve God.
Arnie Fallon, Vermont SAR
North Bennington, Vermont
Splendidly and imaginatively done. Congratulations!
W. Ramsey Richardson
Charlottesville, Virginia
Good website! I am the Vice President of the Lewis and Clark Chapter, Sons Of The American Revolution, in Portland, Oregon.
Grier R. Ingenbretsen
Portland, Oregon
Great idea to have a chaplains page. I am the chaplain for the NHSSAR. I live in the hay barn of General John Stark, whose Chaplain was Israel Evans. By the way, we have made the barn habitable.
Gregory Edward Reynolds
Manchester, New Hampshire
Great job. Keep up the good work for SAR. God and Country.
Charles B.Ellis, Sr.
Goldsboro, North Carolina
entry removed because it contained a link
Douglas Carpenter, Secretary
Cleveland, Tennessee
SAR Member - Nevada
Edwin Greenwood
Las Vegas, Nevada
Nice site.
Edward D. Young
Pensacola, Florida
SAR Member - North Carolina
Brian Starr
Roxboro, North Carolina
Wonderful web site! Neat idea, using a Christian oriented site. Maybe other states can follow suit.
Robert N. Farling
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio
Very nice. Congratulations on a job well done. Keep up the good work Former President, of the Redwood Empire Chapter, California Society SAR.
Jamieson Bates
Kensington, California
Compatriots, Nice Website! I will pass it on to our Webmaster for distribution to our members. Ernest J. (Jerry) Sifford, Jr. President - SCSSAR
Ernest J. Sifford, Jr.
Charleston, South Carolina
Very nicely done. I am forwarding to the INSSAR Chaplain.
Roger D. Barnhart, President INSSAR
Churubusco, Indiana
This is nice.
Joe Moore
Bowdon, Georgia - USA
I enjoyed your site.
Dr. Keith T. Johnson
Rapid City, South Dakota
Great site, good work! Chapter President for the Raleigh chapter...
Grant Peterson
Raleigh, North Carolina
Excellent. I hope Tennessee will follow.
James O. Moore
Hixson, Tennessee
Very nice site. President, Delaware Society SAR
John C. Lewis
Dover, Delaware
Very nicely done.
Bill S. Richards
Tulsa, Oklahoma
The Georgia Society is growing faster than any other Society! Keep up the good work! The webpage is very well done.
Timothy E. Ward
Burton, Ohio
Impressive! Silas McDowell Chapter NCSSAR
Robert Cabe
Franklin, North Carolina
As President of The Lakeland Chapter of SAR, we congratulate you on your website.
Donald R. Edwards
Lakeland, Florida
As President of the Sons of Liberty Chapter, and on behalf of our members, I congratulate you on your efforts.
William Scott Campbell
Valencia, California
As a native born Georgian and as a member of the Hawaii Society of the SAR, I congratulate you on a very good website.
William H. Settle
Honolulu, Hawaii
Very well done.
William F. Nicol III
Redding, California
A very attarctive layout. I've only begun to turn pages, but what I've seen so far is excellent. Congratulations.
James B Applegate
Naples, Florida
Very nice.
Dan Stutzman
Valrico, Florida
Keep up the good work!
Bill Doyle
Bella Vista, California
Just checking in. How wonderful to be a part of such a great organization.
John H. J. Cunningham
Bainbridge, Georgia
Your web page looks great!
Charlie Newcomer
Stockbridge, Georgia
Marvelous job! Chaplain Dan Gates is to be commended. Very helpful, practical, informationl. Shows Georgia is always on the cutting edge.
Chaplain General H. Leroy Stewart
Easley, South Carolina
SAR Member - Georgia
William O. "Bud" Brazil
Blairsville, Georgia
SAR Member - Georgia
Gene C. Adams
McDonough, Georgia
SAR Member - Georgia
Terry E. Manning
Lilburn, Georgia
A great website! Thank you, Chaplain, for making this happen.
Joe Vancura
Marietta, Georgia
Thank you for this execellent web site.
Gordon Lee Dickens, Jr.
Milledgeville, Georgia
H. Harison Tillman, Sr.
Hahira, Georgia
Very nicely done.
William Freese
Conyers, Georgia
SAR Member - Georgia
John H. J. Cunningham III
Bainbridge, Georgia
A great website and very informative. This great country was founded by spirital men, and we in the Georgia Society are very blessed to have these Chaplains serving us.
Bobby York
Cornelia, Georgia
A very nice and well done site.
Paul Simpson
Norcross, Georgia
Thank you for becoming so active so quickly
DeForest A.Hamilton, Jr.
Rome, Georgia
A stimulating and patriotic message for all who revere our patriot ancestors and believe in the principles and goals of the SAR.
BG John W. Gillette
Norcross, Georgia
This is a great site!
Wilbur O. Maney
Tignall, Georgia